llyna.. megan.. anala..elli..linnelei..



Full Name: Anala...
Culture: Haradrim
Desc: You see Anala, she is quite tall, comparitive to how old she looks, with dark skin and straight black hair, hacked short at high cheekbones. Her eyes are sharp, seeming to never miss a detail, and a dark hazel/green in colour. She could be considered pretty, and a thoughtful almost critisizing look is on her face at most times...

Anala wears light material, pants in a red colour and a long-sleaved top in the same, but deep green in colour... On her feet, she has light leather thongs and around her wrist she has one tight golden bangle. On her other hand she has a tough leather guard and on her shoulder sits a bird.

This is not just any bird, but a falcon. Its eye is sharp and proud and its head flicks quickly from one side to the other, never missing a movement. Its sharp talons grip into a leather guard on Anala's shoulder though it is obvious that they're both completely at ease with one another.

History: Anala was born to Taalah, into the northern tribe of Khalid Hajr. Almost instantly, her mother would tell her that she had no father or that he was dead and so Anala grew up believing as much, often hovering around her uncles or older cousins in search of a father figure but eventually giving up on ever finding one.
When she was younger, she would venture out and help watch the flocks from a distance, never quite willing to participate. Sometimes, when her mother would be busy, she would run from the tribe and sit on her own, aware of the dangers of being alone but happy in her solitude. She would often watch birds circling overhead with a puzzled look on her face before returning back to the tribe and speaking little to her mother.

When she turned 16 she left the tribe and travelled to Umbar, having heard of people who owned falcons, and there wanted to obtain one of her own. It is lucky she aquired her mother's talent for singing, and so managed to get some coin by way of entertainment.

Personality: Anala was cold and closed, there were very few she actually opened up to (In the few sessions that I actually rped with her), though she spoke regally and thoughtfully, simply and completely to the point.
Comments: I didn't really get into Anala- I'm not good with the quiet, closed or dark characters like she was, plus Harad didn't quite agree with me.. But I did have fun Rping with her Cousin Jahath, and with Farrah the falcon by her side who would by soaring overhead and return at her call, or who could go out and steal some bread for her evening meal.