I have to outright thank Colin of Hartwood/Seagirt, Christiana of Seagirt, Paetyn of Cragmere, and Lisa Prowse for forwarding some of these humerous messages my way, they brought many a smile to my face, as I hope they will bring to yours.

By the way...each is joke is about a half a page to a page long.

100 Ways to Have Fun Ordering Pizza

Things That Bother Me...

Rules of Bedroom Golf

The Gift

The Management

Top 10 Reasons Trick-or-Treating is Better Than Sex

Top 20 Reasons Why Chocolate is Better Than Sex

Computer Doctor

Mary Poppins

SCA Light Bulb Joke

Chain Letter to Stop Chain Letters

The New Priest

50 Fun Things to Do In an Elevator (non-sexual)

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy (Saturday Night Live)

Training Employees

Breaking Up in Acedemia

Answering Machine Messages

Top 11 Reasons Why Email is Like a Reproductive Male Organ

Great Truths About Life that Little Children Have Learned

Bums!! [variation of :) ]

National Condom Week

Personality Quiz

Pickup Lines for Psychopaths

A Good Diet Plan

Hillbilly Computer Terms

Hard To Explain

Spider (I really don't get this one, so if you laugh, send me an email and explain it ok?)