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The Lakeside Rowing Club A.C. invite to national and international oarsmen and people, to come to our regattas in the Olympic Rowing and Canoing Course "Virgilio Uribe", Cuemanco, Xochimilco, Mexico City:



Official Regatta

The 14st. Regatta of Lakeside Rowing Club was held on september 7, 2008. See the Official Invitation. The Regatta included races since 10:00am. If you like you can see the Official Program.


Here you can see the reviews of some past Regattas (11st , 12nd , 13rd , 14st) (11st, 12nd and 14st only in spanish)


Traditional Regatta

Join us and come to enjoy the december celebrations with our Traditional Regatta, known as "Turkey Regatta".



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Do you want to be a sponsor of our Regatta? or Do you want a Stand?

14st. Lakeside Rowing Club Regatta (Last Regatta).


The Lakeside Rowing Club A.C., has the pleasure to invite all affiliates of the Mexican Rowing Federation (FMR) and also affiliates of the International Rowing Federation (FISA) to the 13th. Lakeside Regatta which will be held on September 7, 2008 at the Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Course "Virgilio Uribe", Cuemanco, Xochimilco, Mexico City.



All Mexican clubs and athletes affiliated to the Mexican Rowing Federation (FMR) who are up to date in payment of dues and who hold the FMR identity card. Also can participate all foreing crews, previous agree with the Organizing Committee.



Expiry date for entries: August 17, 2008, 10:00 a.m., at the FMR office, ground floor of the main building at the Olympic Course or, only for foreigner athletes, by e-mail until  August 18, 2007. Official entry forms must be filled by typing or in block letters if handwritten, and delivered in closed envelopes. For foreigner athletes, the form can be downloaded here in a word archive, and after filled, can be attached in each e-mail. The official entry forms should include first name and last name of each athlete – and the age if the athlete is Youth, Junior or Master category- and the number and name of the race (ask for the official forms by e-mail or see the home page


Mexican oarsmen rowing in a regatta for the first time must deliver original and copy of birth certificate and two recent miniature photographs signed on the obverse.


Visitors from another Federation may only enter for Youth, Junior, Intermediate Senior and / or Master categories. Also, preferable they should try to bring theirs oars, and advise as soon as be possible if they need boats.

The entry form of composite crews must be signed by the delegates of all clubs represented in the crew.

Incomplete entry forms of lack of up to date proof of identity will cause the rejection of the entry; visitors must show their passports.



Entry fees per oarsman per race Ps. $60.00 (sixty Mexican pesos) or US$7.00 if paid on or before September 7, 2008; if paid later, Ps. $70.00 (seventy Mexican pesos) or US$8.00. Crews must pay their entry fee in order to participate.


Foreign crews must also contribute U.S.$14.00 and two recent photographs of each competitor, for accident insurance.


Choosing by lot:

The draw for lanes will take place on the date of entries, at the same time and place; the absence of a club's delegate mean acceptance of the proceeds of the meetings.


If there are more than 7 (seven) entries form in an event, elimination heats will be held on September 6, 2008 as scheduled by the Organizing Committee. If there are only one entry in an event, it will be scratched subject to its replacement by another event or as determined by the Organizing Committee.


Races day:

Weighing-in of coxes will be at 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.; weighing-in of light weight crews will be 2 (two) hours before their race. Failure this requirement will lead to disqualification.


Finals will take place as in the official program.



Medals will be awarded for first, second, and third place, as long as these participants defeat at least one other crew.



Committee meetings will be held in the F.M.R. offices on the regatta days: an "hour and half before" the regatta, and its conclusion. The previous meeting of September 7, 2007 will be at 8:00 a.m.


Rules for entering and for racing will be those in force under FMR and FISA.


Matters not arising from this invitation or from the program will be decided exclusively by the Organizing Committee.


Timely confirmation of your presence is important because the number of shells available for loan or rent is limited.


We welcome your suggestions in writing at the entry meeting, where they shall be discussed on your behalf.



Best Regards and Good Luck!




P.S. For the visitors, that want options for hosting, please contact:

·, with the subject: HOSTING, or

·  with M. en C. Julio González Gallego



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Lakeside Rowing Club Traditional Regatta

"Turkey Regatta"



If you are a very enthusiasthic oarsman or oarswoman, who puts the heart in each race... the age does not matter, only your love for this wonderful sport. Come with us and share it. We invite you to our Traditional Regatta, known as "Turkey Regatta". It will be held on December (wait for the date, soon), for a very good beggining of december celebrations.


Our typical races are:


4x Fathers and sons


2x "Picudo"

(you can try to win against our Lakeside Best 2x)


1x  Disguise

(row well and after all, dress well !)


4x Mixed

( Master, Senior, Intermediate or any combination you want )


8x "350"

( the sum of all your ages must be 350, or more! )


There were prizes for first (turkey) and last places (but you don't want to know what it was!)



Wait for the schedule. SOON.




If you want some notices about our regattas, send an e-mail to

with the subject: REGATTAS





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