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Full name: Megan Tasselberry-Thatcher
Birthday:29th November, 3013
Culture: Breefolk
Desc: This young woman is not unlike many others in Bree, but to most meeting her, her face would be memorable. A tangle of tick brown hair falls just below her shoulders and is often plaited in two, though the rest frames her face; wild and apparently untameable. Wide, almond-shaped brown eyes peer out, often cheeky and mischievous though at other times thoughtful and reflective, sometimes even cold and uncaring. Her face is lightly dotted with freckles along her cheeks, and this gives her a somewhat childish look though she would be about 18, this and the fact that she's somewhat shorter than the average Breefolk.

A rather simple dress-simple in material and cut; yet it is elegant, fits over her body now and is a pleasent blue in colour falling to her ankles. In this dress, Megan looks more of a woman than the young teen that she could be mistaken for. On her ring-finger sits a gold band, with a small, well polished, and smartly cut, green gem set in it.. On her feet she wears simple leather sandals or small boots and occasionally she has a rust-red coloured wool cloak over her shoulders, depending on the state of the weather.

Other times she'll have: Green as her colour of choice for this season, though the material is quite simple, it suits her well- tunic coming halfway down her calf, light and perfect for warmer weather.

It's really hard to try and explain the dress she's just bought... I have an image in my mind, but I can't draw so I'm not much help.. But anyway, she looks pretty in it, and that's all that matters.. Basically it's almost the blue of the background to this page, actually.. and made probably of cotton, and it has a bodice with lace along the top, sleaves that come to her elbows and the dress gathers in at the waist, before going out into a full gathered skirt... It's not so tight or anything that it's impractical for daily wear, so it's still casual, but could be dressed up if say, Megan brushed her hair.. and it's not as dorky/childish as her old tunic.. it just makes her look older, which is good cos she's sick of people treating her like a child.

History:Megan was born the second youngest of five children to Rebecca and James, and apart from the oldest (Anna), was the only girl. The two brothers (Jacob and Adrian) above her were aged only a year and a half older, and twins, and her younger brother (James) fell ill and didn't live past the age of five.

Being only eight at the time of her youngest brother's death, Megan didn't fully understand what was happening, and so quickly took her place as youngest sibling. Spurred on by the twins, she was constantly getting herself into trouble; climbing too high, teasing dogs, stealing vegetables, the three of them creating new and more daring and disobedient things to do as they got older. This set her mother's nerves on end. Working as a baker at the time, she attempted to teach her daughter to cook and clean and do house-wife things, trying to transform her more into her big sister than the terrible twins.

Each of the siblings had their own special talents when it came to trouble making- Jacob, the oldest of the twins, who has a thoughtful, reserved look about him planned the things they would go out and do; from getting away from home, carrying out the plan and getting away scot free... Adrian would carry out the plan- be the leader amidst the trouble, never hesitating and being the most mischevious of them all. Megan had one of the most important jobs- she would get them /out/ of trouble, and it was during these childhood years that she developed her skill. If they ever got caught, she'd have a story for them in an instant, if there ever was evidence against them, she'd take the spot light- bursting into tears if needed and always the kind hearts of her accusers would melt to the poor weeping girl before them.. Of course, there were those who /knew/ they weren't innocent but with such a good performance, and everyone else believing her, there was nothing they could do to argue.

Although Megan did learn how to cook (and this would prove valuable in later life), she didn't at all fancy it, and so would sneak out to meet up with her brothers (and occasionally Tigerlily Banks, while she still lived in Bree) and they would go torment some cows or chickens while her mother fretted about her back home. Nothing has been said for Megan's father, however although in his personality we can also see where Megan got many of her traits. Like his offspring, he had a rebellious gleam in his eye and often encouraged them to go out and have fun while they were younger for in his youth, he had been much like they were now. His departure to set up a farm in Combe could also account for one of the reasons that led Megan's mother to her eventual action.

On one occasion, when the twins had dragged their younger sister out to a local paddock and began to chase some cows, they got more than they bargained for as the cows turned on them and knocked them down. They spent some days at the Healer's House and this caused their mother to snap, her usually calm, motherly demeanour (not unlike the one which Megan herself sometimes adopts) vanished into a wide-eyed rage as she packed up their house and, with their father's help, moved to Combe.

It's said, or perhaps speculated by any who would care to think on such things, that something terrible must have happened to young Megan during her time in Combe, for it was certainly here that she took on her current personality traits and the sudden mood changes which are so common to the Bree-girl. Although, unknown what exactly this thing may have been (and she will never speak on it), it has caused Megan to need to find a way to hide herself- to never give herself away or be open or truthful. Suggested recently by Andrick that they moved to Combe, Megan swore that she would never move back there- something frightens her about living there, and it's not just the boredom. Maybe one day she'll find herself again, when she realises she no longer knows who she truly is...

Megan spent two years here, meeting the locals and learning different skills that would come to help her when, at the age of sixteen and a half, she left her parents, her older sister and (somewhat regretfully) the twins, to live in Bree Proper. Most people in the town would still remember the Tasselberry Twins- Jacob and Adrian, even if they didn't know she had been a part of the havoc, though the connection can often be made when she introduces herself. Life has been difficult for her so far, though she does odd-jobs about the place; "delivering" bread (how much of it actually ends up at its location is debatable), conspiring with Andrick Thatcher... however, she's still getting into as much trouble as ever but somehow manages to avoid all blame

Recently, after some months of chasing and dropping subtle hints here and there, Megan has been asked to marry, and has married Andrick Thatcher- making her Megan Tasselberry-Thatcher and is now exploring life with her significant other, which is proving a challenge so far, but she's loving every second of it.

Comments: Megan has multiple personalities... or something! She lies to everyone about everything. She pretends to be people she's not so that she's never genuine anymore and everything she ever says or does is just an act. Even to her closest friends she can't be truthful, so much so that she's lost touch with who she really is. She has about 20 different "personalities" which are like extreme mood swings in an instant... if someone says something that disagrees with her, she'll go from being exceedingly happy to cold and threatening in the blink of an eye... like wise, if she's feeling a bit down but suspects people are catching on to her, she'll take a deep breath, compose herself and give them a bright smile. The only thing that can ever give her away are her eyes. Anyone who learnt to read her eyes would know exactly how she's feeling inside..

Megs is the best character to play, it's so much fun. She can be ten different things within a single rp session and stay in character. She keeps things interesting and has a certain charm with makes people either love her or hate her, or want to love her but hate her deep down ;) Megan makes trouble for the sake of getting out of it. Her favourite part isn't actually making the mischief, but being the one who gets caught, smiling innocently and making up an excuse, ie: "I saw the chickens escape and I was trying to catch them for you! And now you go and blame me for chasing them!" or blaming someone else, even when she was /seen/ doing the crime. "I think I saw that young man over there with some eggs- perhaps he threw them?" she has being innocent down to a fine art.

Megan was born in September 2002 after I didn't feel like playing Llyna anymore and so tempalted as "Echo" with Gaunt- just for a bit of a change. Well, I fell in love with the character there and then, so I consulted with Mal about whether I should dump Llynie or not. Anyway- I did, obviously, and so had to pick a name for said character. I already had in mind what kind of personality she needed to have, and possible names originally included Anica, Clover, Megan, Darcy, Rebecca, Cass and Ellen. I think it ended up being a decision between Clover, Megan and Darcy. I decided Darcy was too boy-ish and Clover was too sweet to be what I had in mind. Megan it was, and Megan suits her better than any of them.

In the two months since creating Megan, I've come to know and be able to predict her than I could ever know and predict Llyna- which says a lot about how much I Rp now. I've developed each of her mood swings and know all her facial expressions and I can picture exactly how she'd look when she flicks between being bright and happy to being cold and icy. Megan has a very short attention span, and if you're not interesting her, or talking about something that interests her, she'll begin to get restless and look around and try to find something more facinating to pay attention to.

Likewise, she has no empathy or knowledge of other people's feelings unless they're very close friends. She'll go on chatting about something to someone even if it makes them uncomfortable or is a touchy subject for them (Alright, so sometimes she does this just to provoke them, other times, she just fails to notice.) She wouldn't know or understand if someone came to her and told her they loved her. She'd be like; Yeah, nice joke. She can't pick up on signals or hints unless she's smacked by it in the face. Several times.