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Wasup ese's, I'm "Che" and this is my site. Welcome to the best Old School site on the web. I've got info on Toy Machine, Old School skating, powell peralta, pictures of skaters, and more.

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Im saving up for A new complete. Neighboorhood "LA logo" deck, Tensor Trucks, Grind Kings Nutlocks Hardware, Black Magic Griptape, China Bones Bearings, Dooks Risers, & Ghetto Child Wheels. It's gonna come out to $104.97. I don't mind if you wanna send me money...

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I added some links in the link section, so you spics can go check that shit out.

The highly expected section "Poser of the Month" is finally here. woo-hoo...

The Powell Peralta history section is really long so it's gonna take me some time to finish.


Hip-Hop CD Reviews My List Of Favorites
Pics Of me and Other thangs You Know Your Old School When...
Toy Machine-History Of Organization Powell Peralta- History Of company
What Is Old School Skating? Shout Outs
History of Skateboarding Old School Tricks


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