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Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts

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We here at AGSMA recognize that pictures take an eternity to load. So we provide you with our member profiles to keep you occupied while the pictures are loading. But. If we see you at a convention and find out that you are able to recite all of our statistics, We will immediately restrain you, throw you in shackles and send you directly to an institution. Go directly to the institution, do not pass go, do not collect $200. (Don't worry, we all know the way to the institution by heart)
Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts
Member Profile:

Rank Full Member
Weapon of Choice Vega's Claw
Vehicle of Choice Bull
Special Attack Izna Drop, Swan Dive, Rolling Crystal Flash
Final Attack Yoga Fart ...No Wait, That's Someone Else's
AKA (Also Known As) Pokey, Chibibo
Birthdate February 18, 1977
Place of Birth Nether Nether Land
Height 6'2"
Shoe Size 10
Blood Type O-
Horoscope Sign Aquarius
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Relationship Status Taken by a Short But Perfect Filipino Girl
Likes California, Hawaii, Long-Distance Phone Calls
Dislikes Not living in California, the Over-Use of Cell Phones
Favorite Food The One and Only Ultimate Cheeseburger @ Jack in the Box!
Least Favorite Food Peas
Favorite Drink Coke
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Ling Mui
Favorite Restaurant Cypress Club *wink*
Hobbies Music, Reading, IRC, Pubbing 'n Clubbing with Friends
Bad Habits Procastrinating, Being Lazy in General
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Animal Penguins (Turtles being a Close Second)
Favorite Weather Hot! Sunny! Not Humid, Please!
Favorite Quote "Having a Hole in the Head Doesn't Always Indicate an Open Mind." - Jean Michel Jarre
Strongest Subject Languages (if I Put Myself to it)
Weakest Subject Mathematics (Even When I Put Myself to it)
Favorite Sport Soccer, Volleyball
Favorite Board Game Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit
Favorite Video Game Street Fighter, Secret of Mana
Favorite RPG Final Fantasy
Favorite Video Game Character Eggatrice (Secret of Mana)
Favorite Convention Anime Expo, because it's the only one I've attended so far (Yeah, So I'm Not an Otaku! I Can't Help it!)
Favorite Anime Akira
Favorite Anime Characters Tetsuo
Favorite OAV Censored!
Favorite Costumes (Own) Vega
Favorite Costumes (Others) Chun Li, Jin
Favorite TV Show Fawlty Towers
Favorite Music Anything Except Country, R&B and MTV-Rap
Favorite Bands Faithless, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers
Favorite Music Artist Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Hiroki Kikuta, Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematu, Koji Kondo, and lots more
Favorite Songs Beauty and the Beast, November Rain, Leaving on a Jetplane (thanks sweetie *grin*)
Favorite Music Video "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" by the Chemical Brothers (Coolie Skeletons)
Favorite Album Xenogears OST, The Songs of Distant Earth
Favorite Lyric "I Don't Know Anything to Rhyme!" (or something to that extent) - Alice Cooper in 'School's Out'
Favorite Dance Hokey Pokey!
Favorite Movies The Holy Grail
Favorite Movie Quote "I go now." - says the girl to the hero before jumping over a building in 'The 18 Bronzemen'
Favorite Actor/Actress Leslie Nielsen
-Is it because they act? Yup Yup
Favorite Household Appliance Microwave, Vacuum-Cleaner (Don't Ask Why)
Favorite Natural Disaster Tsunami
Pet Peeve People who make a big fuss out of something incredibly trivial (for example: cutting in line, creating a scene because the waitress accidently charged five cents too much)
Little Known Fact I Love Myself So Much I Sometimes Kiss My Own Arms. *looks at Chun Li*

Special Powers:
ICQ +2
Narcissism -1 ....JUST KIDDIN'!
Ripping Tape Off My Hairy Arms +3
Romancing the Phone +1

Starring Roles
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