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In time I hope to be able to provide you with a complete list of lyrics and translations from all the albums. But this is still under construction - so please bear with me.

Runrig are:

  • Donnie Munro (vocals & acoustic guitar)
  • Rory Macdonald (vocals & bass guitar)
  • Calum Macdonald (percussion & backing vocals)
  • Iain Bayne (drums)
  • Malcolm Jones (guitars & backing vocals)
  • Peter Wishart (keyboards)

    Who are Runrig??? Until recently Runrig consisted of the above mentioned band members, but on August 30th 1997 Donnie held his last concert with the band among emotional scenes at Stirling Castle - to pursue a career in politics. A new lead singer has been found but it is yet to be announced who is to take over. Runrig was formed in 1973 on Skye in Scotland as a dance band consisting of the brothers Rory and Calum Macdonald together with one of Scotlands best accordionists Blair Douglas. In 1974 Donnie Munro added his vocal talent to the band and Blair Douglas left to pursue his own carreer. He was replaced by accordinist Robert MacDonald.In 1979 the rythm section was given a boost with the addition of Iain Bayne. In the 1980ies the group was expanded with the English keyboard player Richard Cherns who stayed on till 1986 being replaced by Fifer Peter Wishart. So today Runrig consists of 5 Scotsmen while we hold our breaths and await the announcement of a new lead singer.


    'Runrig Play Gaelic' LP/cass album (1978)
    1. Duisg mo Run                       7. Air an Traigh
    2. Sguban Arbhair                     8. De ni mi and Puirt
    3. Tillidh Mi                         9. An Ros
    4. Criogal Cridhe                    10. Ceol an Dannsa
    5. Nach neonach neisd a tha e        11. Chi mi'n Geamhradh
    6. Sunndach                          12. Cum'ur n'aire 

    'The Highland Connection' LP/Cass/CD album (1979)
    1. Gamhna Gealla                      7. Na h-uain A's t-Earrach
    2. Mairi                              8. Foghar nan Eilean '78
    3. What Time                          9. The Twenty Five Pounder
    4. Fichead Bliadhna                  10. Going Home
    5. Na Luing air Seoladh              11. Morning Tide
    6. Loch Lomond                       12. Cearcal a Chuain

    'Recovery' LP/Cass/CD album (1981)
    1. 'An Toll Dubh                      6. Nightfall on Marsco/ 'S  tu mo Leannan  
    2. Rubh nan Cudaigean                 7. Breaking the Chains
    3. 'Ic Iain 'Ic Sheumais              8. Fuaim a Bhlair
    4. Recovery                           9. Tir an Airm 
    5. Instrumental                      10. The Old Boys
                                         11. Dust

    'Heartland' LP/Cass/CD album (1985)
    1. O Cho Meallt                       7. Skye
    2. This Darkest Winter                8. Cnoc na Feille
    3. Lifeline                           9. The Wire
    4. Air a'Chuan                       10. An Ataireachd Ard
    5. Dance Called America              11. The Ferry
    6. The Everlasting Gun               12. Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh

    'Once in a Lifetime (live)' LP/Cass/CD album (1988)
    1. Dance called America               6. Cnoc na Feille
    2. Protect and Survive                7. Nightfall on Marsco/ 'S tu mo Leannan
    3. Chi mi'n Geamhradh                 8. Skye
    4. Rocket to the Moon                 9. Loch Lomond
    5. Going home

    'Searchlight' LP/Cass/CD album (1989)
    1. News from Heaven                   7. Tear down these Walls
    2. Every River                        8. Only the Brave
    3. City of Lights                     9. Siol Ghoraidh
    4. Eirinn                            10. That Final Mile
    5. Tir a'Mhurain                     11. Small Town
    6. World Appeal                      12. Precious Years

    'Amazing Things' LP/Cass/CD album (1987)
    1. Amazing Things                     7. Song of the Earth
    2. Wonderful                          8. Forever Eyes of Blue
    3. The Greatest Flame                 9. Straidean na Roinn Eorpa
    4. Move a Mountain                   10. Canada
    5. Pog aon Oidhche Earraich          11. Ard
    6. Dream Fields                      12. On the Edge

    'Transmitting Live' LP/Cass/CD album (1994)
    1. Urlar                              7. Precious years
    2. Ard                                8. Every River 
    3. Edge of the World                  9. Flower of the West
    4. The Greatest Flame                10. Only the Brave
    5. Harvest Moon                      11. Alba
    6. The Wire                          12. Pog aon Oidhche Earraich

    'Mara' LP/Cass/CD album (1995)
    1. Day in a Boat                      6. Meadhan Oidche Air An Acairseid
    2. Nothing but the Sun                7. The Wedding
    3. The Mighty Atlantic/ Mara Theme    8. The Dancing Floor
    4. Things that Are                    9. Thairis Air A Ghleann
    5. Road and the River                10. Lighthouse

    'Long Distance - The Best of Runrig' LP/Cass/CD album (1996)
    Album 1
    1. (Stepping Down the) Glory Road    10. Wonderful
    2. Alba                              11. The Mighty Atlantic/ Mara Theme
    3. The Greatest Flame                12. Flower of the West
    4. Rocket to the Moon                13. Every River
    5. Abhainin an T-Sluaigh             14. Siol Ghoraidh
    6. Protect and Survive               15. Hearts of Olden Glory
    7. Rythm of my Heart                 16. Skye (Live)
    8. Hearthammer                       17. Loch Lomond (Live)
    9. An Ubhal as Airde
    Album 2.
    1. Saints of the Soil                 5. The Apple came Down
    2. Ravenscraig                        6. Chi mi'n Tir
    3. Solus Na Madainn                   7. Ribhinn O
    4. Chi m'in Geamhradh

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