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9 of  9 Power Balancing

PLOP - LPB  (Power Links Our Planet - Linked Powers Balance)

Thoughts surrounding this TENET :

    We have knocked lumps of smooth flint into pointy bits for arrow heads.
   We have carved curves and slabs from demolished trees to create detached cave dwellings.
   And soon after creating metal, we cast the dagger and formed the bullet shaped rocket.

   We did well, but as each power bubble inflated its supreme power holder, others made more
   effective pins.

   Power Balancing and then some.... 'THE PIN'

'Pin' is such a useful word when writing tenets. With over 20 meanings in most dictionaries you can create enough double and triple inferences to get the mind going haywire just trying to hold together one of your thoughts. Tomlinson and Jesse see the development of the pin and its equally piercing abilities as a much neglected stage in human development.

We have an Iron Age, a Stone age, a Bronze age and todays "Wantage" but these are just definitions that come from a set of raw materials that 'happen' to be there in Nature.

We should give more credit to the thinking our ancestors did AFTER the refinement of a raw material. If we did, there would be an "Engine Age", a Leverage and certainly a "pin Age".

Pin:  Equally global for needling cloth together...
Phat'n' phunky and grouped into 8's, 3's, 24's or 'mores' for the back-ends of electric wire connects...
Wrapped co-axially for unbelievable power communication cross cultures...
Bent in Spring to drive time pieces...
Soldered and Pumping multi-message...
Readying the Suburban Universe of Interactive TV Jockeys...
Putting an equal foot on your stairs for Tribal grit...
Totally Trashing the growth in forest devastation...
Aiding Fusion of the F1ip Resource...
Gripping bone to bone .... "how is that ankle?"
Holding back and holding in ...

On flag days do you buy a pin or on them don' t you give a pin for .... ?

                                                               (Tomlinson and Jesse 1996)

The Power of the Press? (take away their 'press' and the messy ink it uses, and journey with them digitally through all their online cruises. See ezines and television, interact at will, and ask your will-power if your hours are eaten up or killed. Catch a politician or a leader armed with might, that misses all their photo calls to sit and watch Sports Night. Pin another gong or two upon a media giant, and let the little voice of common song be pliant. Now the Power is on and strong, nothing under-pins, the ease at which the moguls model hers and thems and hims. So as you think of information, as you think of fact, return to base-camp for a while to see the real, and act. )

Calum, (nee Dour)  - big mogul o'er the Planet's Media scene

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