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AGSMA Talismans

The Armory and Testing Facility
A virtual inventory of all AGSMA Talismans (more commonly known as props) organized by series and character, complete with creator and debut and corresponding links when available.
Series Item Debut Creator
Bleach Kon AM 2005 Mousse
Bleach Shinsou AX 2005 Mousse
Bleach Super Spirit Javelin AX 2005 Mousse
Bleach Super Spirit Stick AX 2005 Mousse
Batman Beyond Batarangs SDCC 2K Mousse
Capcom Blodia Punch AX 99 Mousse
Capcom Eternal Slumber Curtain AX 99 Morrigan
Capcom Strider Hiryu's Cypher SDCC 2K Mousse
Capcom Strider Hiryu's Grappling Hook SDCC 2K Mousse
Card Captor Sakura Li Syaoran's Incantation Cards Fanime 2001 Mousse
Card Captor Sakura Li Syaoran's Lasin Board Fanime 2001 Mousse
Card Captor Sakura Li Syaoran's Sword Fanime 2001 Mousse
Card Captor Sakura The Change Card AX 2001 Mousse
Dragon Ball Z Trunks' Sword AX 98 Mousse
Final Fantasy Laguna Loire's Machine Gun Fanime 2K Mousse
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Bloo Worldcon 2006 Mousse
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Cheese Worldcon 2006 Mousse
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Coco Worldcon 2006 Mousse
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Wilt Worldcon 2006 Mousse
Full Metal Alchemist Military Phone AX 2004 Mousse
Full Metal Alchemist Riza Hawkeye's Pistol AX 2004 Mousse
Full Metal Alchemist State Certified Alchemist Pocketwatch AX 2004 Mousse
Jackie Chan Adventures 12 Talismans None Mousse
Jack in the Box Jack AX 2001 Mousse
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Sinbad's Boomerang Animagic 01 Mousse
Kingdom Hearts Sora's Keyblade AX 2003 Tsubasa
Kingdom Hearts II Oblivion Keyblade AX 2004 Tsubasa
King of Fighters Flames of Destiny ACen 99 Mousse
Love Hina Tama-chan/Tamago Onset AX 2001 Mousse
Love Hina Keitaro's Tokyo University Study Guide AX 2001 Mousse
Mononoke Hime Ashitaka's Bow AX2K Mousse
Mononoke Hime Ashitaka's Ceremonial Blade AX2K Mousse
Mononoke Hime Ashitaka's Short Sword AX2K Mousse
Mononoke Hime Dismembered Samurai Arm AX2K Mousse
Mononoke Hime Eboshi's Ishibiya Rifle AX2K Mousse
Mononoke Hime Eboshi's Katana and Icepick AX2K Mousse
Mononoke Hime San's Dagger AX2K Kurumi
Mononoke Hime San's Kodachi AX2K Kurumi
Mononoke Hime San's Necklace AX2K Kurumi
Mononoke Hime San's Spear AX2K Kurumi
Mononoke Hime Shishigami's Head AX2K Mousse
Mortal Kombat Dragon Scroll SDCC 96 Ucchan
Pokemon Eevee Animagic 2K Mousse
Pokemon Gary Oak's Badges Animagic 2K Mousse
Pokemon Haunter Animagic 01 Mousse
Pokemon Pokeball ACen 99 Mousse
Pokemon Togepi ACen 99 Mousse
Pokemon Victreebel AX 2001 Mousse
Pokemon Wobbuffet AX 2005 Mousse
Ranma 1/2 Akane's Mallet SDCC 95 Mousse
Ranma 1/2 Mousse's Claw SDCC 95 Mousse
Rurouni Kenshin Soujiro Seta's Sword AX 99 Mousse
Sailor Moon Beryl's Staff AX 2001 Genjitsu
Sakura Taisen Aoi Satan's Katana and Wakizashi Akon 10 Mousse
Sakura Taisen Aoi Satan's Serpent Headband Akon 10 Mousse
South Wars Carbonite Block of Chef Solo SDCC 98 Ucchan
South Wars Death Star SDCC 98 Riyoga
South Wars X Wing SDCC 98 Mousse
Tekken Lei Wulong's Gear Fanime 2K Mousse
Yakitate!! Japan Black Croissant AX 2006 Bakaneko
Yakitate!! Japan Cabaret Club Heaven AX 2006 Mousse
Yakitate!! Japan Spoon AX 2006 Bakaneko
Yu-Gi-Oh Blue Eyes White Dragon AX 2003 Mousse
Yu-Gi-Oh Dungeon Dice (Japanese) AX 2003 Mousse
Yu-Gi-Oh Kuribo AX 2003 Mousse
Yu-Gi-Oh Battle City Locator Card AX 2003 Mousse
Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium Eye Fanime 2003 Mousse
Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium Key Fanime 2003 Mousse
Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium Necklace Fanime 2003 Mousse
Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium Puzzle Fanime 2003 Mousse
Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium Ring Fanime 2003 Mousse
Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium Rod Fanime 2003 Mousse & Tsubasa
Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium Scales Fanime 2003 Mousse
Yu-Gi-Oh Scapegoat AniMagic 03 Mousse

Mousse's Claw:
Mousse's Claw
A set of claws, roughly 3 feet in total length, with blades about 18 inches long. Made of steel, totally stable and sturdy but wrapped in aluminum foil for luster. Quite heavy to wear around a convention for too long, but well worth it. Absolutely great for hiding within Mousse's long sleeves with other assorted weaponry and yo yos.

There are actually a pair in existence, but only one is shown here.
Mousse's Claw's
Memorable Moment
Being compared to Wolverine's claws at SDCC 1995 and making the Wolverine feel inadequate.

Akane's Mallet: The mystical weapon of choice for Akane Tendo. A giant sized mallet. Weighing a couple pounds with a length of 5 ft, and a mallet head of 2 ft by 1 ft. Perfect for knocking Ranma senseless and offering his "friends" and opportunity to hit him while he's down. Blessed because it survived the bonking of Ranma by Akane, who must have her inhuman strength to punch a hole in the mallet itself. After the first debut of the AGSMA, the troupe eached signed the mallet and now it remains in peaceful cold storage, until the time Ranma needs another good beating.

The Dragon Scroll: A very fine tapestry, with Chinese Dragon adorning it's silky cloth. Handpainted, and charmed to say the least. A sign of royalty wherever it is placed. It didn't miss it's cue.

The Carbonite Block of Chef Solo: Conversion from its measly 7' x 1' x 6" transport form to it's full size measuring 7' x 5' x 1.75', it is a true monument of PVC and cloth, assembled true to AGSMA form, at last minute. Turned out that it was not the tomb at all planned for Chef Solo. Instead, the massive monster, by far, the largest prop in AGSMA history.... killed Obi Wan Kenny.

The Death Star: Starting its existence as a mere regular bouncy ball, it had evaded our attempts to spray paint it silver for days with "never drying silver paint" leaving members of AGSMA with silver tipped fingers. Until we got the right paint. Then it's fate was sealed to be the Death Star, with battle damage as well. No laws of physics were broken (but I'm sure something else was) as it ricocheted off of the Spirit of Obi Wan Kenny's head.

The X Wing: Created from memory, from leftovers at the Programming Desk, the X Wing was spawned in 45 minutes at 2:00 AM on Saturday Morning of the Convention 1998. With fine detailing and battle damage, the poor Spirit of Obi Wan Kenny would meet another, untimely demise when the X-Wing would crash land.

The Pokeball:
Even though I didn't do any Poke'mon costumes. I wanted a Pokeball. And I didn't want some mis-scaled or odd transparent mass manufactured Pokeballs. So I had to make one myself basing it off one from the show. Complete with interior design and "windows" for Pokemon comfort. And the right scale too.
The Pokeball's
Sob Story
This prop didn't make the final cut of props to be in the Brute vs. Cute skit.

The Flames of Destiny:
Flames of Destiny
My time working at a certain amusement park didn't go wasted. Using the principles for the fires in the Pirates of the Caribbean, I designed the blue fanatic Flames of Destiny for Chris. The more wrinkles the more shards of light would reflect and better the effect. And of course, the flames can be put into one, or split into two for each hand.

This is the Flame of Destiny (Fused Together)
The Flames of Destiny's
Special Power
Not only does it look like flame, but up close, the flames can crackle as well.

The Katana and Wakizashi
of Aoi Satan:

Being that we are always low on funds and can't afford to buy authentic katanas and wakizashis, we're just better off making them ourselves. With the advancement of aluminum working to AGSMA skills training, the swords both manifest a shine of real metal which was difficult to duplicate with Trunk's Sword. Both blades were made extremely lightweight (since Aoi has to carry both of them) and sheaths custom made to Aoi's character designs. Don't worry, they can't hurt, unless you get nicked by the tips, which indeed are sharp.
The Katana/Wakizashi's
Arch Nemesis
TWA luggage handlers.

The Serpent Headband
of Aoi Satan:

Serpent Headband
One of the more interesting talismans of the collection, it started out life as a coat hanger, to reach ascendancy as Aoi's Dragon Headband. A very tight fitting headband, curling around the scalp and temples, it was made not to come off easily at all, it can easily cut off brain circulation if worn by the wrong user. With separate green overlapping green scales for authenticity (instead of painted ones), with each scale having a slightly sharp tip. Perfect focus of energy for any user of black magic.
The Serpent's
Hidden Power
The ability to start a conversation. "Did you realize you got a serpent on your head?" or "How cute! You got a serpent on your head!"

Soujiro Seta's Sword
(Nagasone Kotetsu)

Nagasone Kotetsu
Following the same pattern construction as Aoi's blades, Soujiro's blade was constructed after Akon while Aoi's blades were being repaired. But with more detailed pictures of this sword, that meant that details needed to be added, to the hilt and handle especially. And with a very defined sheath with it's own color, that would need to be custom made as well. However, the by far most difficult part of the project was the white ribbon wrap that goes around the handle with the diamond pattern. As always, the sword was made to scale as close as possible, and there are 11 turns in the wrap to match that of the anime.
Soujiro's Sword's
This replica of Nagasone Kotetsu supposedly has a real life counterpart back in Japanese History, hence it's specific name

Eternal Slumber

Eternal Slumber Curtain
The Curtain of Morrigan's Eternal Slumber, constructed from shiny acetate/satin, is complete with a scaled lifesize silhouette of Morrigan on the front with four little hearts up above. Designed to protect the faint of heart and maintain the general audience nature of our skits while we still allow Morrigan Aenslaed to have her fun.
Eternal Slumber
Many people do not know, but in Marvel Vs. Capcom, Morrigan gains a new level 3 super move called the Eternal Slumber. In this move, Morrigan blows a kiss at her opponent, and a slow moving heart tracks up and down the screen to the other side. The opponent must jump to dodge the attack, since it is unblockable. However, if the opponent is unfortunate (or fortunate from your point of view) and gets hit by the kiss, the curtain of Eternal Slumber falls while Morrigan.... "has some fun" since she is a succubus and all, who likes to invade dreams and the like, while draining energy. Half an opponent energy bar later, the curtain falls and Morrigan takes a very cute innocent looking pose, as if nothing happened, while the opponent is floored.

Blodia Punch
Blodia Punch
Folded Blodia Punch
Jin Saotome is simply not complete without his high power mecha Blodia joining in the fray. Whenever Jin executes a throw, or calls on his mecha for a super combo with a resounding BLLLLODDDIAAAAAAA! This gigantic robot fist comes out of the side of the screen, crushing all opponents. Blodia Punch was constructed from boxes, nails, tape and spray paint. Sounds very simple until you find out that Blodia fist is collapsible to one fourth of it's original size for transport reasons. The back half can telescope into the front half, which then folds over into quarters. Still, not a trivial size in "storage" form as it is roughly 4 ft by 2 ft by 1 ft, while weighing 10-15 pounds.
Blodia Punch
First of all, this prop was not made to scale, since it would need to be roughly one story tall and 20-30 feet long if done correctly. Second of all, the silver handle that was added for transport reasons does not exist, it was added for convenience and easy sighting when I actually had to use Blodia Punch on stage.

Batman Beyond Batarangs
Streamlined circular frisbee type batarangs, which are different from the batarangs of the classic series (which look more like bat/boomerangs). Pictured here are two standard batarangs, and the blue one is Batman Beyond's specialized Electric Batarang. One of the normal ones may later be converted to a detonator batarang (with a light on the side)
Batarang Properties These Batarangs are not the same as the one used in the SDCC00 skit. That one was resin cast. The current updated design is slightly more fragile, but they are at the thickest 1 cm and 2 mm at the thinnest. Also these updated batarangs are sharp! And they are scale to Wayne's hands. Perfect size. Unfortunately they are so sharp they could probably damage the costume if I tried to rest them on the belt.

Jackie Chan Adventures Talismans
The Twelve Talismans took forever to paint! Not to mention each of the talismans has a different animal and color associated with it. But since the show can't go without the Talismans, need to make them! They are all lightweight but will soon need a carry case for storage.
Talisman Order The order in the picture from left to right, up to down is the correct sequence as found in the Chinese zodiac. (not the way they were found on the show).

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