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San Jose - Fremont/Union City BART Rail Connection

Santa Clara County, California (San Jose/Silicon Valley)

Standard Disclaimer: This information is being provided by me as a private citizen and is in no way to be considered to be official VTA information.

Just a few comments on this service as I understand it now. There may be  errors in this, and most certainly be changes. The ballot measure described this service as "CalTrain Type" service. Most likely it will be operated with rolling stock similar to CalTrain or with DMUs.

  • No desicion has been made on the rolling stock to be used.
  • Routing will use the old WP tracks from Fremont South, these run east of the Great Mall, the tracks on the west side are the SP tracks. There is a connection from the WP tracks that leads to the San Jose CalTrain Station. (if you want it I have a scanned map that shows  the various tracks in the downtown San Jose area, about 190K gif.  this map is based on software that is from 2-3 years old. There is are a few minor errors I know of in the map. I still shows the siding that  crosses Tully at Monterey, this is being abandoned. If you want the  map I can e-mail it to you, if there is enough demand I can put it  out on my WWW page.) After driving around that area the other day, I believe the connection still exists. It crosses Azurais between Lincoln and Bird. There are three crossings in this area, 1 is the Vasona route, one appears to be the WP/SP connector, and one seems to be the old WP tracks that went to the station on The Alameda.
  • Estimated ridership is 4,000/day. (BART estimate)
  • Initial service will be Peak Hour Only.
  • Service will most likely be operated by Amtrak West, administered by  SC-VTA and BART. This has to do with the type of rail service it is.
  • The BART connection will be at Union City. Stations will be located  in Union City, Warm Springs, Milpitas, Santa Clara St?, Tamien, and  San Jose CalTrain. The Tamien and San Jose CalTrain stops might be  delayed.
  • Start-up cost will be between $70 & $80 Million. VTA's share will be  about half of this.
  • Yearly operating costs for VTA will be around $1 to $1.5 million.

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