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Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts

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Membership Profiles

We here at AGSMA recognize that pictures take an eternity to load.
So we provide you with our member profiles to keep you occupied while the pictures are loading.
But. If we see you at a convention and find out that you are able to recite all of our statistics,
We will immediately restrain you, throw you in shackles and send you directly to an institution.
Go directly to the institution, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
(Don't worry, we all know the way to the institution by heart)

Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts
Member Profile:

Principal Kuno
Rank Varsity (Veteran) Member
Weapon of Choice Missile Launcher
Vehicle of Choice Motorcycle
Special Attack Launching Missiles while on Motorcycle
Final Attack Polo Shirt Iron Hell
AKA (Also Known As) Chop Suey
Birthdate May 13
Place of Birth San Diego
Height 5'7"
Shoe Size 9
Blood Type O-
Horoscope Sign Taurus
Relationship Status In Detention
Likes Reading, TV, Movies, Intimate Dinners, Science Documentaries
Walks on the Beach, Field Trips, Camping, Fishing, Hunting
Dislikes Liver, Yellow Cheese
Favorite Food All except....
Least Favorite Food Liver, Tace Bell
Favorite Drink Vanilla Nut Coffee
Favorite Restaurant Claim Jumper
Hobbies Sculpting
Bad Habits Sleeping
Favorite Color Earthy Colors
Favorite Animal Dog
Favorite Weather Muggy
Favorite Quote "I Can't Work Like This"
Strongest Subject Biology
Weakest Subject History
Favorite Sport Swimming
Favorite Board Game Chess
Favorite Video Game Half Life
Favorite RPG Kings Quest
Favorite Video Game Character Duke Nukem
Favorite Convention San Diego Comic Con
Favorite Anime Star Blazers
Favorite Anime Characters Raideen
Favorite OAV None
Favorite Costumes (Own) Renaissance (Wizard, Knight), Classic Star Trek (Science Officer), Flash, Clark Kent
Favorite Costumes (Others) Spiderman
Favorite TV Show Star Trek, Next Generation, Voyager, DS9
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena
Favorite Music Classical
Favorite Bands Eagles, CCR
Favorite Music Artist Hootie
Favorite Songs Hotel California (Eagles), Bad Moon Rising (CCR)
Desperado (Linda Ronstadt)
Favorite Music Video Thriller
Favorite Album Queen's Greatest Hits
Favorite Lyric Bohemian Rhapsody
Favorite Dance Jitterbug
Favorite Movies Star Wars Trilogy
Favorite Movie Quote "I Don't Like the Sound of This" (Han Solo)
Favorite Actor/Actress Michael Keaton/Meg Ryan
-Is it because they act? No/No
Favorite Household Appliance TV
Favorite Natural Disaster Earthquake
Pet Peeve Cockroaches
Little Known Fact Never Took English Classes

Special Powers:
Auto Mechanic +4
Bargain Hunter +2
Capcom Arcade Fighting Games -2
Cooking +4
Costuming +2
Disappearing +3
Drawing +1
Driving +3
Enjoying Life +1
Ironing Polo Shirt +2
Karaoke +2
Knowledge of Free Standing Gap -3
Run For The Border +2
Science +2
Scultping +3
Shogun Warriors Knowledge +1
Soundtrack Dubbing +1
Tights -1
Toy Collector +2
Washing Car at Friend's Houses +1
Add -1 to all skills for each 10 degree temperature increment <75 Fahrenheit.
+2 to Driving when in Mexico -3 to all skills when Raydeen is threatened<

Starring Roles
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