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Jennifer- red smooth mini female
Here are some miscellaneous pics of some of the  dachshunds that we have raised, rescued, or currently own or have owned at one time or other..  None of these are available

These aren't near all of the pics I have!!  I just have to get them imported to this page!!  Check back later for more pics of our dachshunds
Teejay-red longhaired male
Moxie- long wire female
Taffy- chocolate and tan mini female
Trace- mini red smooth male
Ace- mini black and tan male
Bubba- black and tan mini male
Mollie- red mini female
Jasmine- black and tan mini female
Victoria- red longhaired female
Slinky- Blue and tan male
Buckwheat- red sable mini male
Junior- red sable mini male
Too Too and Roo Roo-red smooth male and female
Winston-  half long half wire male
Teejay- red long haired male
C.C.- black tan and silver dapple female
"Mr. Beefy"
red sable smooth mini male