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  Sean's Texan Stories...
Of my time down here in the lone star state, I've heard some pretty funny stuff. If you don't find any of this funny, it's not my fault if you're not Canadian.
Here's some of my stories and other people's stories for your enjoyment...

Submitted by Sean de la Haye
There was a geography quiz at my brothers school and the question asked... "If you are in Calgary and you go north-west into the mountains to a city called Banff, what country are you in?"
The general response was Russia.

Submitted by Sean de la Haye
While discussing the provinces of Canada in my French class, my teacher missed P.E.I. When I pointed this out to her, she said that she thought that it was too small to be a province.

Submitted by Sean de la Haye
Conversation with a cashier at local store...
Mother: Yes, we just moved from Canada.
Cashier: Boy, that must have been hard living in that small country down there.

Submitted by Sean de la Haye
When I don't feel like telling my name to people, I tell them my name is Jacques Strap. Suprisingly, people believe me (If you don't understand, Jock strap = a cup, get it?)

Submitted by Sean de la Haye
I routinely get asked if I lived in Canadia. If anyone can tell me where Canadia is, I might be able to enlighten many people.

Submitted by Sean de la Haye
Canada seems to be a mystery to many people... Someone asked me if we drove on the left or on the right side of the roads in Canada.

Submitted by Sean de la Haye
I have a Canadian flag on backpack and one person asked me (very seriously) if the flag on my backback was from Antarctica or Canada.

Submitted by Sean de la Haye
While dicussing my teacher's son in class, the teacher had said her son in Massachusetts school had been "learning hockey, or ice hockey, or whatever they call it up there." I thought this was rather funny until she mentioned that it was very hard for him because he had never used a hockey cue before.

Submitted by Lorraine de la Haye Wiese
Stranger: Where are you from?
Lorraine: Canada.
Stranger: Is that a big state?

Submitted by Sean de la Haye
Usually when I talk to Texans down here, they try to make conversation by asking what Canada is like. This time, someone asked me if we spoke 'Canadian' in Canada. At first I thought he was kidding, but he was serious. Anyway, after I finished laughing, I told him, "No."

New Story!
Submitted by Sean de la Haye
While discussing my Canadian heritage with some people in my class (women), one of them asked me seriously if I had ever met Celine Dion. Jeez.

New Story!
Submitted by Sean de la Haye
Also while discussing Canada, someone else asked me if I had ever lived in Canada. I don't know, but maybe me liking Canada more than the USA, me knowing a lot about Canada and me having a Canadian flag on all my stuff is not a large enough clue.


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