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UPDATED: November 22, 2005

This space has been dedicated to the Pagan relationship with the Gods and Goddesses. All are welcome to E-mail me with comments or perhaps things you would like to see on this page. I would also ask that you sign a guestbook, so I will know you were here. This board will attempt to show the truth of our beliefs, and help foster peace and tolerance. I will be answering, to the best of my knowledge and experience, many of the questions raised by these "hate boards."

A summary of Paganism could read as follows: A polytheistic, earth based nature worshipping faith. A faith centered around both a male and a female deities. Called Gods and Goddesses or perhaps you will see Lord and Lady used, They are the Gods we worship and follow. There is no "satan/devil", sin, hell or the need to be saved.

Note that the "Letter to Christians" is signed by a "Silver Phoenix", THATS ME FOLKS !!! I have also replaced the old text for "Preaching to a Pagan". This essay now contains my opinions of the same issue. I will try to follow the original outline, so as not to confuse my repeat visitors. However, the words and experiences are MINE.

This board is not to be used for conversion, merely education. Come in, sit down before the fire with a nice cup of herbal tea and enjoy your visit.

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