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Commodore's Notes:  How Our New Commodore Got Here
      I came to Corpus Christi on vacation eight years ago. While looking for a place to park, I found a space next to a local sailor. He was pulling stuff out of a trailer and then disappeared into a really nice Rec vehicle. So, I did what all sailors do, I rigged and proceeded to have a great day on the bay. Later, that guy was back in front of his camper sitting in a lawn chair seated next to his girl and reviewing his day of sailing. We spoke briefly about the day's sailing session. He mentioned a "fun race", the Navy Regatta, to be held the next day. The weather was going to cooperate with one heck of a windy day so he invited me to show up and sail some more with the local crowd. On a whim, I decided to test the security of the Naval Air Station, by showing up dragging a trailer. I suspected that the guards at the gate would want to search every cavity; the trailers', not mine. But on hearing that I was going to participate in the days events, they waved me through. Fate parked me next to the guy with the mobile home. We chatted and he encouraged me to go ahead and enter the Novice/Sport fleet. It was kind of intimidating; there were all these sailors with real, race gear, as opposed to the fun boards that I had. I raced and had a blast. Later, at the event party, I sat with the locals and was treated as one of the gang. They really made me feel a part of their group. It was such a treat that I found it hard to leave the windy bay and head back home to Florida. A few weeks later, a couple of photo's arrived of me sailing in that race. They were shot from the end of a pier and were composed as only a fellow sailor could. They really made me look great. I've still got the photo!  I'm sure you've discovered from all the references that that guy in the trailer was Chester Hulme. Little did I know that he would go on to become one of the most popular "commodores" that this club has produced. He has become such a good friend; but I'm not foolish enough to think that I was the only one he treated with such generosity. He's the kind of guy every "secret spot" needs. In a sport where the camaraderie has as much to do with our enjoyment as the day's sailing, Chester is the Master of Ceremonies, the Ambassador of Great Sailing, and the guy with enough spare gear to satisfy any need. His tenure as commodore has seen a successful string of events, parties, and fund raisers. We've all enjoyed the hospitality that he and Pam have extended to any and all members of the club. From the participants of the US Open ,the campers at Bird Island, and the Cole Park sailors, we have all benefited greatly from having sailed with Chester and Pam.  The hand of fate next touched me when my wife, Diane was offered a job in Corpus Christi. After living in San Francisco, and then Vero Beach, Florida, we welcomed a chance to return to Texas. Sailing is such a part of our life, that the chance to live by the bay and be near to our families was one we couldn't pass up. So, needing some info about the area, we called Chester.   That phone call has paid dividends. We're part of one of the best sailing communities in the world. Sure, San Francisco has it's scenery, Florida has it's surf, but Corpus Christi has Chester and Pam Hulme. It's that combination of people and sailing that make our bay one of the best places to sail. So, Let me say "thank you" to Chester and Pam on behalf of all the club members, past and present. We sincerely thank you for your years as the head of our club. You've left your mark on us all. As much as the two of you have always welcomed the sailors into your home , I hope you know that there will always be a couple of lawn chairs waiting for you by the bay. 
Chip Biery

2001 Whataburger Series  by  Craig Greenslit
     Sailors of all abilities are welcome to improve their skills by participating in the 2001 Whataburger Windsurfing Series.  This year 4 days of the 6 race series will be held at Cole Park on Corpus Christi Bay.  The remaining 2 days will be held at Bird Island Basin.  In 2001, there will be 1 fleet that may be separated into divisions such as Techno, Formula, Sport, etc., if a quorum of participants so elect on the first day of competition.  The quorum must establish the qualifications of their division and communicate them to the Race Series Director.  Each division will be split by gender and have the following age groups:  Open - any age, Masters - 35 to 44, Grand Masters 45 +.  The wind minimum for racing to commence is a steady 8 knots measured on the committee boat.  Each days conditions and available resources will dictate racing format; however, the plan is to conduct reaching out-n-back races in 8 - 12 knots, upwind/downwind course races in 12-21 knots, and slalom when sustained winds are greater than 21 knots. The skippers meeting for each day will be held promptly @1pm. Sailors should be prepared to begin immediately following the skippers meeting 
   Race #1 - March 24 @ Cole Park     Race #5 - June 9 @ Cole Park
   Race #2 - April 28 @ Cole Park        Race #6 - June 10 @ Bird Island
   Race #3 - April 29 @ Bird Island       Backup day #2 - June 16 @ Bird
   Race #4 - May 19 @ Cole Park         Whataburger Awards Party - June 23
   Backup day #1 - May 20 @ Cole 
    The 2001-2004 International Sailing Federation Racing Rules of Sailing will govern this series. 
     Each race day will consist of a number of heats.  At least 3 heats must be run to have a race day count for the overall series scoring.  Fleet scoring will be used.  Scoring for each heat will be as follows:  the winner will receive .7 of a point, the second finisher will receive 2 points, 3rd gets 3 points, etc…  A participant that starts a heat but does not finish (DNF) will receive points equal to the total number of entrants for the day + 1. A participant that does not start (DNS) a heat will receive points equal to the total number of entrants + 2.  A participant that is disqualified (DSQ) will receive points equal to the total number of entrants + 3.  A racer must start at least 1 heat to be considered an entrant and be scored for the day.  Sailors will get 1 discard for each 4 heats run in a day (1 after 4 heats, 2 after 8, 3 after 12, etc..).  DSQ’s can not be discarded.  Scoring for each race day will be based upon the sum of the points scored in each heat less discards.  The racer with the least points for the race day will be awarded .7 point for the day, the racer with the next lowest will be awarded 2 points for the day, and so on.  Ties will be decided in favor of the sailor with the most 1st places; if a tie still remains, the tie will be decided in favor of the sailor with the most 2nd places, etc…  If a tie still remains, the tie will be decided in favor of the sailor with the best position in the last heat in which both individuals participated.  Sailors must wear a numbered bib or have readable sail numbers (at least 6” high) on each sail.
     The overall placing for each division in the 2001 Whataburger Series will be based upon the lowest sum of the points for any 4 of the 6 days of racing.  In order to be eligible for the overall placing a racer must be considered an entrant for at least 4 of the 2001 Whataburger Series race days. 
Awards will go to approximately the top 60% of the racers in each age group for overall series placing.
Season Pass (CCWA member) = $ 100     Season Pass (non CCWA member) = $ 125
One Race (CCWA member) = $ 20           One Race (non CCWA member) = $ 25
First Timer (CCWA member) = $ 5            First Timer (non CCWA member) = $ 10
Volunteers are paramount for a successful windsurfing race.  For each event we need a Race Director and someone to provide Race Support.  The Race Director is responsible for setting the course, conducting the skippers meeting promptly @ 1 pm, starting the races, recording the places of finishers, pulling the course, and making sure that all entrants are accounted for at the end of the day.  Race support is responsible for setting up the flags & banners at the race site by noon each day, registration, maintaining communication with the boat via on shore radio, and removal of flags & banners at the end of the day.  If you are interested in giving back to your sport please contact the Whataburger Series Director listed below. 
CONTACT:   Whataburger Series Director Craig Greenslit: e-mail:  Hoffslit@AOL.com

Editor's Puffs:   by Roy Tansill
     Your absolute last chance to get your mug shot for the CCWA’s first ever members photo album will be at the January meeting January 16th.  If you wish to be included but have not as yet been photographed by Don Gentry and can’t make the meeting, send a photo of yourself to Don at 15373 Isabella Court, Corpus Christi, TX. 78418.  If you want the photo back, include a self addressed stamped envelope. 
      This notice appeared on rec.windsurfing a few weeks before Christmas:  In 2001, Andy Brandt will return to his old stomping grounds at ABK Sports as full-time head instructor. He will also act as the ABK road manager and continue to offer Freestyle Clinics at select ABK Camps.  For more information contact ABK Sports at (415)  927 8835 or  info@abksports.com.  I contacted ABK to ask about what happened to their head instructor of the past two years (former CCWA member Derrick  Rijft) and was told ‘we’re still negotiating’. 
       January’s meeting will be at the Paradise Pool & Billiards.  If you haven’t been there yet, don’t think its the proto-typical smoky pool hall- its not.  Harrison Todd, a long time CCWA member,  is the creator of the new establishment.  From the design of the building to the stocking of the bar, Harrison’s tastes and vision are reflected.  There will be no pot luck this month but the food will be 50% off the menu price for club members. The menu offers a variety of unique burgers as well as several shrimp dishes ranging from just fried to bacon wrapped pineapple & coconut shrimp.  At half price you shouldn’t pass this one up!  Paradise is just behind the Outback Restaurant West of the SPID between Weber and Everhart. 

CCWA Meeting
The First CCWA Meeting of the NEW YEAR WILL BE HELD AT CCWA MEMBER Harrison Todd’s Paradise Pool & Billiards at 7:30 Tuesday Night January 16th.  See you in Paradise!
Paradise Pool & Billiards
5141 Oakhurst Dr.
Corpus Christi, TX
Between Weber & Everhardt, West  of  S.P.I.D, out back behind The Outback 
        50% off food for all members (does NOT include drinks)!

CCWA 2001 Event Schedule
9th- Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
16th- Monthly meeting- Contact Chip Biery 
8th-Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
20th- Monthly meeting- Contact Chip Biery 
9th-     Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
10th-   Screaming Reach- Contact Chester Hulme 
20th-   Monthly meeting- Contact Chip Biery 
23-25  ABK clinic w/ Andy Brandt at Worldwinds, Bird Island Basin Call (800) 793-7471
24th-   Wataburger Race #1, Oleander Point, Contact Craig Greenslit 
7th-8th-    Gulf Coast Championships, Lake Texana, Contact Cliff Tudor 888-WHY-SAIL
8th-     Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
17th-   Monthly meeting- Contact Chip Biery 
TBD-    Texas State Championships, Lake Whitney, Contact Aris Tsamis 800-536-9463
28th-    Wataburger Race #2, Oleander Point, Contact Craig Greenslit 
29th-    Wataburger Race #3, Bird Island Basin, Contact Craig Greenslit 
4-6th-   2001 Blowout, South Padre Island, Contact
7th-      Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
15th-    Monthly meeting- Contact Chip Biery 
19th-    Wataburger Race #4, Oleander Point, Contact Craig Greenslit
20th-    Wataburger Backup date for first 4 races
24th-28th- US OPEN Windsurfing regatta, Oleander Point, Contact EM Marketing 985-1555
6th-      Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
9th-      Wataburger Race #5, Oleander Point, Contact Craig Greenslit 
10th-    Wataburger Race #6, Bird Island Basin, Contact Craig Greenslit 
16th-    Wataburger Backup date for races five and six
19th-    Monthly meeting- Contact Chip Ducrest 
23rd-    One Hour Classic, Contact Craig Greenslit 
5th-     Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
14th-   Bird to Causeway
17th-   Monthly meeting, Contact Chip Ducrest 
4th-   Navy Regatta, Contact Craig Greenslit 
4th-   Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
2nd-   Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
18th-  Monthly meeting, Contact Chip Ducrest 
2nd-   Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
16th-  Monthly meeting, Contact Chip Ducrest 
27th-  Aransas Triangle, Contact John Williams 758-2421

1st-    Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island
20th-  Monthly meeting, Contact Chip Ducrest 
30th-  Full moon bonfire, Blue moon, Mustang Island

8th-    Holiday Party, Contact Chip Ducrest 
30th-  Full moon bonfire, Mustang Island

Pawel’s Painful Experience   by Pawel Kostulak
     Thanksgiving week was truly a remarkable one in the lives of my wife and I; on November 20 our son Bruno Eugene was born weighing 9 pounds and 4 ounces. As other parents know, words can do little to express the joy of such an event.  Our happy family returned home two days later with the intent to do nothing but care for our newborn for the next few days.  However, on sunny Thanksgiving day when I heard the sound of wind swinging the trees behind the window, the temptation was just to hard to resist. "What can be a better way to celebrate my son's birth than a great session of windsurfing" I thought. Besides, my wife Iwona was doing well and I would be out for only a couple of hours.
     I arrived at Oleander first and shared good news with people contemplating where to sail. The wind, they said, was strong but gusty. After a while I decided to head for Ropes. There was only one other guy sailing there, a Bulgarian professor living in New York. I started on 4.5 and I was quickly forced to switch to my 4.0 sail. Sailing was difficult since it was very gusty indeed.  It must have been one of these gusts that twisted my whole gear while airborne. I recall thinking that I was approaching landing on leeward rail but it was too late to do anything. The force of the fall forced me in the straps deeper. I don't even know in which other direction I fell. Excruciating pain in my right lower leg and my own screaming told me that something was wrong. After floating for a few seconds trying to cope with this new experience I was able to roughly inspect my leg, finding my foot in position far from anatomically normal, twisted to the outside and down at the ankle joint. 
     I started to swim with my gear towards the shore with horrible thoughts of dumping my rig to accelerate the process and perhaps windsurfing altogether.  Luckily I kept the rig and thanks to shallow water near Ropes I was able to start moving more efficiently by hopping on my good leg. Swells were pushing me towards a nearby condominium complex and I knew it was a good thing- I could already see some windsurfers there and I knew I got their attention floating for so long. When close enough for them to get ready for action, I waved for help.  They helped me to get out of the water, over sharp and slippery concrete blocks and pulled my gear ashore. They gave me a chair, blanket and called for the ambulance.  Many thanks to you guys: Chip Ducrest, Matt Kreft, Kirk and Diane Vogelman and Devlin. Forgive me if I omitted anyone.
    At the ER, after cutting my brand new Neil Pryde wetsuit off of me, my ankle was repositioned by Dr. Clark and next day he operated on me reuniting the broken fibula with a plate with seven screws. Some of the ligaments were torn and these will probably need more time to heal than the broken bone.  I came back home on crutches and all I can do is to hold the baby, otherwise I am pretty much useless. That gives Iwona two to care for, instead of just one little one. But there is always an upside: I get to spend my days on the sofa bonding with my son for a few weeks. 
     Naturally, after the harm was done, I started to think about the product I had read about before, the break-away straps. I visited their web page, www.foot-saver.com and read stories strikingly similar to mine. Talking to other windsurfers I learned that nearly anyone who windsurfed for a few years either sustained similar injury or at least came close to it.  I recall positive comments about this product on the internet discussion group rec.windsurfing and that Roy also wrote about these straps in one of the previous newsletters. I will surely put them on my boards before returning to windsurfing and I recommend the same to anybody. 
Sail safe      Pawel Kostulak 

Holiday Party 2000 Perhaps the last Hurrah at the Hulme’s?
     If there is only one CCWA meeting you can attend all year, The annual Holiday Party is the one not to miss.  Outgoing Commodore Chester Hulme and his wife Pam had their home invaded by yet another herd of partying boardheads for the 2000 CCWA Holiday party.  It may well be the final get together at Pam & Chester’s since Chester’s job is taking him off to San Antonio and the house we’ve all enjoyed meeting at for several years will be sold.  That realization didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the gathering of many, some of whom I hadn’t seen since last Christmas.  Later, it was a sad after thought; I’m really going to miss Chester.  I know he’ll be around, like the many friends who descend on Corpus on the weekends, but it just won’t be the same. 
     Enter our new Commodore, with a slightly twisted arm,  Chip Biery.  I first met Chip the same way I met Chester- rigging up.   Chip has promised to put new importance into the Vice Commodore’s role and to further obfuscate the issue the Vice Commodore is also a Chip.  Vice Commodore Chip Ducrest will get the job done right and quickly.  I’ve spent entire days watching Chip work- and just watching wore me out.  Other new executive members include Arleen Ward the Secretary Treasurer and Phil Keyserlingk the Public Relations officer.  Craig Greenslit will be recycled into the Race Director, and the newsletter editor will also again be ‘some guy named Roy.’ 
     With new faces comes new energy and also new ideas and goals.  All of us on the 2001 Executive Committee hope you’ll help us do the best job we can.  From my perspective that means more articles and letters from the members.  While I’m at it I’d like to wish Paul a rapid and full recovery as well as thanking him for his recent article.  It hurts to read some of it but his afterthoughts are something we all should give some thought. 
     If your New Year’s resolution list is overloaded with impossible goals, try adding an easy one- attend the next club meeting.  Welcome the new execs and enjoy the Paradise.  If there is something you want the club to do, now is the time to tell us.  Well actually, anytime is a good time but why wait? 
     The 2001 schedule looks like another busy year.  The return to Bird Island for some of the Whataburger Race Series should be an interesting experiment.  Perhaps some of the local ‘Lagunatics’ will join in those events- it would be nice to see large turnouts for the series which has seen a decline in entrants for most events the past several years.  The Event Schedule looks full but there are gaps when you could slip in one you’d like to promote. 

The Survey 
     One lesson we've learned in this Bird Island Plan episode is that no one seems to have a handle on what Windsurfing means to the tourism business and the local economy.  There was a study done several years ago when the mayor of Corpus was a supporter of the sport.  It was conducted through the local A&M economics department but no one seems to know where the data is- the lead instructor on the project has moved on.  One of our local boardheads is a retired demographer and he proposed a survey so that we could produce figures should we need to enlist the support of the local business associations at some point in the future.  A one page survey with less than a dozen questions was designed and now we have to figure a way to get it diseminated and collected.
     We'll twist Don and Randy's arms (Worldwinds owners) so they will collect them from Bird Island sailors.  I'll defer to fellow co-conspiritors for the Bay sailors and the 'Lagunatics' who sail the mainland side of the Laguna Madre.   Economic impact extends beyond Bird Island but we'll keep track of where the completed forms are collected (which launch site) so that we can also get user profiles for specific launches. Getting folks to fill them out is another can of worms but we'll get the word out that if you come to sail in Corpus you ought to fill out the survey one time- it'll be good for the sport and will help with present and future access issues.  Click here for the survey form.

Bonaire Trip
The Bonaire trip below came to me from Cliff Tudor on a very cold December day.... sure made Bonaire sound good.  Cliff is in charge of this expedition which means it’ll be done well.  He can be reached at: WINDSURFING SPORTS 
800-WHY-SAIL  Many of you know Cliff, he was the Bic rep for our area for many years before going to work at Windsurfing Sports as well; He’s also been involved in just about every facet of our sport over the years.  Add to all that experience his always friendly smile and you couldn’t have a better organizer for a week long trip to one of the Caribbean’s best sailing sites. 

Bonaire  Windsurfing  Adventure
Sand Dollar Condo Resort - This oceanfront Caribbean resort paradise with world-class diving, has 84 spacious studios, one, two and three bedroom oceanview apartments including private balconies, fully equipped kitchens, air conditioned bedrooms and living areas with cable TV. This resort also offers a pool, tennis, and onsite grocery store. The Sand Dollar Dive and Photo features state-of-the art photo and video facilities and a complete line of scuba equipment. Instruction, and special activities and programs are available for the whole family.
Windsurfing Conditions                   February 3-10
Average temperature of 82 degrees year-round provides Bonaire with one of the gentlest climates in the Caribbean. An easy 7 to 15-minute drive across the island from most resort locations will bring windsurfers to unspoiled and secluded Lac Bay at Sorobon Beach. 
Lac Bay is protected by a reef and has 3 square miles of shallow, flat, waist deep water, and sandy bottom providing ideal conditions for beginner to advanced sailors.  Constant side onshore trade winds averaging 15-20 knots, assure a safe sail inside this perfect bay rimmed with magnificent white sand beach.  There is a break in the reef at one side of the bay that has a deeper channel with 1 to 3 foot rolling swells for advanced sailors to try. 
Water temperature averages 80 degrees year around in Bonaire, so you will not need a wet suit, but we strongly recommend sun protection.  Many sailors will wear lightweight lycra tops. 
Packages from $1200 (6 people in 3 bedroom) to $1400 (dbl occupancy) per person.   W/O ABK clinic minus  $425           non sailor package minus  $625
7 nights - Sand Dollar Condo resort, ocean view
6 days - windsurfing equipment rental arranged through Jibe City at Lac Bay 
5 days - ABK Clinic or 5 days Andy Brandt Freestyle Clinic,  Monday - Friday 
         All Condo packages includes rent car (1 per unit) and hotel tax. 
Airfare Houston to Bonaire approximately $700 per person  (travel Saturday to Saturday) 
          (Must receive deposits to hold reservations to guarantee price)

Bird's Eye View:
Wind Peaks
 Oct., Nov., & Dec. '00 
By Randy Roper
What is the deal with the cold?  I was under the impression that we lived in south Texas not Canada.  Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone, its time to start thinking windsurfing again.  We have already received ALL of our 2001 board stock.  We will be updating the website soon to show you all the new stuff you can expect.  The latest and greatest improvement to the board fleet will be the addition of the new Techno Medium.  This board is really cool.  112 liter Techno, built for fun in the sun.  Come on down and try out a new 2001 Techno, you'll love it.

Now that the new year is upon us we are now going to start processing pre-registrations for the Spring rush.  You can expect over the next week to receive confirmation emails from us confirming your reservation.  Make sure you print this document and bring it with you when you come down.  We have a tracking system in place to track our pre-registered customers but it would be a good idea to have your confirmation with you just in case.  If you haven't pre-registered for your windsurfing vacation this Spring then NOW is the time. 

Go to our website and make your reservation today:


Remember, accommodations are now available online.  If you would like to stay at one of our properties you can make a reservation at:


Not a great deal to report this time of year.  Just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and get ready, its going to be a windy year. 

Randy Roper
Bird Island Basin
Corpus Christi, Texas 78418

Race #1 - March 24 @ Cole Park...Be there and help out.
Volunteers Wanted:  The club sponsored events, both races and fun events, need people to help out on and before the events.  This is particularly true for the US Open.  One year, the CCWA was a sponsor and had a booth at the Open; but we didn't have sufficient help to man the booth throughout the event.  We don't want that to happen again!  Similarly, other events suffered because of a lack of help.  How about volunteering your help this year?  Just phone an event coordinator and offer some help.
Corpus Christi Windsurfing Association Membership Application

Name:______________________________________Phone: (       )______________

Family membership, list names of family members:_____________________________________

____________________________________E-mail Add:_________________________



Please enclose $20 for individual; $30 for family (1 year membership)

Mail To: CCWA,  PO Box 81453, Corpus Christi, TX  78468
Annual memberships are from Jan. through Dec.  Members Joining after Oct. are credited for the next year.

Used Gear: Classified ads are free to members, non-members:  $5.00
Please submit the ads by the 25th of the month.
Mail ads to: LooseClu@prodigy.net
                  Curt & Diane’s Moving to Maui Sale:
Boards: F2 280 World Cup Edition $200,  F2 285 Sputnik World Cup $300, Tiga 257 VR $200. 
Sails: Aerotech ‘95 Universal slalom 3.5, 4.0, & 4.5 $50 ea.  ‘96 Ultimate slalom 5.0 &5.6  $75 ea. 
Naish ‘97 Hokua 3.7, 4.3 & 4.9 $175 ea.  ‘98 Nalu 5.2 $175, 5.8 $200, &
6.2 $225.  Top Sails 3.0 $25, UP 7.0 $25
Masts: Fiberspar 1 piece (2) $50 ea. Fiberspar 2-piece $75.  Fiberspar
2-piece 460/27.5 $100.  UP 3-piece 460-500/27 $200.  Lots of other stuff
(booms, bases, harnesses, wetsuits, quiver bags & more) Contact Chip Ducrest, e-mail: chipper_d@juno.com

‘97 North Raves 4.5, 4.9, 5.3 & 5.7 $120 ea/all 4 $400 great wave & B-J  sails, plenty of life left.  ‘99 North Vertigo 5.8 very good condition $200
‘98 Neil Pryde Z1 race 7.8 good condition $150.  Contact Philip Keyserlingk (361) 884-1299

Sails: Sailworks ‘00 X-T 8.5, 7.4, 6.4 $245 ea.  X-T2 9.1 $376, 5.6 $295. 
 Mast: PowerX 490/29 $235,  460/25 $205
Booms: Chinooks Carbon 7’6”-9’6” w/ adjustable outhaul $295.  Aluminum 6’-8’ $85, 5’6”-7’6” $75
Fins: Curtis trimbox pointers 54cm, 50cm & 46cm $115 ea.  Contact Nick Antrobus  e-mail: byancy@email.msn.com

Complete short board transition setup:
Bic Electric Rock - excellent condition, new sugar deck, straps and pads (includes several fins).
Gastra 5.7 and 5.0 meter sails - good condition.
Fiberspar 460 carbon mast - like new.
Chinook mast foot and standard mast base - good condition.
Booms - 2 sets, aluminum, fair condition.
Other miscellaneous stuff -  harness, lines, uphaul, boom bra, etc.
This is a great deal!!  Either just the board, the sails or the mast is worth the asking price. 
All for $225. 
Woody at 937 - 7022.

For more web classifieds, check out the Windsurfing Classifieds at "the other CCWA".

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