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  About me... 'The Texan Canadian'
There isn't really very much to tell about me, except for the fact that I lived outside of Edmonton, Alberta, for 6 six after living in Sarnia, Ontario, for 9 years. After this period I moved to Lake Jackson, Texas, in the United States of America. So I took it upon myself to express my national pride and create a page that celebrates Canada and everything for which it stands.
This includes:
  • Beavers, Moose and other assorted Canadian animals.
  • Snow in all forms, except yellow.
  • Enjoying all the wonderous food that only appears in Canada.
  • Being kind, non-violent, peace loving, accepting, and standing tall.

Anyways, I'm now a senior computer engineering student at the University of Texas at Austin.  Well, I hope you enjoy my page... It took a great deal of effort. If anyone wants to contact me (or abuse me), send a message to seandlh@hotmail.com

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