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Mike Oldfield is, maybe, the greatest living musician in the world. He isn't just a wise and innovator composer, but an impressive multi-instrumentist (In most of his albums he plays more than 20 different instruments) and above all he is a terrific guitar player.

The Complete Although most of his albums are instrumental, many of them have sold more than a million of copies. Among them, there are some real masterpieces and his albums are, al least, very good. Also, some of his non instrumental songs like Moonlight Shadow or Islands hit the charts when they were released.

All this proves that Mike Oldfield is a great musician and that's why this site is devoted to Him... :-)

In this site you'll be able to know more things about Mike Oldfield. I'll put some links to other great pages related to him also, and... who knows?

If you want to listen some of the best bits of music from his albums push here Download.
I've added some 'rare' items which you're likely to love and that you have probably never listened to before.
You'll need the Real Audio Player from Progressive Networks . If you don't have it you can get it here. It's a music player for the Internet which achieves quite good sound quality although it produces very little archives, so the download time of music archives is very little. Take the time to download it from the Progressive Networks' server, because it's worth the download, really (Specially because you won't be able to listen to the great bits of music I've selected without it! :-)

The RealAudio Player can also be used to watch videos, with a very good quality-size ratio. The format it uses is the RealVideo, and I've put some Mike Oldfield videos here!.

These videos are taken from the multimedia track of 'The Songs Of Distant Earth' CD, which, unluckily is only for Mac computers. But don't worry!, because now everybody can watch them. You just have to push here.

If you want to see the covers of most of his albums push here.

Here you have some Links to other Mike Oldfield Web Pages: Platinum LP

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First of all, I'd like to show my gratitude to Tano for letting me use some of his impressive MIDIS in this page, and Félix López Mercader, a good friend who provided me with several of the greatest bits of music that I've put in this page. Also, I'd like to thank the whole components of Amarok, the Mike Oldfield Official Mailing List, for all the information they offer for free. And finally I want to thank Geocities for offering to so many people the possibility of creating his own Home Page.

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