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When a cat is suffering from arthritis it can be very distressing for cat owners. The pain the cat has to endure if it has any form of arthritis is equal to the pain a human will suffer from the same arthritic condition. Relieve for cats arthritis can be achieved by using medicine, homeopathy, massage and the application of heat. Different types of food are believed to help in the relieve of cats arthritis.

Arthritis is a breaking down or an inflammation in any part of the structure of bone joints. The bone joints in a cats body are called the skeletal hinges.

Cold weather can often aggravate an existing arthritis in your pet. A resting area that is dry and warm will ensure that your cat has a better quality of life.
Soft bedding that is easily washed or replaced can be used as a mattress and a suitable low voltage pet heater will complete the warm and cosy resting area for your pet.


Homeopathy for cats with arthritis

Homeopathy for cats with arthritis care sheets are written in a way that can be easily understood by the average cat owner.
Arthritis in cats and the different forms of cat arthritis may be found on our web site and its free for your personal use.
The information should be used only as a guide to your pets general well being. Vet help should be obtained for any obvious illness or discomfort in your pet.
Veterinary help should also be obtained if unsure as to the correct treatment for the cats arthritis or what type of arthritis the cat has.
Arthritis and cats can be generally be divided into two groups for cats with arthritis.

Homeopathic treatment for cats arthritis

Inflammation of the bone joint can be referred to as an inflammatory joint disease and can be caused by a fungal infection, bacteria or the results of a tick infestation.
The signs of a inflammatory cats arthritis is usually indicated by a stiffness in the multiple joints and an inability for the cat to move in a normal manner. Other obvious forms of illness may also be present such as anorexia or fever.
Homeopathy for arthritis should only be used on a vets advice or when the cats arthritis is mild and your pet is in no pain.

Heating for a cats arthritis

Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease in cats is the second form of arthritis in cats. This form of arthritis may be formed by your pet if it receives an injury or there is a deformity in the bone joint.
Degenerative joint disease results from the destruction of the cartilage that protects the bone joints from rubbing against each joining bones surface. The cartilage that protects the bone joint from rubbing and grinding together has no nerves.
The destruction of the joint is very slow and may not be evident for some considerable time. By the time the cat displays signs of arthritis in the joint caused by a degenerative joint disease the damage to the joint and cartilage is irreversible.
Heating a cats arthritic body part can help in relieving some of the arthritic pain and makes movement of the damaged joint a little less stressful.
A variety of small heaters that can be used for different heating solutions for pets can be found HERE.

Warming a cats home

Up to 30% of cats may develop some form of arthritic condition as they age. The onset of arthritis can occur at any time but an arthritis developing in cats seems to be more prevalent in cold weather and winter.

Warming a cats home if the pet lives in a cat run or cats enclosure will be a great benefit for your pet in cold and wintery weather.Heating a cats body will make the pain of arthritis reduce for a period of time.
If a cat receives an injury to a bone joint and the injured area eventually develops osteoarthritis, the arthritic condition may become visible within five to six weeks. A human with the same injury can expect a time span of five to six years befor the onset of arthritis. The joint structure of a cat and human is very similar.

Arthritis in cats

can come in many forms. Detecting some of these arthritic conditions can be difficult.
The treatment for arthritis will vary as to the type of arthritis, position of the arthritic joint and the health and age of your pet.
Homeopathy and the treatment of an arthritis in cats is the recognition of an illness or disease and determining what caused the ailment and unbalance in the cat.

The treatment for a pets arthritis using homeopathy is using the natural function of the cats body and plants. Also used are minerals or food that have shown to be of benefit in relieving arthritic pain in cats.
Homeopathy is an attempt to stimulate the cats arthritic joint by using suitable natural elements that may help reduce inflammation of the joint.

Homeopathy for cats with arthritis

has been practiced for centuries. Cures developed for the prevention of arthritic pain by using homeopathy have been recognized by conventional western medicines.
Herbs, plants and natural components that are used to bring about arthritic pain relieve in cats have been studied by commercial companies.
The beneficial components of these natural products are produced artificially for the pet market by these large companies.

Some of the herbs, vitamins and minerals used in the treatment of cats arthritis by homeopathy are

Manganese. This is blended with other ingredients to promote a healthy immune system for your cat.

Milk thistle is a herb that is used to control harmful free radicals flowing through your cats body.

Yucca is another natural product that will help in reducing toxins in the cats body and help the pets body to produce a natural cortisone.

Vitamin C is a useful aid in the fight against arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis in cats has been linked to a deficiency of vitamin C.

Vitamin E will help the cats body maintain healthy membrane. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that will help in protecting the body's red blood cells.

Vitamin A will aid in the promotion of bone formation and the repair of body tissue in your pet.

Omega 3 fatty acids are used to reduce inflammation of the joints.

Symptoms of arthritis

Some of the signs to look for if you suspect your cat has arthritis is your pet stands up slowly or limps after getting up, especially on a leg that the pet owner knows has been injured or operated on.
The cat moves around more slowly and shows signs of being less active.

A link to a vet help line is The cold weather can leave their joints extremely stiff and tender.
Make sure your cat has a thick, soft bed in a warm room or cat enclosure.

Stiff and arthritic pets need special care when taking them outside. A bad slip ice or loose material could be very painful and cause a significant injury to your cat.

The cat care sheets have been provided free for your personal use.
They have come from a variety of professional sources but they should only be used as a general guide to help you understand your pets health.They should not be used as a substitute for proper veterinary advice

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