llyna.. megan.. anala..elli..linnelei..


Linnelei (Lei)

Full name: Linnelei
Birthday: Pah.
Culture: Ndaedeldhrim (Hopefully going to Mithlond)
Desc: This elleth is of average height; about six feet tall or there-abouts. Grey-Blue eyes, crystaline and brilliant look out from beneath black hair, which, in certain lights seems tinged with a deep red. Blue eyes that are deep and observing, at most times kind and understanding, sometimes mischevious and joyful. Perhaps she is still too young to have experienced a great deal of sorrow, though hints of this have begun to appear- hidden deep within those eyes and accessible only to those who can read so far. Full pink lips against a fair face and beneath a well-proportioned nose completes her facial features.
A gown- grey-blue and wintery silver rests over her frame; a simple bodice and tied with a silver ribbon at her waist, the gown flows out to rest just above her feet which are concealed by leather boots. The sleaves of the gown come into elegant bells, which are slightly too long for her- though perhaps this is the intended effect, and embroydered in with silver thread. A cloak of the same blue rests over her shoulders, complete with a hood, which she draws in times of fouler weather.

History:Must... write.. history

Comments: I'm having fun playing Lei so far. The one time I've played her ;) But it's weird being an Elf again.. when I first came to Ele, I joined AT, then went wandering off into the woods accidentially and got saved by Dwarves, then I kind of made a second character and didn't register it- eek. And that was in Imlad, and I actually rped there.. and I kind of forgot about poor Cuitheryn.. then I kind of left, and came back and made Llyna.. so anyway, it's just weird being back in AT and being an Elf again when I've been a clumpy human for over a year now ;)