The Finest Links to Llanview

General One Life To Live

One Life to Live Character Pages

  • A-Team Online --Andy and Antonio
  • Tea Delgado Fan Page--Llanview's Latina Lawyer
  • Kevin and Cassie --The Banner's Flirtatious Newshounds
  • Kevin and Cassie--Another Kevin and Cassie Page
  • Nora and Bo Buchanan--OLTL's Best Couple
  • Patrick and Margaret
  • The Patrick Papers
  • Jessica and Cristian Online
  • Pages Dedicated to OLTL Actors and Actresses

  • Erika Slezak--Llanview's cornerstone: VIctoria Lord Riley Buchanan Carpenter
  • Mr. A's Erika Slezak Page
  • Thorsten Kaye Web Site --Patrick Thornhart
  • The Llanview Sun --Dedicated to Roger Howarth (Todd Manning)
  • Unofficial Roger Howarth Page
  • Hillary B. Smith Homepage--Nora Buchanan
  • Wendee Pratt Page--Andy Harrison
  • Kamar de los Reyes--Antonio Vega
  • The Unofficial Kamar de los Reyes Fan Club
  • Kassie DePaiva
  • Crystal Chappell Page--Maggie Carpenter
  • Erin Torpey Web Site --Jessica Buchanan
  • Yorlin Madera Fan Page --Cristian Vega
  • The Unofficial Laura Koffman Fan Page-- Cassie Carpenter
  • Kevin Stapleton Online--the most recent incarnation of Kevin Buchanan
  • Tonja Walker Home Page --Alex Olanov Hesser Buchanan Hesser
  • Susan Batten Page --The Late Luna Moody Holden

    Other Links of Distinction
    (These have nothing to do with OLTL. I just like them)


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