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Fr. William Gill. Four "men" illuminated by blue light on top of hovering disc-shaped craft with four legs; responded to waves by witnesses.


Lonnie Zamora. The investigators also examined what looked like landing marks found on the desert floor. In the middle of these marks was a burned area, apparently from the spacecraft's exhaust.


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The Valensole UFO left behind a deep hole and other traces and affected the surrounding plant life.

Maurice Masse. An oval-shaped structure resting on four legs. In its wake the object left a deep hole and a moist area that soon hardened like concrete.


Several human-like beings emerged from elliptical craft with three legs, placed small spherical objects around craft.

|Ellipse|ET|Landing Legs|


Sketch of UFO by Claude at close point

Claude Edwards. The object was resting on a gray-green circular shaft which extended from the bottom center. The central shaft was the same color as the body of the object, tubular in shape, extending from the underneath section and positioned in the center of the circular base. The central shaft was 3 feet in diameter and 3 feet tall.

As he watched the object for several minutes it suddenly and silently rocked back toward him slightly three times. On the third time it lifted quickly off the ground. The central shaft was seen going into the base until it was flush and invisible to the eye.

|Disc|ET|Landing Mark|Mushroom-Shape|

Stanley Moxon. Three 3- to 4-ft tall beings, white garb, translucent helmets from disc with three legs, gathered specimens.

|Disc|ET|Landing Legs|

Two or three 6-ft tall human-like beings moved around a domed disc resting on tripod legs, entered via ladder, took off with humming sound.

|Disc|Dome|ET|Humming|Landing Feet|


Kelly Cahill. Inside that semicircle was a triangular formation of three points by 6 meters apart which corespond with the tripod configuration drawn by several eye witnesses.

|Abduction|ET|Landing Mark|

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