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American Civil War Records:

The Civil War Records of Pvt. Edmond Coon of the 160th NY Volunteers, including a photograph of Edmond Coon and a photograph of his grave. A history of the 160th NY Regiment is included.

The Civil War Pension Records of Pvt. Daniel Scantlin of the 98th NY Volunteers.

The Quaker Pages:

The Memoirs of Sunderland P. Gardner

Sunderland P. Gardner was a 19th-century Hicksite Quaker minister from Farmington, NY, and the eldest brother of my 3rd great-grandfather, Thomas P. Gardner . The memoirs include Gardner's autobiography, genealogy, journal, letters, and sermons - offering a compelling and inspiring account of Quaker life and thought in the 19th century.

Mary Dyer, Quaker Martyr

A biographical sketch of this courageous 17th-century Quaker, executed for her religious beliefs.

The Persecution of Quaker Herodias Long

In a note added to one of Sunderland P. Gardner's letters, his wife records the persecution of Quaker ancestor Herodias Long, a contemporary of Mary Dyer.

The Family Tree and Family History Pages:

The Smith, Coon (Kuhn), Gardner, Pattison, Peglow, Robbins, Sackett, Utter and Watson Family Tree.

newThe 1757 Wyoming Valley Massacre. The incredible but true tale of the abduction and eventual release of my ancestor Sarah Utter.

The Bender, Carpenter, DeLong and Draper Family Tree.

The Stephany and Grasberger Family Tree.

The DeHond, Quigley and Scantlin Family Tree.

The Photograph Gallery:

The Ancestral Photograph Gallery

A large collection of photographs of my ancestors, with pages devoted to the Wilhemina Private Maternity Hospital, which was operated by my great-grandmother in Rochester, NY from 1919 until 1947; The Hotel Stephany, of Pittsford, NY, which operated from 1901 until 1973; and the Rochester-based furrier business of Carl F. Smith, which operated from 1924 until 1972. 

For those of you curious about me, there's a photo of Smitty!

Records and Documents:

Family Records and Documents

A large collection of baptismal certificates, marriage certificates and announcements, memoirs, Civil War Records, obituaries, and death notices.

What's New:

What's New

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The Awards Page.

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The Links Page

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