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    THE REAL VON TRAPPS TRIVIA (Updated: 03.31.04)

    Some infos. about the 'real' von Trapp family.

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    • Instead of a baroness, which was the captain's girlfriend in the movie, she was a princess. The children called her Aunt Yvonne rather than Princess Yvonne or just Yvonne. She also (actually) told Maria that she's in love with the captain and he was in love with her. When Georg and Yvonne were going to get married, they weren't to have the children at the wedding. They were going to have Maria give them a party at her house because it would be such a commotion having all seven of them there. The children were invited to Maria and the captain's wedding though.

    • Johanna (Marta) and Martina (Gretl) were completely different in real life. Johanna was so affectionate and cuddly and Martina was the complete opposite. She always seemed so stern and uncuddly.

    • Maria had 12 main subjects to teach the children. They were religion, grammar, composition, literature, history, geography, physics, botany, French, geometry, algebra, and Latin.

    • The children already knew how to sing unlike the kids in the movie. And when they saw Maria's guitar they asked her to play some songs that they already knew. They didn't really have to learn the DO - RE - MI stuff.

    info sent by: Katie

    • Maria's full name is Maria Augusta Kutschera.

    • The real Georg had a mustache.

    info sent by: Robyn

    • Eleonore von Trapp said that her favorite scene in the movie, even though it was fictional, was when the nuns show Reverend Mother the car parts and you can hear the Nazi's in the background trying to start their cars. She says that she just feels like cheering.

    info sent by: Jessica

    • Did you know that Captain von Trapp's grandson Sam (son of Johannes) is currently living in Chile working as a ski instructor? He is very handsome and he hates to be asked about the movie because he considers that it is way too different from the real story. He says it's outrageous to see his granfather as the mean one and his grandmother as the goody considering it was exactly the oppossite in his eyes.

    info sent by: Ana

    • The von Trapp's only made $8,000 from the Sound of Music, but they did get more popular as a result.

    • Maria (the child) said Maria (the governess) was sometimes mean and had temper tantrums. She was always getting in trouble with them. The Captain, on the other hand, was really nice to the children, so it's like the opposite of the movie. The children also didn't want their father to get married to Maria (or really anyone for that matter) because they didn't want another mother after the first one died.

    • The real names of the von Trapp children are (by age): Rupert, Agathe, Maria, Werner, Hedwig, Johanna and Martina. (Rosemarie, Eleonore and Johannes were later children of Maria and Georg) corrected by: Paula

    • The real von Trapps lived in Marian, Pennsylvania when they first came to the United States for less than a year before they started travelling as the Trapp Family Singers. They moved into their lodge (in Stowe, Vermont) on 1942 until 1980 when it was completely burnt down. So they had to build another one which was finished on 198 was built on the same ground as the first one.

    • Maria (the daughter) worked as a missionary in Papua, New Guinea for 30 years and is now retired and loves the the von Trapp lodge with her two younger half siblings, Rosemarie and Johannes.

    • Rosemarie works as a missionary and travels all over the world. According to one of the people that works at the lodge, she had just returned from Israel (May 13, 2003) and said that it was great.

    • Johannes, the youngest among the von Trapps, is now the president of the Trapp Family Lodge.

    • The real reason why Maria had to leave the abbey is because she was getting severe headaches that's getting worse week after week. The doctor said that it was probably because she made such a quick transition from climbing up mountains and always being outside to being constantly inside the abbey. He said that she probably just needed some exercise and needed to be outside a little. Mother Abbess received a letter from Capt. Georg von Trapp saying that he needed a governess for his 12 year old daughter, named Maria, who was very ill and weak. So the reverend mother said that Maria should go and stay there for less than a short year and then she would return on June (it was October at the time) and said that she would never have to leave again after that.

    • Maria was actually the 26th governess (not 12th) since Agathe von Trapp (mother of the 7 children) died just nine months before. She also approved of the whistle and thought it to be a good idea. The reason for the whistle was because it was hard to call each of the children by their name and would take too long so the captain gave each of them a signal.

    • One day, little Martina came up to Maria and threw her arms aound her giving her a big hug. Maria never had a "real" hug before from someone who actually ment it and was greatly overjoyed.

    • In around 1990, one of Captain von Trapp's nephew was interviewed. He said that his uncle was the most boring man who ever lived.

    infos sent by: Katie

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