The Star by Tilde

Synopsis: the Angels try to cheer up Sabrina after a particularly hard case.
  Rating: PG-13 for some swearing.

One Fine Day by Tilde and Timerunner

Synopsis: Kelly meets a mugger while on vacation in New York.
  Rating: PG-13

The Phantom Angel by Tilde and Timerunner

Synopsis: A rollicking parody of Episode I. Warning: you should see Episode I, Sheena, and Waikiki Angels (the dune buggy episode) to fully appreciate the humor of this piece.
  Rating: PG

Angels Ahoy by Bridget Frawley

Synopsis: A scene that should have been in the episode.
  Rating: G

Angel in Love by Bridget Frawley

Synopsis: Starts where the episode left off. Sabrina is stil trying to get over Doug O'Neill, when he breaks out of prison.
  Rating: G

Locked Memories by Bridget Frawley

Synopsis: A Charlie's Angels/ Hart to Hart cross-over. Someone's after Sabrina. She and Bosley go to a friend's house until they can discover why.
  Rating: G

The Return by Bridget Frawley

Synopsis: Sabrina comes for a visit and gets kidnapped.
  Rating: G

Secrets by Bridget Frawley

Synopsis: A Charlie's Angels / Rookies cross-over. The Angels delve into Sabrina's past to stop an obsessed killer.
  Rating: G

The Ski Trip by Bridget Frawley

Synopsis: The Angels and Bosley decide to go away for the week-end after a tough case.
  Rating: G


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