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All About AGSMA

The Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts is a group of costumers based out in sunny temperate Southern California, whose purpose is to design costumes, wear them, go to conventions and have a good time doing it. Very respectable isn't it? Not likely! (More like, spends lots of Ucchan's hard-earned money in a vague attempt to emulate people that we idolize)
Although AGSMA is based in Southern California, we have many members in Northern California (hence AGSMA Northern Campus) and a few scattered around the rest of the world.

As Full Members of AGSMA, we codename ourselves -mostly- from Ranma 1/2 characters (or at least have one of our nicknames from Ranma 1/2). Now you say, "I'm looking at the pictures and you guys don't look anything like who you're codenaming yourself for." Well look at that! It's a nice coincidence that some of us look like our codenamed counterparts, but we usually name our members based on their attributes. Allow me to demonstrate:

  • Mousse: Is so called because he can't count fingers in front of his face and he is our weapons and props master.
  • Riyoga: Is so called because he gets LOST! throws temper tantrums and can be PIG headed.
  • Ucchan: Is so called because I'm CUTE! (One of the pluses I get for writing this section.)
  • Ranma-chan: Is so called because he crossdresses like a girl half the time!
  • Principal Kuno: Is so called because he had an accident with some clippers.
  • Genma: Is so called because he is so big and cuddly.
  • Asuza: Is so called because she loves to give inanimate objects little pet names.
    (Spike the houseplant says hi!)Spike!
  • Soun: Is so called because he plays games all the time, eats, and super spazzes.
  • Kurumi: Is so called because she was recruited with Natsume, who is a good friend, and she is short and can spazz out
  • Natsume: Is so called because she was recruited with Kurumi, is taller, and has a good sense of fashion
  • Miss Hinako: Is so called because she is so.... "I don't think you can handle this"
  • Nabiki: Is so called because she likes money and swindling people out of it.
  • Tsubasa: Is so called because she crossdresses so much to hide from stalkers.
  • Pecking Order
    A brief explanation of the hierarchy that exists within AGSMA:

  • AGSMA Team Ups are when friendly Masqueraders join AGSMA on stage, but are previously affliated with another Masquerade Team.
  • Associates of AGSMA are quite helpful, but for some reason, do not perform on stage in costume. Examples are Stage Ninjas, Script Planning, Technical Advisors, Walk Abouts and other assistants.
  • Full Members have aided AGSMA in preparations for the convention, and have presented themselves on stage, with the group, in costume at least once. (An AGSMA group presentation entails involvement by at least one of the Triumvirate, either onstage or in planning stages, and is sanctioned by one of the Triumvirate to represent AGSMA.)
  • Veteran Members have planned and performed with AGSMA on stage for at least two conventions.
  • The Triumvirate consist of Trunks, Riyoga and Ucchan, the founding members of AGSMA.
  • Conventioneering
    The San Diego Comic Con = SDCC (or for those fancy types, Comic-Con Internationale: San Diego = CCI:SD) has been the mainstay Convention and Masquerade for our operations, and will continue to be, as we expand our sphere of influence into other Conventions. Because of this, we have been brainwashed into thinking that we should not be showing our costumes before the Masquerade. (One of SDCC's quirky rules.) It's ok -after- the Masquerade, which means on Sunday at the SDCC we get a lot of photo ops. As we find this not to be true at other conventions (at AX98 we learned too late, but kudos to those who got pictures of us then), we will try to prance the floors earlier, for more exposure.

    When we say Masquerade, we imply costuming in general, which encompasses everything, including Cosplay, Sci-Fi, Comics, Television, Movies, Video Games, etc. Cosplay is costuming with an Anime (Japanese Animation) theme. It would be safe to say that we at AGSMA have a profound interest in both Cosplay and Masquerade, even though they are not mutually exclusive.

    If you hear the cry.... A-A-O! (Whatever that means.) It's probably us. It's what we've adopted for our battle (errrr, I mean spirit) yell. Hey! Don't look at me, Ucchan made it up when she was errrrrr... Watching Sesame Street or something.

    Ucchan: No I didn't! It was from a Ranma OAV.
    Any more stabs like that and I'm cutting funds right now!
    Rest of AGSMA: Let's see, uh... A-E-I-O-U! Oops! We mean A-A-O!
    Yeah. I think we got it.
    (Do we still get the money?)

    Team Shirts
    Yes, AGSMA even has their own Team Shirts, depending on the skits and the active competing members that year.

    AGSMA 1998 Team Shirt AGSMA 1998 Team Shirt AGSMA 2000 Team Shirt AGSMA 2000 Team Shirt
    AGSMA 1998 Front AGSMA 1998 Back AGSMA 2000 Front AGSMA 2000 Back

    We interrupt this fascinating conversation for...
    "Ucchan's and Asuza's Top Ten Dieting Tips While At a Convention"

    #10. Running from booth to booth trying to find dragons, Gunnm, and Soujiro stuff.
    #9. Running back to DC booth for the 20th time looking for Principal Kuno
    #8. Rely on the convention drinking fountains as your only source of sustenance
    #7. Dancing to "Be a Man" from Mulan.
    #6. Find someone that is a big fan of Lynn Minmei
    #5. Run from booth to booth getting anime stuffed animals to compensate for not buying Sandman bookends.
    #4. Make sure the first time you eat is at the SDCC Dance Party on Saturday
    #3. Wait for the guys to finish their little Capcom Fighting Games grudge match
    #2. Stay up all Friday night, til Saturday morning, working on costumes.
    #1. Attend the Anime Expo 1998 and 1999 Masquerade

    AGSMA was brought to you today, by the symbol $, the symbol $ -and- the symbol $.

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