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Llyna Ivyleaf

Llyna was /not/ my first character on Elendor, but I no longer have the descs or +firsts on either Calil-Gadien or Cuitheryn. (Ndaedeldrim and Imladrim) but Llyna was the first to bring me to Bree- which has ultimately become my home on Elendor. I played as Llyna for nearly a year (I had two months to go) and then decided I was in need of a drastic change. I'm the kind of person that can't standing something one way for too long, so it's a wonder she lasted that long as it was. So, after some consultations with Mal, and tampalting her one night with Gaunt (and falling in love with her mischevious personality on the spot) I decided to ditch Ms. Ivyleaf and introduce Megan into the world. But this is becoming a speach about Megan, which I should put on her page! So here's some info and stuff that I still have about Llynie.

Full Name: Llyna Ivyleaf
Culture: Breefolk
Desc: Llyna Ivyleaf; a ruddy faced young girl, tall for her age and slender of build. Her eyes are large and a blue-green that often shine mischievously but filled with a gentleness toward most people. Long chestnut brown hair is plaited down her back and tied with a blue ribbon, strands of hair falling onto her face; having escaped their bindings.

Today she wears simple farmer's clothes- pale blue tunic, tan apron and green cloak with a large hood in times of foul weather. On her feet are soft leather boots; old and well worn.

Llyna is quite dainty in her movements; graceful as though she were just drifting. A smile is at most times on her face, telling of a love for life and the simplest things and yet at others, it is hard to tell what she's thinking.
History: This is really hard to find, i know it's on a log somewhere, I'm just having trouble finding it.. Ok, so I can't find it.. Maybe Gaunt will have it somewhere. I'll try and track it down, though it doesn't look hopeful.
Personality: Llyna was the very polite, well-to-do farmer from Combe who, after creating Megan, seems to have no brains nor sense about her. She was always very polite and well spoken everyone was always Miss. Whomever or Mr. Whomever, and she'd never dream of putting a foot wrong!
Comments: The best part about Llyna, in my opinion (though not in the opinions of others, I know) was actually her dog, who I NPC'ed often... Macky was a medium-sized shaggy brown dog with white paws, white stripe down his nose and white tip on his tail. He was more animated than Llyna, having comical characteristics- he'd smile, and bark in excitement, wag his tail, romp through the snow and chase birds. He was the high-energy part that Llyna's character lacked.