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Owl's Ghost Stories
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28 July 2000



Story by Keng Wong of Malaysia
Edited by Will Ong

This incident happened to my uncle in 1966, during a time when my mother's family was not well financially sound. Theirs was a family of ten including my grandparents. They lived in a one-bedroom house near Bangsar, which at that time was near railway tracks.

My mother and my aunt were working as waitresses in the University Malaya canteen. They were used to working until very late at night, at times, even past midnight. Nothing unusual ever happen until one fateful night.

That night, they reached home after midnight. My mother bathed and got ready to go to bed. Before she slept, she hung her dress above her bed. She could see everyone was already asleep in their shared bedroom. She was very tired herself. She lay down and was half asleep when something strange happened.

In her dreamy eyes, she saw the whole room became very misty. It was as if a cloud of thick fog flew into the room. She tried to get up or said something but somehow, she just couldn't move or talk. Then, she saw three men with bald head, wearing white robes with brown cloth tied as belts around their waist. Their costumes were exactly like what the Chinese wear in traditional funeral. They were floating in the air and sort of looking for something on the ground.

A brief moment passed as the three men went looking at my mother's brothers one by one. Then he came down from the air and stood in front of my eldest uncle. My mother couldn't remember what happened after that but she woke up suddenly with panting breath, and sweat all over her body. She quickly got up and offered some incense to the deities, requesting for blessings. Then she went back to her bed. My grandmother was awoke then and she asked my mother to pull the cover over her eldest brother.

The next morning, my mother asked her younger brother if anything happened last night. He said that he dreamt that their eldest brother was being carried away in a casket by several strangers on a graveyard. My mother knew something was not right but she just kept quiet because she didn't know what to do. She prayed constantly for the safety of her brother and everything went on as usual for that day.

The next day, my uncle got ready for school as usual. He had his breakfast and then left to board the school bus that took him and one of his brothers to school every morning. On the way to school, the driver lost control of the bus and the bus was wreaked up badly near the Asunta Hospital.

My eldest uncle died of excessive loss of blood in that crash although his brother was saved. A piece of bar strike his head and he couldn't be saved in time. Everyone was really sad, especially my mom, as she spent a lot of time with this particular brother of hers. This story was told by my mother with most sincere heart, and she could not forget it even until today.

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