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September 2005

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July 2005

Is the East Still Red? Notes on China

Revolutionary Organization and Class Consciousness

Letter to the Editor - Internationalism

Comment by Red & Black Notes

Maurice Brinton 1922_2005

Review: For Workers Power

Review: Dancin' in the Streets

Review: Bolshevism


October 2004

The Vietnam Syndrome Revisited (Red & Black Notes #20)

Wage Slave X - Unions Avert General Strike in BC, Canada (Red & Black Notes #20)

Wage Slave X - Lessons of the Black Sunday Sellout (Red & Black Notes #20)

Unions : A Revolutionary Critique (Red & Black Notes #20)

Internationalism - Letter to the Editor (Red & Black Notes #20)

Benjamin Peret - Factory Committees (Red & Black Notes #20)

Socialist Party of Great Britain: One Hundred Years (Red & Black Notes #20)

Monsieur Dubois - Some Thoughts/Questions for Monsieur Dupont

(Red & Black Notes #20)

Review: Change the World Without Taking Power (Red & Black Notes #20)

Loren Goldner - Notes on Another Defeat for the US Working Class: The Los Angeles Supermarket Strike 2003-2204 (Red & Black Notes #19)


July 2004

Unions A Revolutionary Critique

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March 2004

Resistance in Iraq - the Difficult Peace (Red & Black Notes #19)

Reply on the War in Iraq - A Letter to the ICC (Red & Black Notes #19)

Workers' Playtime - Workers? Autonomy? (Red & Black Notes #19)

Review: Punching Out (Red & Black Notes #19)

Frank Girard - In Memorial (Red & Black Notes #19)


September 2003

Iraq: Free Market Jihad (Red & Black Notes #18)

Brother, Can you Spare a Ukrainian Section? (Red & Black Notes #18)

Chicago Revolutionary Network - Spontaneity & Organization (Red & Black Notes #18)

Comment by Red & Black Notes (Red & Black Notes #18)

Anton Pannekoek - Anarchism is not Suitable (Red & Black Notes #18)

Anton Pannekoek - A Letter on Workers' Councils (Red & Black Notes #18)

Review: Workers' Councils (Red & Black Notes #18)

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August 2003

Noel Ignatiev - The Backward Workers (Red & Black Notes #16-17)

Monsieur Dupont - To Get over the Wall, We First Have to Get to the Wall (Red & Black Notes #16-17)

Review: Steve Wright - Storming Heaven (Red & Black Notes #16-17)

Review: The Dutch and German Communist Left (Red & Black Notes #16-17)



March 2003

No War But the Class War - Red & Black Notes on the War in Iraq

A Plague on Both your Houses - Red & Black Notes statement on taking sides in the war

Don't Talk About War unless You're Prepared to Talk about Capitalism - Internationalist Perspective leaflet

Letter to the International Bolshevik Tendency on "military and political support"

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February 2003

Against Capitalist War! Against Capitalist Peace! A new page of internationalist opposition.

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September 2002

Two articles on the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Anti-Poverty in Toronto (Red & Black Notes #9) and The Politics of Protest (Red & Black Notes #15)

George Rawick - Working Class Self Activity

Internationalists Discussion List (Red & Black Notes #15)

Henri Simon - Communism in France: S ou B, ICO, Echanges (Red & Black Notes #5)

Index to Red & Black Notes

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July 2002

Monsieur Dupont - Reply to "The Real Movement" (Red & Black Notes #15)

The Legacy of CLR James(Red & Black Notes #15)

Raya Dunayevskaya - Socialism or Barbarism

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March 2002

Martin Glaberman & Seymour Faber - Back to the future : The continuing Relevancy of Marx

Martin Glaberman - Strata in the Working Class


January 2002

The Real Movement (Red & Black Notes #14)

Review: Len Bracken "The Arch conspirator"(Red & Black Notes #14)

Martin Glaberman page

No War But the Class War page

Anti-Globalization: The Socialism of Imbeciles (translation of Mouvement Communiste leaflet)

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