AGSMA, The Conspiracy
Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts

Have visited the Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts Home Page since July 27, 1998.

Have visited the Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts Home Page since July 27, 1998.

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AGSMA, The Conspiracy

The views expressed here are not necessarily our own.
If it offends you, sorry!
(But it's darn funny to us.)
Ucchan: Why are we doing this?
Mousse: Wanna know what I think?
Riyoga: What?
Mousse: I think that if we go down to all the funding of these conventions with masquerades, we'll be able to see that a large portion of money is donated by a certain party.
Ucchan: Huh?
Mousse: Yes. And do you know what that group is?
Riyoga: The evil democrats?
Ucchan: I'm a democrat! *smacks Riyoga* And I'm not evil. I'm CUTE!
Mousse: No! It's a ploy by.....Psychiatrists and Psychologists!
Riyoga: Hmmmmmm!
Ucchan: *dumbfounded* Where did you get that crazy idea? From sniffing too much glue for your costume?
Riyoga: No wait. It makes sense. Think about it on an existential plane. Those psychiatrists have the right idea.
Mousse: Where else to breed a whole generation of psychologically impaired people but at masquerades?
Ucchan: Will you guys start talking English?
Riyoga: People dressing up as fictional characters and the like, and the start acting like them....hmmmmm.
Ucchan: You're not thinking they are trying to -make- people with MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES?
Mousse: I do believe the politically correct term is Dissociative Identity Disorder.
Ucchan: Whatever.
Riyoga: And those sneaky shrinks will cash in on hundreds of hours of psychotherapy and treatment when it is time.
Mousse: The monetary compensation for their initial investment will be unbelievable.
Ucchan: English!
Riyoga: What a clever ploy. Perhaps I will need to look into a career in Psychology.
Mousse: Me too!
Ucchan: Don't make me have to hit you guys with my spatula!
Mousse: Well I'll just counter with one of my hidden weapons!
Riyoga: You couldn't counter anything with your lousy vision!
Ucchan: Look who's talking. Can't find his way out of a wet paper bag. Or even a dry one.
Riyoga: At least I don't cross dress, Ukyo!
Mousse: Well at least I know how to spell my character's name correctly, Ryoga!
Ucchan: Stop it both of you! Or else I will cut off all monetary funding to this operation this instant!
Riyoga and Mousse: Huh? *looks back at each other* Grrrrrrrrr.
Riyoga: Well I don't mistake a dried up piece of mackerel jerky to be my girlfriend.
Mousse: At least I've been successful at beating up Ranma.
Riyoga: No way! I've beaten up Ranma twice as many times as you.
Ucchan: Argh! You guys are impossible! *splashes the both of them with cold water*
Riyoga and Mousse: Ahhh! *gargle*
Ucchan: So, just why are we doing this again?
Mousse: Quack.
Riyoga: Bu-ki!
Ucchan: Hmpt. All better.


No INNOCENT animals were harmed during the production of AGSMA
We cannot take any responsibility for the fate of GUILTY animals, however.
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