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Sound Synthesis and Sampling (Music Technology Series) - Martin Russ
This work covers the principles and practices used in the generation of sound. The coverage is from the technical and musical viewpoints, with explanations of the workings and design of synthesis equipment. Reference is made to both classic instruments and time lines, placing them both in context.

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List Price: 25.00 - Amazon Price: 19.99 (20% off)
The Sampling Book - Steve De Furia, Joe Scacciaferro
With over 25 hands-on experiments, this guide to sampling skills covers the basic techniques, such as looping, splicing, multi-sampling, velocity cross-fading, resynthesis, choosing the best sampling rate and key mapping. It also deals with the practical musical applications of sampling.

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List Price: 14.95 - Amazon Price: 11.96 (20% off)
Recording and Production Techniques - Paul White
The aim of this book is to explain the role of the producer and his relationship with the artist, recording engineer and record company. It covers the techniques that can be used to create specific sounds and musical effects. Equally valuable, you'll find information on liaising with clients and planning sessions; all aspects of a session are covered - from setting up to the final mix.

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Home Recording Made Easy - Paul White
This clear, non-technical guide has helped thousands of musicians from the beginner to the seasoned professional to create professional demos and independent release-quality recordings simply and cheaply.

Learn: * The basic concepts on which home recording is based * About mixers and how to choose the right microphone * The difference EQ-ing makes * How to set-up a home studio * What different effects and processors do * What MIDI is and how to use it * How to plan a recording session * How to mix a finished song properly.

This second edition of the best selling title from Sanctuary Publishing's definitive Technology Series includes brand new chapters on digital recording and formats, updated technological information and an improved glossary of terms.

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MIDI for the Technophobe - Paul White
In this entertaining book, the absolute beginner is introduced to the concept of MIDI by way of analogy with familiar technology. Myths relating to the dehumanisation of music by computers are explored from both sides and information is introduced in a straightforward, logical order. In just a few hours, with no confusing jargon, you'll find out how MIDI works, what hardware is needed to build your own MIDI system and how to use that system to create, record and edit your own music. 184 pages.

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List Price: 11.95 - Amazon Price: 9.56 (20% off)

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