llyna.. megan.. anala..elli..linnelei..



Full Name: Elli...
Culture: Beorning
Desc: This girl is probably in her late teens, with a rugged, hard-working appearance about her. Her hair is medium length and plaited; a ruddy brown in colour, thick and curly and sticking out in all directions. Her eyes too are brown, with just the slightest tinge of blue that sometimes appears. Her skin is olive and she has small dimples and long, dark lashes surround her eyes. Despite the fact that she looks to be only 18 at the most, she holds a quiet dignity and pride about her most of the time; though there are others when she lets herself go laughing and smiling and acting more her age.

Elli's clothes are quite simple, though they fit to her well- a pale green dress hugs her frame, and a light blue cloak sits on her shoulders- depending on the weather.

History: Elli was born into a fairly large family, with three older brothers, one of which had already grown and moved out of home, and another brother and younger sister to follow in coming years. This meant that she was generally isolated from her siblings who would go off in pairs and leave her to watch her father fishing by the river, or to help her mother cook and create crafts that would be sold and traded at the market.

Perhaps this isolation and being surrounded in adults all the time- her parents, her parents' friends and other relatives would account for her eventual quiet, reservation that seems so characteristic of her. This could also be partially accredited to her older brother who was much akin to her in nature and mannerisms and it's suspected that she learnt many of these during frequent visits to him.

Thus, most of her life to this point in time has been spent watching and learning though she isn't particularly interested in fishing /or/ craft-making, though has resolved that she'll have to find some profession for herself before long. The rest of her time is spent in the village with her oldest brother, sometimes sitting and watching the passer-by, sketching whatever interests her, or sitting by the river singing quietly to herself..

Personality: Most of it is described above; she's quiet, but not shy, dignified and proud, though she sometimes let herself relax a bit. She found it hard to talk to people she didn't really know and would probably prefer to sit in silence than talk to you..
Comments: Like Anala, I didn't really get into Elli, and I'm actually gonna deculture her and take her somewhere else.. I don't know- maybe I just can't get into alts and other cultures. I haven't found anywhere that can match up to Bree or Megan so it's really hard to find a character that's different to her while keeping its own life.. anyway, I'm gonna go somewhere else, try again and what-not. GAH. I hate asking to be decultured and I've only done it twice -.-