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16 July 1998


Carrying Her Own Head

A lot of hotels are claimed to be haunted one way or other. Ghost stories from hotels are usually nothing scary with some of the victims claimed they saw shadows or figures while others claimed to dream of them or heard ghost cries. Nevertheless, some ghost stories happening in hotels are very scary and terrifying.

The is this story told to me by a friend, Yeang. According to him, it happened to a security guard of a 3-star hotel somewhere in Southeast Asia. I will not disclose the hotel's name as this may prove harmful to its business!

The security guard (let's call him James) was relatively a new staff at the hotel. That night, he came in to work as usual at about 10pm. He went on his usual rounds at about 12am and nobody had seen him since then -- at least not until he came in next day to resign.

The manager when asked James why he wanted to resign in such a hush and he told her what happened:

I was on my usual rounds at midnight yesterday. As I was approaching the hotel laundry, I started having this cold shiver down my spine. I thought the air-conditioning must have malfunctioned. I did not think much of it until I heard noises coming from the laundry.

At first, it sounded like someone trying to break something. There were sounds of 'tong, tong, tong' and then there was a sudden loud cry. It was not any usual cry of a person. It was so high pitch and broke the silence in the basement of the hotel. Someone must be in trouble and great fear. I rushed to the laundry entrance and peeped inside. There were neither sign of anyone inside nor the lights were switched on. I decided to unlock the door and go inside to check it out.

As I stepped into the laundry, I could feel the air inside was even colder than outside. All my hair stood up and I could feel the fear in me. I shone my torch around the laundry and found no one there. I wanted to double check just in case anyone was hiding behind the machines. I gathered all the courage I had and walked further in. I had my torchlight on my left hand and a stick on my right.

I walked carefully and slowly as I shone my torch around. I still found no one and I decided to turn back and forget all about it. However, as I turned around, I saw something I swear I would not forget for the rest of my life.

There was this lady, wearing a long white night gown. The horrifying part is that she was headless! I was stunned and I wanted to run but my feet just froze there. This is not really the worst part yet. I took another look at the ghost and I saw her holding her own head by her side. The eyes were staring straight at me! I was in such great fright that I just fainted there.

I woke up a few hours later and I went straight home. I was still horrified by fear and I think it would be of my best interest to resign.

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