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Membership Profiles

We here at AGSMA recognize that pictures take an eternity to load.
So we provide you with our member profiles to keep you occupied while the pictures are loading.
But. If we see you at a convention and find out that you are able to recite all of our statistics,
We will immediately restrain you, throw you in shackles and send you directly to an institution.
Go directly to the institution, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
(Don't worry, we all know the way to the institution by heart)

Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts
Member Profile:

Rank Triumvirate
Weapon of Choice Katana
Vehicle of Choice Greyhound
Special Attack Button Mashing Fury
Final Attack Kamehameha
AKA (Also Known As) P-chan, Tweaker
Birthday June 15
Place of Birth New York
Height 5'5"
Shoe Size 9
Blood Type Red
Horoscope Sign Gemini
Alignment The light side of the Force
Likes Food
Dislikes No Food
Favorite Food Do I have to be specific?
Least Favorite Food Veggies
Favorite Drink Cherry Pepsi
Favorite Ice Cream Basic: Vanilla
Specialty: Caramel Cone Explosion
Favorite Restaurant Sak's Teriyaki
Hobbies Martial Arts, Comics, Collecting weaponry
Bad Habits Stressing
Favorite Color Red/Green
Favorite Animal Tiger
Favorite Weather Cloudy and Cold
Favorite Quote "I got some mad skills"
Strongest Subjects IR/Poli Sci/History
Weakest Subject Chemistry
Favorite Sport Wing Chun
Favorite Board Game Monopoly
Favorite Video Game Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Favorite RPG The Legend of Zelda
Favorite Video Game Character Juggernaut
Favorite Convention San Diego Comic Convention
Favorite Anime Dragonball Z/Ranma
Favorite Anime Characters Goku, Piccolo, Ryoga
Favorite OAV None
Favorite Costumes (Own) Riyoga, Piccolo, Cartman the Hutt
Favorite Costumes (Others) Batman
Favorite TV Show Dragonball Z
Favorite Music Oldies
Favorite Bands Declined to Answer
Favorite Music Artist Billy Joel
Favorite Songs For the Longest Time
Favorite Music Video Declined to Answer
Favorite Album An Innocent Man
Favorite Lyric "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, For the Longest Time" - Billy Joel
Favorite Dance The Twist
Favorite Movies Star Wars
Favorite Movie Quote "Don't concentrate on the finger or you'll miss all of that heavenly glory"
Favorite Actor/Actress Patrick Stewart/Gillian Anderson
-Is it because they act? Yes/Yes
Favorite Household Appliance Meat Grinder
Favorite Natural Disaster Earthquake
Pet Peeve Imperfect Comic Books
Little Known Fact Is a Mentos, I mean Mentor

Special Powers:
Capcom Arcade Fighting Games +2
Cooking +3
Driving +1
Martial Arts +2
Medieval Madness +3
Negotiations +3
Practical Jokes +3
Script Writing +3
Script Editing +2
Sense of Direction -2
Stress Management -3
Stubborn +1
Toy Collector +1
Unpredictability +3
Voice Impersonation +4
Wrestling Knowledge +1
Add +1 to Voice Impersonation when impersonating Principal Kuno
Add -2 to all skills when raging out of control, except martial arts
Add -1 to all skills when out of inhaler
Add -1 to all skills for each 10 degree temperature increment >75 Fahrenheit.

Starring Roles
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