Solving Problems Through Force

The Leadership in Austria-Hungary during WWI


Legionaries and Revolutionaries

These are men who had objectives beyond victory for Austria-Hungary. Some, like the Polish Legions, fought for years under the command of the k.u.k. Army, hoping for victory and a reborn Polish state. Others were politicians who wanted a total reform of the government while retaining the existence of the Empire. Only a few plotted the overthrow of the Empire, and the idea did not gain momentum until late in the war.
Viktor Adler
Socialist Minister
of Parliament
Eduard Benes
Czech Activist
Josef Haller
Cmd. 2. Pol. Brigade
Mihály Karólyi
Hungarian Regent
in 1919
Karl Kramarz
Czech Activist

Belá Kun
Leader of Soviet Hungary
Rudolf Maister
Head Recruiting Off., Marburg
Tomas Masaryk
President of
Gyula Peidl
Premier of Hungary
Josef Pilsudski
Cmd. in Chief of Polish Legions
Stanislaus Puchalski
Cmd. Polish Legion

Dr. Karl Renner
Chancellor of Austria in 1919
Milan Stefanik
Cmd. Czech Legion
in Russia
Tibor Szamuely
"Lenin Boys" Leader
Stanislaus Szeptycki
Cmd. Pol. Aux. Corps
Ante Trumbic
Leader of Jugo-Slavs
Karl Trzaska-Durski
Cmd. Polish Legion

The Habsburgs
The Field
Commanders A-K
The Field
Commanders L-Z

The Army Chiefs

Civil Leaders
and Bureaucrats
The Germans
The Field of Honour
Notgeld during WWI
Essays and Maps
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Enver Pasha

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