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You  want to know which are the commercial sound sets for the QS300 available on the market ? Go to the Patrick Fouque's Yamaha QS300 Guide: click on the previous underlined link or on the relevant hyperlink on the left border of this page !

BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes)  Click here to see an interesting undocumented feature of XG Gold V.3.0, written by Achim Stulgies. We explain how to read and write the Yamaha QS300 proprietary format (filename.q3x) with this amazing editor-librarian ! Go !

BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes)  You are in trouble with the Yamaha QS300 ? No panic ! There is a way to reset the factory settings of the QS300. Press all together (at the same time) the following combination of buttons:


Where: VOICE and SONG are the two top buttons at the left of the display
           EXIT is the rightmost button just under the display

Then read and follow the instructions !

By the way, with the same combination of buttons, you can chose to enter in the "test mode". This is little bit more complicated, but not so difficult !

BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes)  Many users are asking how to import the effect setting of a voice in the SONG Mode. Actually there is a technical limitation in the QS300 effect/voice architecture. In fcats, the QS300 has "only" (!!!) three effects processors. Two of them are dedicated to the single voice, and the third one is called "insert".

Actually, when you are working in the VOICE Mode, you can use freely the three effect processors, setting up their parameters in the effect window.

When you are working in the SONG Mode, able to put together up to 16 different voices, the management of the three effects processors is different, because potentially they have to share their capabilities (and settings) with all the 16 voices !
Therefore, in this case, you will not be able any longer, to control independently the effects, but you must go through the mixer and decide how to share the available effecting power.

Check out this .pdf (Acrobat reader) zipped file: it contains an interesting technical report dealing with this problem and its solution (but it is in Italian !).

BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes)   How to save the parameters from XGEdit, into a song in another sequencer?

Easy ! From XGEdit save the song as a MIDI (.mid) file (for example tmp.mid). Make sure you have cleared midi data first! Then import the MIDI (.mid) file into the sequencer you are using.

For instance, if you are using Cubase, import the MIDI file (saved with XGEdit) into your current arrangement.

Note that you will import also the BPM settings, voices, effects... So, is better to do this only when the song is done !

BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes)   Many users are asking where to find commercial voice banks for the Yamaha QS300. Well, try to check in the Links Page - QS300 Sounds: you willl find there (under paragraph C. "QS300 voices: Sites where to buy commercial packages") the information you are looking for !

BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes)   Is it possible to split the QS300's keyboard ? And how to use the multi-timbrical capabilities of the QS300 ? Click here, you will find the answer !

BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes)   You are on a budget and want to improve the performances of your computer to make good music ? Click here and you will find some good advises from one of the most popular British computer magazines !

BULLET5.GIF (101 bytes)   A hidden feature in the Phrase Mode. To set quickly the upper/lower limits of the pattern and its pitch (from within the PHRASE MODE) press simultaneously:


The QS300 will display on the screen all the governing parameters, ready for any tweaking. By the way you can enter the notes pressing the desired key on the keyboard. (kindly submitted by Marcus Medau of on 26.06.02).


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