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Hi. I has a few othuh pages I'z done too! I ten' to start new ones witout finishin old ones! Dis be probably goin to be de personal page dat I keep up though! Check out my old page an' de FoLC Map Web Page I'z wukin on but nevuh up to date wit. I also made a page fuh my high school's clubs. Mos recently I put togethuh a site fuh fellow Class uh '97 XCP young hos. Go check it out!

My Kool Links an' Pages!
About Me!!! See what I have to say 'bout my friends or click on a person above an' visit one uh my friends' web pages! Look at some pictures uh me and my friends! Den go see our senior an' prom pictures! What my teachers think uh me..
My Family What I did durin' classes- school's out now! i'm a graduate! Class uh '97 rocks! Philosophy on Nice Guys- "R.O.U.S.'s? I don't think dey exist" should come to mind.... :) (the fire swamp, princess bride, hello??)
My Favorites!! Favorite Words- admit it, you have some fave words too! Fave Songs - you can hear some uh 'em on my pages! I'm down wit dat De Cure, De Smiths, an' U2! Basically any 80's! Fave TV Shows - Old an' New faves. Still in de makin..
Cool, bad assed Lookin Actors/Guys who I kaint fin' on de Web My Favorite Movies - can we say, anythin wit Tom Cruise? :) Info 'bout the name Kendra!!!
Kool Links! Neato fun sites to keep yourself unbored!! I aint getsten 'roun to addin much to dis yet, but if you're bored right now, an' I'aint see how you couldn't be.. go play on Yahoo!!

fuh Christmas I went to visit my frien' Lauren in LA an' she gave me dis totally cool book called "E-Mail Dis Book". It's gets a whoe bunch uh cartoons 'boutthe internet, etc. Dis one fits lauren perfectly, an' dis one fits me perfectly!

Pretty interestin' shit huh? Well look back a guen whenevuh you git bored. Until den.. has fun. If you wanna talk to me, you can fin' me on an undernet irc servuh in #loiscla. Look for Kendraa..

BTW, email me if you noed any bad assed K-words. Thanks Jon (Gabri-El) fuh de Kosmos idea!

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