I am a network manager and I teach Computer use to talented young people in High-School ISŠA Brno (I am a webdesigner of ISŠA's pages). I was born on the first of July 1956. I have a degree in Computer science from Brno Masaryk's University in 1980. I have been married to my wife Bohumila for seventeen years. We have one son Vladimir. We live in Blansko, near Brno, in the Czech Republic. Blansko is the center of mysterious Moravian Karst. I am the author of MODIFIND algorithm. It was included by Paul E. Black into the dictionary: Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems Terms, and Definitions of the CRC Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology.
My name is mentioned in the list of contributors of the book Laplante, P. A. et al.: Dictionary of Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology, CRC Press LLC, 2001 (see photo and link below). This homepage includes my articles on Rexx & algorithms with Album of Algorithms and Techniques, beautiful apple snails, theory of identification and authentication, and more: I prepared Animated Optical Illusions page where my animated gifs show famous optical illusions. 7 March 2001 - My site has been chosen to receive the Golden Web Award from the International Association of Web Masters & Designers.
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Album of Algorithms and TechniquesThe collection effective and useful algorithms from excellent textbooks you can find in my Album of Algorithms & Techniques for Standard Rexx.
Theory of Identification and AuthenticationTheory of I & A describes new basics definitions and theorems and theory elementary and compound authenticators.
Pomacea bridgesi in a little outdoor aquariumPomacea bridgesi in a little outdoor aquarium is the description of the very unusual breeding experiment. In May 1997 I setup the aquarium on a balcony in the shade. No filtration, no air pump, no heater, ... Snails laid their eggs 17-times(!) from June 4th to September 11th.
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 17 Sep. 2001  Short circuiting in Rexx?
 24 Aug. 2001  I ended rewriting and repairing the whole Album of Algorithms
  4 Aug. 2001  Tobias Herp added the new solution 3_1 into Universal unit
  1 Jul. 2001  P+n trick by Walter Pachl in Reflexio
 12 Mar. 2001  Album of Algorithms  - The area of a triangle
  7 Mar. 2001  All pages - Golden Web Award 2001-2002
  4 Mar. 2001  Album of Algorithms  - function REPOWER
  1 Dec. 2003  Album of Algorithms  - HEAPSORT_RADIX3 of James Barbetti
  1 Aug. 2004  Kevin Albrecht used in his article KDDTree: A Dynamic Spatial Data
                                         Structure for Intersect Searching
algorithm MODIFIND

 22 Sep. 2004  I found the definition of my term MODIFIND on websters-dictionary
  2 Jan. 2005  2003-2004 Golden Web Awards
 22 Feb. 2005  Creators of the Gwydion compiler of Dylan language implemented

 08 Oct. 2006  Michael M. Mittleman used Album of Algortihms in The Statistics of
                                         User Authentication and Access Control in Computer Systems

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