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March 2003
Destination: Manila

Drink beer Night Out with Drinks
by Zeri Yulo

On the menu:
Let’s add a whole lot more spice into your nightlife. The evening is not complete without a run down of our favorite “drinks” of the evening. We got a whole lot to offer, we’ve got our beers, cocktails/mixed drinks, mocktails, punches and a whole lot more. Let’s get started with the cheapest drink we have on the menu. Beers. Some would say we should be proud of our Filipino beer because it has a different unique taste. Yes, it does have a distinguishing taste from other beers. For those who like beer but not with the added calories it usually comes with, we got what is known as light beer and I quote from the San Miguel commercial, “Same taste, but less filling.”

Weng-weng Let’s now go to the cocktails or mixed drinks. Here, the excitement never stops. There are names such as Sex on the Beach, Weng-Weng, Blowjob, Slammer, Bloody Mary and other variety of names. If you’re interested however to getting the spice without the added buzz. We have the mocktails, these are non-alcoholic drinks that are sort of like cocktails. These drinks however won’t get you tipsy. Some known mocktails are Pina colada and Shirley temple. The oldest and simplest form of punch is a mix of rum, water and lemon/orange juice. Nowadays, there are a few more additional mixes in the bowl. The punch today doesn’t necessarily mean its alcoholic. We also have the usual drinks that people drink. One common favorite drink that people that usually order is the iced tea. You can also find the popular sodas such as Coke or Pepsi.

My Night Out with Drinks
The very first time I had taste of alcohol was when I was two or three. Being a curious little kid, I wanted to find out what my dad was drinking. So without being fully aware, I got to drink my first beer. My second time came in high school. I thought my cousin’s drink was some kind of strawberry drink but only to find out after a big gulp that it was spiked. Drinking alcohol is basically an acquired taste. At first you won’t really like it, but after a few tries, you’ll grow to like it (it depends on the person, of course).

My first ever drink was a mixed vodka. I enjoyed it immensely. It felt spicy at first then it cools down after swallowing. Since then, I got to experiment with other drinks such as beer, tequila, gin, wine, champagne, etc. It all had their unique taste but there is only one that I really didn’t enjoy and that was beer. I enjoy spicy foods and maybe that’s why I did not really enjoy beer because it lacked the spice for me. Anyway, some might disagree with me on this, but as I have said it is an acquired taste.

Jose Cuervo Tequila Hardcore Drinks
Most of the bars, bar and restaurants, dance clubs serve alcoholic drinks. The distinction might be that a bar alone will have more variety of drinks. A bar and restaurant might have a few drinks in their menu compared to a bar alone. A dance club however only serves beer and sometimes a few cocktails. The most common drink that you’ll see in all three places is beer, mainly because it’s cheap. One of my favorite drinks would be the Long-Island Iced tea. It is a combination of almost all the base liquors of rum, gin, tequila and so on. I think the principle of making a good cocktail is “the more the merrier”. The more things you get to mix, the more interesting the drink gets. One interesting drink that I just recently tasted was the slammer. It has an interesting “ceremony” before drinking it. The waiter brought the drink in a glass, he covered with a napkin, and then he “slams” it on the floor (he actually just taps it twice or thrice on the table so it will get bubbly). Then you have to drink it straight up. One things for sure, I really did felt that my body got slammed because it was really a potent drink. I don’t know for some but my body did not take it well and I was already tipsy before the night was out. The tequila also required a bit of “ceremony” before drinking it. It is served with salt and a lemon or lime, which is commonly known as the chaser. First, you put a bit of salt in your hand or if you’re getting a bit frisky, at other parts of your partner’s body such as the neck. You lick it of then drink the tequila (usually served in small doses). Then finish it off with a chaser. There are many more drinks that have more zest in the “ceremony”. There is a drink that involves a fire of some sort but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

Cafe Havana Bar These drinks I have just mentioned is pretty common to these nighttime places. There are also some places that have their own specialty drink such as Café Havana in Greenbelt 3. Their drink is called a Mojito. It is “a simple blend of sugar, mint leaves, lime juice, rum, ice, and soda water (strictly in that order), a Mojito is a tall glass sparkling with bubbles and greenery, garnished with a sprig of mint on top.” I never got to drink this but it sure sounds interesting. There are so many drinks in the world that you just have to explore. Just remember to drink moderately and never drink and drive. I’m not really a connoisseur of drinks but I just wanted to share a bit of my experience with them. I hope you also have learned some tidbits from me.

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