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March 2003
Destination: Manila

Family at dinner Dancin' the Night Away
by Anna Tetangco

Where have all the party people gone on Friday and Saturday nights? Of course, to places where all they do are dance, drink and dance again all night long. For only a couple of hundred bucks, these party goers can already have hours of fun not just with friends but also with people they do not even know who are just partying like they do.

Dance clubs have been haven for people who have been tired and exhausted from the week that has just passed. Aside from being a sanctuary for dancing, it is also a great place to meet new people. Kultur went on an expedition to find three of the most famed dance clubs in the metropolis on a Saturday nights.

Wasabi Bistro and Sake Bar
Makati Ave. Makati

Located in the heart of Makati, this Japanese restaurant turns into a dance club at night. For only two hundred bucks, one can enjoy the music and a drink all night long with all the college students and yuppies in town. When you want to take a short break from dancing, there are numerous tables and chairs to cool down. If you find the dance floor lacking of oxygen to breathe, it will not be unusual to dance in any part of the bar. Parking is not a big problem for one can always find a spot along Makati Avenue, which is already open for parking during the party hours.

Common Ground Cafe
Nakpil St. Malate

Whenever you go to the infamous street of Nakpil, you may not notice that you have just passed by one of the well-known night-out spot in the city. CGC, as what most call it, may seem small for a bar on the outside but once you enter the place, you will be surprised that it is divided into two parts, one section which plays only rave music and the other section which plays R&B. Each section also has its own bar, which makes it accessible to people from any part of the club. This feature of the club lets it cater to people with different interests. The crowd cannot be placed in only one or two categories for they are from high school up to the working class. However, those planning to give this place a visit must be an early bird because of the traffic and difficulty in finding a parking spot in the tapered busy street.

Busy Family Culture Club
E. Rodriguez, Libis Quezon City

After having dinner, shopping spree or just a walk at the Eastwood City at night, Culture Club is one of the best places to go. The entrance fee of two hundred pesos comes with a drink that will quench your thirst during your stay at the club. It is advisable to arrive at the club at around twelve midnight that is just about time when the dancing starts unless you want to watch some male teenagers having a showdown in dancing before that. Safety inside the club is also assured with a number of bouncers present in the place but what is not assured is that you will not see any R18 dancing especially at the peak hours of the club scene.

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