The Star by Tilde

Synopsis: the Angels try to cheer up Sabrina after a particularly hard case.
  Rating: PG-13 for some swearing.

Galatea by Tilde

Synopsis: Kelly and her boyfriend Alan have come to the crossroads of their relationship. Will they stay together or will Kelly's latent fears drive them apart?
  Rating: R

The Angelic Phenomenon by Tilde

Synopsis: An essay for all those people who belittle the Angels, and for the fans who want to smack anyone vile enough to mention the words "jiggle TV".

One Fine Day by Tilde and Timerunner

Synopsis: Kelly meets a mugger while on vacation in New York.
  Rating: PG-13

The Phantom Angel by Tilde and Timerunner

Synopsis: A rollicking parody of Episode I. Warning: you should see Episode I, Sheena, and Waikiki Angels (the dune buggy episode) to fully appreciate the humor of this piece.
  Rating: PG

Fanfiction Tips by Tilde and Timerunner

Synopsis: Why write fanfiction? And how do you go about it properly anyhow?


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