UFO Smoke

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A glowing body, trailing smoke behind it, was seen heading to the southwest at a low altitude.


A number of people watched as a "projectile trailing luminous smoke" slammed into a beach leaving a yard wide, shallow crater containing a slag-like material, some of it reduced to powder. A newspaper reporter found a cylinder about twenty or thirty meters in diamerter. Military authorities investigated, produced ambiguous results, and finally accused the witnesses of imagining things.


A cigar-shaped object, about five feet long and trailing smoke, passed over a small town and then "landed" on a small, uninhabited island.


One metallic cigar-shaped with white exhaust which turned black when it accelerated.



Domingo Troncoso, customs officer in Puerto Maldonado, in the border of Peru and Bolivia, noticed a big airship shaped object flying low and horizontally in the afternoon, going from right to left. The object left a dense smoke trail, vapor or some similar thick and white substance. It was expelled from the rear end of the object while it flew. That the object was a real and structured machine can be seen by its reflection on the waters of the Madre de Dios river down below. Mr. Troncoso managed to get a camera and could take one good shot of the cigar-shaped object. Photograph published in a newspaper on July 6, 1952.


In front of the cylinder were about thirty objects resembling puffs of smoke.

|Cylinder|Sphere|Angels' Hair|Maneuver|Rings|Smoke|Tilt|

A Plume of smoke emerged from the upper end.

|Cigar|Cylinder|Sphere|Angels' Hair|Hover|Maneuver|Tilt|

Pinkish flame from the underside of the craft, changed to blue as it departed.


Witness policeman Lonnie Zamora watched object with flame underneath descend toward desert.


Mrs Frank Smith and grandson. Second degree burns and face swelling after close approach by top-shaped object trailing smoke.



Rex Heflin. A fourth photograph shows a smoke ring which the UFO allegedly left when it departed.


Two days later contrail observed in the sky by Angus Brooks, retired flight administrator, former RAF, revealing an object hurtling toward the ground.


Large bright object emits a beam of blue light across and then disappears leaving a smoking trail.