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Après Noir:

I've caught a new bug. I expect there will eventually be a number of these. I thought the first was the best work I'd ever done, so I moved its section to the top. I expect many of these will be very different from my usual fun 'n games, with some dark sections.

The Peace of the Ten-Year-Olds

A funny thing happened to Mireille and Kirika on their way home from the Manor; in fact, even before they left the Pyrenees...

The Sacrifice of the Lambs

Mireille and Kirika just don't get a break. They're still on the way back to Paris, ten-year-olds in tow, when a very unpleasant somebody happens to notice the four... Warning: this is a VERY dark story.


A return to Paris and real life for Mireille and Kirika now means settling their two foundlings down somewhere as well. Fortunately, their fellow prisoner from 'Sacrifice', Ms. Merril, knows a good child custody lawyer. Unfortunately, this lawyer is about to develop a problem of her own...

Weekend in Tangier  

The Soldats Council warns Mireille and Kirika that something's afoot among Althena's old followers, in Tangier, Morocco.  But they have the girls to think of now.  Can they go investigating in Tangier without the girls missing any school?

Le Rouge et le Noir (Discarded first draft)  

Mireille and Kirika face a pair of hardened assassins known only by the blood-colored inkblots they leave at the sites of their crimes. (This will eventually be completely rewritten.)

Sketches of Tenchi

A series of short, humorous Tenchi Muyo! stories, which form a sequence. OAV plus Kiyone, i.e. following Manatsu no Eve (Daughter of Darkness). This series does not have any particular overall plot; I'm making it up as I go along. Starting with number 11, I am also taking GXP/OAV3 into account, which has implications for Kiyone...

1.  Deciding on the Brides In which our hero receives helpful advice: choose them all.

2.  Proposing to the Girls  In which our hero issues multiple proposals of marriage and survives.

3.  Unanticipated Complications But, it turns out, he didn't propose to enough girls. A few more seem to be required.

4.  Tentative Explorations In which our hero experiences a ceremony, a walk in the woods, another dimension, and the floating bath (complete with girls).

5.  Fiendish Diabolical Plots The few more fiancees arrive. HOW MANY?!

6.  Tearful True Confessions The winnowing process begins.

7.  Cosmic Supernatural Threats and continues. Plus, a cosmic monster, a hideous violation of the fabric of reality, drops in for tea.

8.  Old Rivals and New Discoveries Most of the surplus fiancees leave. New ones arrive, courtesy of old rivals of Washuu and Tsunami.

9.  Who Framed Ryou-ou-ki Cabbit? Yugi lies dead. Ryou-ou-ki holds the blaster which killed her. Whodunit?

10.  Survivor! Jurai Party Politics Tenchi and co. attend a party on Jurai. Fun and games, right?

11.  Those Who Hunt Mihoshi On the way home, Tenchi and the girls visit Mihoshi's home planet. But there are those on her home planet who wish her ill...

12. A Plague of Angels A remote planet in the Juraian Empire faces a large, powerful monster. Who ya gonna call?

13. Tenchi's Excellent Adventure   A fleeing suspect eludes Kei and Yuri and revives an ancient, almost-forgotten blight, threatening Civilization As We Know It.

14. Secret of the Forbidden Planet!  New!  Can Tenchi and the girls cope when the utterly unexpected, a music festival, arrives on their very doorstep?

Much Ado About Ranma:

A Ranma 1/2 continuation sequence, beginning shortly after the end of Volume 38 of the manga  Original flavor with suggestive (lime) overtones, nothing explicit.  The first six stories are in script format, after which I abandoned it. They also mark my earliest work.  Episode 8 is a reasonable place to pick up the series if you can't stand script fics (or my early work).

1. Much Ado

In which Ranma and Akane get closer together, Nodoka discovers something Genma and Soun have forgotten to discuss, and Konatsu battles Happosai.

2. As You Like It (75Kb) (zipped)

In which Happosai trains Ranma is a useful technique and Cologne lends Ranma a useful object. Also, see Nabiki battle Genma! And two old acquaintances visit Ranma at Furikan High School.

3. A Comedy of Errors

Ranma, Akane, and Ukyou get a job. Nodoka does a little conniving of her own. Nabiki graduates. And Shampoo unveils a daring new technique...

4. Midsummer Days

Ryouga reappears, having learning a new technique, and a forgotten acquaintance has something in common with Ukyou.

5. Midsummer Nights

Shampoo joins Ranma, Akane, and Ukyou at work, and we meet several new characters from China.

6. Measure for Measure

Our cast cope with Kodachi, during the annual gymnastics match, and a jealous Mousse as they discuss life and relationships with each other. Also, Ranma takes the girls on dates.

7. A Spring Tale

At last, the Wedding of Ranma and Akane, followed by a nice, calm, uneventful honeymoon in Hong Kong.

8. The Tempest

So what has been happening in Qinghai province lately?

Side-story:  Ranma's Basic Training

9. The Taming of Kodachi

Tatewaki is missing, and Kodachi comes to the Tendo's for help. Also, Ukyou and Nabiki conspire together, and Genma reappears.

10. Twelve Knights

Three young children appear one day at the Tendo-ke, holding a repaired Nanban mirror. They are relieved to find their parents, even if their parents are much younger now...

Side-story:  A Day with Akane

11.  Merchants of Vengeance

Trouble with Happosai and the distributors of illicit, addictive merchandise.  Ends in a cliff-hanger continued in:

12.  A Gentleman from Where? 

One Kagema operative is finally out in the open.  What now?

13.  The Too Many Wives of Ranma

The team fans out across the globe on individual missions.  But then things get complicated.

14.  All's Well That Ends In Victory

Tendou Akane's Own Section

I am particularly fascinated with the Ranma 1/2 character of Tendo Akane: short-tempered, insecure, but very lovably so, and willing to go to extraordinary lengths on behalf of Ranma.

Teaser for: Off to See the Wizard

Akane has a dream. You know the plot.

Akane's a Mutant?  Oh No!

Inspired by an FFML story post by Knight Rider, "The Akane Factor", which deals with dark paranoia and identity crises resulting from Akane's identification as a member of an oppressed minority.  However, THIS story deals with the comic hilarity which results from Akane's identification as a member of an oppressed minority.

Akane's a Q?  Oh No!

What would happen if Akane got an ultimate power-up?

Akane: Choose Your Own Adventure!

How do you see Akane s character?  This is your chance to see how your interpretation fares, given a typical day's challenges.

Unrelated stories, various series:

Mourning for Ukyou

A short piece inspired by an Alan Harnum story.

Yet Another Fiancee Mess You've Gotten Me Into

My second-ever Ranma 1/2 story. Two new characters appear, from unusual martial arts schools, and massive identity confusion results.

Yet Once More, Oh Ye Laurels and Hardys

A sequel to "Yet Another..." Two more new characters appear, again from unusual martial arts schools, and one carries several grudges from the past. Also, it appears Reiko was trained in an unusual technique by her father when she was a child...

Christmas with Sae

A short Christmas story, featuring Sae Sawanoguchi and Nanaka Nakatomi from Magic User's Club.

The Nigerian Fortune

Maika and Miyu, the Hyperdolls, venture to Lagos, Nigeria, tracing a mysterious series of wire transfers from Japan.

Live on Jeri Supuringaa: Love Hina Much Later

Many years after the end of the Love Hina manga, Kitsune appears on the "Jeri Supuringaa" show and describes life at the Hinata Sou in later years.

Who Witches the Watcher?

It started as another typical day at Kitanobashi High School, but then a large, humanoid alien in a blue toga decided to pay a visit.

Azumanga Die Hard 

The girls of Azumanga Daioh, led by the intrepid Tomo, venture into the wrong skyscraper at the wrong time.

Azumetal Panic!   New!

The girls of Azumanga Daioh find themselves sharing a hijacked airplane with characters from another series.

Spamfics, regardless of series:

Wanna Bet?

My spamfic contribution to Gregg Sharp's "The Bet" phenomenon. How few words are required for a Bet fic?

Wanna Bet 2!

The further adventures of Ranma, Kasunamidandi, Nabisa, Eikane, Shampu-shampu, and Ukyagi.

Dating Season

A fusing of Warner Bros cartoon characters with Ranma: Nyaa, what's up, Sempai?

Usagi the Yakuza Assassin

A little thing I wrote in a hurry, after reading a John Walter Biles comment on the FFML, giving examples of out-of-character story situations.

Kasumi the Drug Pusher

Another item inspired by a John Walter Biles post on the FFML about out-of-character story plots.

Lina in the Second Age

Inspired by another post to the FFML. The Host of the Last Alliance is before the gates of Mordor, when a certain red-haired sorceress happens by...

Ranma's Delivery Service

Inspired by a question posted to FFML; "does anyone know of a story where Ranma received the ability to fly, and only that ability, from Jusenkyo"? The version posted here has some additions inspired by commentary on my first version, in particular by Allyn Yonge.

A T-2000 Terminator in 2045 Tokyo

Inspired by a post to the FFML, wondering what would happen if a second-movie Terminator suddenly appeared in your favorite anime series. Now, what attracted me about this idea was the opportunity for comic mismatch: one poor, lonesome Terminator... versus Moldiver.

The Reduced Tragedy of Ranma-thello

A response to two separate challenges on the FFML: write a fic where Ranma wakes up married to all four Outer Senshi, and write a Ranma fic based closely on a Shakespeare play, possibly using Shakespearean dialog. I decided to write a single response to both.

Sailor Lycidas

Another FFML response; this time I mangled/rewrote a small portion of Milton's "Lycidas" as a commentary on a thread, originated by Aishuu Shadowweaver, complaining about the FFML's attitude towards fanfics based on shoujo (for girls) series.

The Few, The Proud, The Chosen

A spamfic posted on the FFML partly in response to a thread of comment on casting Ranma as or versus various magical girls.

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