~Pheyland Keep~

Kingdom of Pembrokeshire

As you travel down the forest lined, dusty road and arrive at the coast...your horse stops abruptly...you peer forward for the cause and realize the road and forest opens into a wide expanse and before you rises the bright new walls and towers of the new Pheyland Keep.

The newly built Castle/Keep is the fortress to replace the aging Keep and has taken over to secure and protect the holdings of the Pheyland Family.

But for as much as its enhanced and formidable defenses it should also be noted it is a home. A place of comfort and safety for the Pheyland's, King Thomas and his wife, Queen Catherine to raise their family, to keep their lands safe, and a warm place for those others that choose to call Pembrokeshire their home.

Welcome to Pheyland Keep

This room is for role-playing in a medieval setting in Britain in the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries thereabouts.

The history for the Kingdom may not match factual history completely but we do strive to keep historical customs and all that is possible. 

The guards at the outer gatehouse check you over for safety’s sake and admit you to the grounds and allow you on to the inner gatehouse and into the Keep  proper.

Pheyland Keep is situated on the inland coast of a medieval Welsh Kingdom  at the edge of a rather large forest that opens to rolling hills and plains making its position both strategic and picturesque.
The Keep is fully staffed with soldiers, guards, and numerous household and maintenance servants.

The Duchy was established with the Pheyland's moving into the older, lesser Keep and the consolidation of the county and soon grew into the Kingdom it now is. It exists in Pembrokeshire in the lower southwestern part of England/Wales. The Kingdom takes up a rather large area of Wales and has several Duchies, Baronies, cities, and such located within its borders.
The lesser Keep was a fine home and fortress and served the Pheylands well but after the Battle of Havorford was won and the Duchy doubled in size it was decided by the then Duke and his Regent that the Keep was no longer viable or large enough to protect and serve the then Duke's holdings so the Keep was taken down stone by stone and made part of the new Pheyland Keep, many of its original rooms and features placed into the new Keep's design as a tribute to the service the old Keep had provided for so long to the Duchy now turned Kingdom ruled equally by the King and Queen.

The new Keep consists of a thick fortified wall about its grounds and buildings, a full service stables with indoor riding room, nine large, full barracks of soldiers and guards, a large carriage house, and of course the large, stately castle type residence itself that stands on the water's edge. The residence itself has a main hall and a receiving room to admit royals of any kind and suites to suit both everyday and royal guests alike along with the personal rooms of the Pheylands themselves and its residents.
To wile away the days and nights and entertain guests, the residence has its own ballroom, a formal lounge, and a fully equipped large seating music room. There's also a large, well-stocked library for guests to feel comfortable in using as well as a chapel for their spiritual needs, the large beach just north of the Keep bluff for swimming, and the large forest for the hunting of your favorite game that inhabits these parts.
And for those soft, dew filled mornings, warm evenings, and serene summer afternoons, it's always pleasurable and so very calming to the senses to wander Queen Catherine's gardens that were carefully transplanted to the new Keep's grounds and new conservatory added. Be sure to see her beautiful and lovely beds of pink roses that she has grown with patience, care, and love that seem to have no equal in any other gardens of Europe or any realm and of course her garden conservatory for those blustery winter days that Wales encounters.

The Keep and surrounding castles and lands protects the large whole aside from the Kingdom of Caernarfon and a few isolated small lands. Trade by sea is obviously profitable and viable for the Kingdom.

So, friends, royals, peaceful wanderers, traders, and just everyday visitors please partake of the Pheyland's hospitality and of Pheyland Keep's beauty and safety and leave knowing you've been treated well and hopefully have a peaceful feeling about you from your visit. King Thomas, Queen Catherine, Princess Elizabeth, Prince Jonathan, and the rest of the Duchy’s residents wouldn't have it any other way.

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Pheyland Keep/Alter Realm

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