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March 2003
Destination: Manila

Sitom Comedy Bar Definitely not for Kids
by Tristan Ramirez

After the numerous headaches brought by pressure and stress, surely I would want to unwind a bit and release the tension inside a body too young to age. Of course no one would admit that itís time for him or her to grow old, at least physically. That is why many Filipinos, after a very long and tiring weekdays, kick their butt off the ground and have some party in the air. But why would I spend the rest of the night awake instead of sleeping in my cozy bed and cotton-soft pillows while recovering the energy lost during weekends? Simple, I want to enjoy the only time that I could fully be myself, just plain me without work or worries to think about.

Though there are numerous events and places or popular night-spots to relax and unwind, it is still recommended to choose what fits you best just like a clothing youíre most comfortable to wear. Well for people like me who want to sit back and listen to something interesting while enjoying my meal, dinner in front of the television set would be satisfactory. However, that would be such a boring activity that itíll just make me fall asleep and wake up in the morning and eat the same boring breakfast. That is why comedy bars are a click to my taste.

22nd Comedy Bar Basically, a comedy bar is not different from any other bars when it comes to servings whereas food and beverages are always present and each has its own specialty. But why are comedy bars such a hit to the Filipinos? First of all you can get a good laugh all night long for only a mere fifty pesos, excluding the food and drinks. Well if you could stay up late until three in the morning without eating or drinking something, why not? On special occasions when there are special performances, prices range from three hundred fifty to four hundred pesos.

Second, the stand-up comedians are exceptionally good. Although some, I must admit, are not that amusing, most of them such as Philip Lazaro and Allan K. are a hit. Talk about their jokes, mostly it revolves on one and same topic which is sex. However, it is not surprising that the audience get a good laugh out of it. Sex as a major taboo in this society is being cross-examined in a hilarious and sometimes absurd manner which would not be heard in an open discussion. Green as it may seem, people still enjoy it. Rarely could I find a person capable of making a crowd laugh just by standing in the center and telling a piece of his or her mind.

Audience participation Third, the audience themselves are the performers even though indirectly. If singing is your frustration, well this is your chance as well as mine to prove oneís self. Just like a karaoke bar, here you could sing to your heartís delight in front of all the people. However, be prepared to eat every insult that would be thrown to you. So make sure your feet are clean and your head held up right because you will be examined from head to toe the moment you step on the stage. Though you may have passed the initial stage, prepare your voice and be ready to sing and compete with the ladies with voices deeper than the ground. Sorry for you if you didnít made it. It was also the fate of the firsts who tried it. Usually tears set on the stage, but what the heck youíre there to laugh so why not laugh at yourself? Well, it is said easier than done thatís why even though Iím assured of the first trial, this is one opportunity I will never take. At least at the end of the show I can say that the laugh is worth more than my fifty bucks.

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