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Welcome to my RollerCoaster Tycoon Site.  Following this little introduction, you should find some pictures and downloads of my greatest creations. Enjoy!

  Here's my favorite selection of parks I've created.

The Not So Dinky Park
dinky.zip - RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 with Corkscrew Follies

A picture of Dinky Park Here's my attempt at the 'Dinky Park' scenario. I spent a lot of time of this scenario... I bought all the available land and built rollercoasters wherever I could. It's pretty much over flowing!
Here's some screenshots:
dinky1.gif - The entrance to Dinky Park.
dinky2.gif - Log Flume and the Small Thunder.
dinky3.gif - The previous shot is zoomed out.
dinky4.gif - Peewee, Meager, Bantam, Puny.
dinky5.gif - Paltry and Measly in the far corner.
dinky6.gif - A large portion of Puny.
dinky7.gif - The park as a whole. Very nice.

Now a listing of the coasters in my Dinky Park.  Each has a 'dinky' name.

Name Excitement Intensity Nausea Type
Small Terror 5.69 6.36 4.08 Steel Mini Coaster
Tiny Terror 5.87 5.70 2.32 Steel Corkscrew Coaster
Peewee 7.47 6.45 3.53 Steel Coaster
Meager 9.48 8.04 5.14 Vertical Coaster
Bantam 8.00 7.13 3.40 Steel Corkscrew Coaster
Puny 7.99 7.55 4.22 Steel Coaster
Paltry 7.72 6.80 4.52 Mine Train Coaster
Piddling 6.75 9.21 6.93 Inverted Coaster
Measly 7.72 8.48 5.08 Wooden Crazy Rodent Coaster (Mine Cars Used)

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