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We here at AGSMA recognize that pictures take an eternity to load. So we provide you with our member profiles to keep you occupied while the pictures are loading. But. If we see you at a convention and find out that you are able to recite all of our statistics, We will immediately restrain you, throw you in shackles and send you directly to an institution. Go directly to the institution, do not pass go, do not collect $200. (Don't worry, we all know the way to the institution by heart)
Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts
Member Profile:

Rank Full Member
Weapon of Choice The Back of My Hand *pimp slap*
Vehicle of Choice Walking..but my other choice is a GT 500 or a rickety, diesel-driven, Miyazaki-drawn car.
Special Attack Sleep Attack (usually only induced upon myself though)
Final Attack Loud-mouthed Backtalking and Sarcasm
AKA (Also Known As) Isabel, Issa, Izzy, Videl
Birthdate April 2 (2.4)
Place of Birth Plano, Texas (a-hyuk!)
Height 5'4"
Shoe Size I bind my feet nightly like a good little Asian girl.
Blood Type Bluish-Purple
Horoscope Sign Aries
Alignment Unusually Optimistic, Very Silly, "Smooth"
Relationship Status Single to mingle but not looking
Likes Loyalty, When a guy lets me order first, Poetry, and Movies
Dislikes Rude People, Immoral People, Spoiled Brats, Backstabbing
Favorite Food "Death By Chocolate," Dim Sum, Morton's Steak, Prime Rib
Least Favorite Food Salads, Mexican Food (and most things that go into Mexican food)
Favorite Drink Thai Tea with Pearls, Coke, and Kiwi Strawberry Snapple
Favorite Alcoholic Drink hat? How dare you.. I'm only 18! Just some Vodka for me will be fine.
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Rocky Road, of course
Favorite Restaurant Morton's, Sam Woo's, Cheesecake Factory, and random fast food places
Hobbies Pathetically, I think my only hobby is anime. (I don't admit that often because I usually get jumped afterwards.) Watching movies and writing poetry if that counts for anything.
Bad Habits Ironically, I'm impatient but I'm always at least a half hour late.
Favorite Color Blues, Black, White, and Red.
Favorite Animal Animals are for eating!
Favorite Weather That shining Southern Californian weather
Favorite Quote "Qui ne risque rien, n'a rien." / "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." -given to me by Nicole
Strongest Subject None of the above, though I'm good with computers. I can draw some, design some, and write some
Weakest Subject All of the above, especially math
Favorite Author Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe
Favorite Book Les Miserables
Favorite Sport Football to watch. Basketball to play. Can't understand any of it for the life of me though
Favorite Board Game Chinese Checkers, Pictionary
Favorite Video Game Bubble Bobble
Favorite RPG Legacy of the Wizard, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, and Chrono Trigger
Favorite Video Game Character Legacy of the Wizard cast, Chrono
Favorite Convention Anime Expo
Favorite Anime Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli works, Escaflowne, Hana Yori Dango
Favorite Anime Characters Akane Tendo, Makino Tsukushi & Doumyouji Tsukasa, Himura Kenshin, Shizuku Tsukishima & Amasawa Seiji, Sheeta & Pazu, Rin Asano & Manji, Gunnm, Mikako Kouda, San, Ashitaka, & Eboshi.
Favorite OAV Oh! My Goddess and the Ranma ones
Favorite Costumes (Own) Well since I've only had one, Eboshi-sama
Favorite Costumes (Others) Ashitaka, San, Card Captor Sakura, FF8 gang
Favorite TV Show Simpsons, Friends, Charmed (eh-heh), and That 70's Show.
Favorite Music "Freestyle," J-pop, American pop
Favorite Bands Every Little Thing, One Voice, Backstreet Boys
Favorite Music Artist Namie Amuro, Hikaru Utada, Buffy, Britney Spears, Loreena McKennitt.
Favorite Songs "Walk In The Park" by Namie Amuro; "Dante's Prayer" by Loreena McKennitt; "Always On My Mind" by One Voice; "Dreams" -by Heart; many, many J-pop songs.
Favorite Music Video "Thriller" by Michael Jackson
Favorite Album 181920" by Namie Amuro, "First Love" by Hikaru Utada, "1987-1994" Final Fantasy Soundtrack, "Every Little Single" by Every Little Thing.
Favorite Lyric "Love takes all the tears and the pain and it turns it in to the beauty that remains." -from "Love Is" by Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight
"I want to see you clearly. Come closer than this. But all I remember are the dreams in the mist. These dreams go on when I close my eyes. Every second of the night, I live another life. These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside--every moment I'm awake, the further I'm away." -from "Dreams" by Heart.
Favorite Dance Breaking, Tango
Favorite Movies Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday, Clerks, Rushmore, Fargo, When Harry Met Sally, Woody Allen films, My Cousin Vinny, The Matrix, Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli films.
Favorite Movie Quote "The Matrix has you." & "Believe the unbelievable." -The Matrix
"Yippikiyiyay motherf*cker!" -Bruce Willis in Die Hard
Favorite Actor/Actress Bruce Willis, Robin Williams, Audrey Hepburn
-Is it because they act? Yes and because they're beautiful people as wel
Favorite Household Appliance The Refrigerator for obvious reasons
Favorite Natural Disaster arthquakes, they're spontaneous, thrilling, and fun.
Pet Peeve People who don't listen, People who assume
Little Known Fact I can't use chopsticks. In fact, I can't use any utensils, because... I have no arms

Special Powers
Cooking Hotdogs -4
Delegating Responsibilities to Other Family Members +2
Heat N Bond +3
Freaking Out at the Thought of Being On Stage +4
Ironing +2
Screaming "Too Sexy" +2
Shotgun Usage -1
Vogue +1
Wardrobe of Tight Clothes +2

Add +1 Screaming "Too Sexy" when seeing cute guys without shirts
Add +1 to above if guy = Mousse

Starring Roles
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