Sites of related interest. Listing does not necessarily indicate endorsement of perspectives. Email suggestions.


Ab Irato

French journal with English pages

Anarchist Federation

UK anarchist-communist group influenced by council communism


Influential UK magazine. Site contains most articles from the magazine


Excellent UK site: anti-state for a human community


Great source for autonomist texts, now with new look, although the R&BN link is broken

Break Their Haughty Power

Loren Goldner's web site

Bureau of Public Secrets

Situationist International texts and more

Chicago Surrealist Group

Articles and books on surrealism

Class Against Class

UK site with interesting collection of ultra-left material

Collective Action Notes

An incredible site from Baltimore with dozens of fascinating articles

Do or Die

UK ecology group (possibly no more)

Echanges et Mouvement

French language council communist site


Extensive archive of ultra-left groups, writers and journals. No longer on-line, but the archive is available for download (for now - July 2005)

Forbundet Arbetarmakt

Collection of articles from Swedish council communist magazine. In Swedish

Industrial Workers of the World

Wobblies on the web

Internal Faction of the International Communist Current

Recent split from the ICC

International Bureau for the Revolutionary Party

Left communist group in the Italian-left tradition with sections in several countries

International Communist Current

Left communist group with sections in many countries

Internationalist Communist Group

Left communist group which publishes Communism

Internationalist Perspective

Left communist group which publishes magazine of the same name

John Gray - For Communism

Probably the most comprehensive ultra-left site in the web


Council communist site with Farsi translations


Council communist archive with texts in many languages

Left Wing Communism

Historical and contemporary texts in several languages


German council communist group

Revolt Against An Age of Plenty  

Interesting UK site, with material not available elsewhere

Riff Raff

Swedish council communist site

Theorie Communiste

French communist magazine


Mostly French language site containing material from Gilles Dauve and others

Wage Slave X

Produced by a Canadian supporter of Internationalist Perspective

Workers Solidarity Alliance

US anarcho-syndicalist organization

World Socialist Movement

Homepage for the "Impossibilists"


 One of the best sources of radical material in North America.
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