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Page 766

1B.2A.3. Benjamin Nat Washam b Jan 1874 bur Mt. Zion Presb. Church Cem, Mecklenburg Co., NC as Nat Bynum Washam 1 Jan 1874 - 22 Mar 1935. His wife Ida Bush b 23 Mar 1882 & d 17 Aug 1932 and an infant son who died 20 May 1905 are bur. with him. (Marsha H. Washam, China Grove, NC, 1999)

1B.2A.4. James Ernest Washam b Nov 1878 & bur Mt. Zion Presb. Church Cem, Mecklenburg Co., NC as J. E. Washam 5 Nov 1878 - 7 Apr 1957. His wife Addie Cline b 10 May 1882 & d 6 Dec 1919 and his wife Lois Harwell b 26 Jun 1882 & d 7 Oct 1942 are bur. near him. (Marsha H. Washam, China Grove, NC, 1999)

1B.2A.5. George Elliott Washam b abt 1882 is bur Mt. Zion Presb. Church Cem, Mecklenburg Co., NC as George Elliotte Washam b 30 May 1882 & d 27 Mar 1970. His wife Mattie Brown Washam b 22 May 1884 & d 21 Dec 1969 is bur. near him. (Marsha H. Washam, China Grove, NC, 1999)

Page 767

Footnote 21 on this page should read Marsha Washam instead of Marshal

1B.3 Francis Marion Washam.

1B.3A.1. Martha Ann Washam b. 11 May 1856 Mecklenburg Co, NC may be the d/o Francis Marion & Sarah Ruth Washam. In Bethel Presb. Ch., Cornelius, Mecklenburg, NC records, Martha Ann d/o E. M. & S. P. Washam d. May 6th 1858, aged 1 yr 11 mos. 22 days.

Renumber Francis Marion & Sarah Ruth Washam children:

1B.3A.2. Lovey E. Washam d. 29 Jan 1877.

1B.3A.3. William S. Washam is Hazelet Stanhope William Washam b 9 May 1861 Mecklenburg, NC. This William S. did not marry Mary M. "Mollie." Mary M. is Mary Melvina Johnston and she and the listed children are family members of William Shields Washam on Page 405,  In Mecklenburg Co, NC OB 14, p419, 30 Apr 1912 Condemn funds, W.M. Smith petition, F. M. Washam deceased, widow Frances E. Washam, age 56, 9 months, names children as: H. S. Washam, J.R.A. Washam, Maggie Johnson, Roger Washam, Clyde Washam, Virginia Bussle, Brice Kelly & Carl Washam. H. S. Washam is Hazelet.  He has been found on the 1870 Lemley, Mecklenburg Co, NC census, living with his father, Frank, as William Washam, age 9 & as William S. Washam, age 19 in the 1880 Mecklenburg Co, NC census, living with his father, Frances; and the 1900 Coddle Creek, Iredell Co, NC cens as Hazlet S. W. Washam. Hazelet md Jannie Rebecca (or Jennie). They are in the 1910 Cornelius, Mecklenburg, NC census. Hazell S. is age 48 & Jannie R. is age 40. On the 1920 Cornelius, Mecklenburg Co,NC census he is Hazelt S & she is Jennie. He d 13 Jun 1930 Mecklenburg Co., NC. Jannie b 16 Oct 1869 NC & d 11 Apr 1950 Mecklenburg Co., NC. Both are bur Bethel Presb. Church Cem., Cornelius, Mecklenburg, NC.


Delete paragraphs 1.3A.2.1. to 1.3A.2.9. in this section. (see page 405 changes)

1B.3A.3.1. Maggie Ruth Washam b 4 Nov 1885 (24-1910) Mecklenburg Co., NC, d 22 Mar 1968 Mecklenburg Co., NC & bur Bethel Presb. Church Cem.

1.3A.3.2. Kittie H. (or Katie)Washam b 1890 (20-1910) Mecklenburg Co., NC.

1.3A.3.3. George L. Washam b 29 May 1891 (18-1910) Mecklenburg, NC md Beulah L. Howard. He d 10 Mar 1944 Mecklenburgn, NC & bur Bethel Presb. Church Cem. Beulah b 2 Nov 1895 & d 5 Jun 1933 as his wife. Jack Washam s/o G. L. & Beulah Washam b 14 Dec 1929 & d 31 Dec 1932

1B.3A.3.4 & 5. Infant twins b 16 Jul 1898 Mecklenburg, NC d 5 Aug 1898 Mecklenburg Co., NC & bur Bethel Presb. Church Cem.

1B.3A.3.6. Frank L. Washam b 5 Jun 1899 (10-1910) Mecklenburg, NC md Rena Hager. He d 25 Dec 1951 & bur Bethel Presb. Church Cem. Rena b 9 Sep 1899 & d 15 Dec 1971 also bur Bethel Presb. Church Cem.

1B.3A.3.7. Lola Frances Washam b 9 May 1904 (5-1910) md. Moose. She lived in Belmont, NC & d. 5 May 1994 Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC.

1B.3A.3.8. Thomas Monroe L. Washam b 29 Nov 1906 Mecklenburg, NC (3-1910) & d. 28 Mar 1983 Davidson, Mecklenburg, NC. He md. Bertha May Carter b. 19 Jun 1908 & d. 22 Dec 1990 Mecklenburg, NC.

Page 768

1B.3A.5.  James Robert A. Washam b 29 Aug 1870 Mecklenburg Co., NC md Julia Ada Sherrill b 6 Nov 1881, d. 9 Sep 1963 & bur Mt. Zion Presb. Church Cem, Cornelius, Mecklenburg, NC.  He d. 20 Apr 1925 and bur next to Ada.

1B.3A.5.2  Liddie R. Washam, insert as child of J. R. A. and Ada Washam.  She was b. 6 Nov 1904, d. 24 Jun 1906 & bur. in plot 13 next to her father.  Renumber other children of James and Ada.

1B.3B.2. Clyde William Washam son Marvin is Marvin Brady Washam bur Bethel Presb. Church Cem.,Cornelius, Mecklenburg, NC with a military marker, North Carolina PFC US Army. His wife Pauline Robinson is also bur there. She was b 30 Aug 1916 & d 6 Dec 1985.

Page 769

1B.4. James Benjamin Washam b abt 1836 Mecklenburg Co., NC name is James Bennett Washam. He is in the Bethel Presbyterian Church, Cornelius, NC Session Record Book #2, p 16, Infants baptized (1829-1838): James Bennett Washam Oct 8, 1834.

1B.4.1 Sarah Banner Washam b 18 Dec 1861 d Sep 1927, w/o Elmus Andrew Stewart. She and her husband are bur Mt. Zion Presb. Church Cem, Mecklenburg Co., NC. (Marsha H. Washam, China Grove, NC, 1999)

wpe1F.jpg (20968 bytes)Picture of Mac on the mule, Sarah Banner (Washam) Stewart holding the baby, which is Andrew Doyt Stewart & Elmer Stewart in the hat, circa 1897. The house is at Mt. Zion or Cornelius, NC.

Picture from Tim Treadwell, 1999

Pages 771-772

Thomas Worsham & Deliah Strader

1. Thomas Worsham b abt 1790 of Jones Co., GA md Deliah Strader 28 Jan 1812 Jones Co., GA. Descendants lived in Jones Co., GA.

Pages 773-774

Thomas R. Worsham & Elizabeth Jane Hatcher

1. Thomas R. Worsham b 19 Jan 1826 VA md Elizabeth Jane Hatcher 15 Mar 1849 Floyd Co., KY. Thomas d 27 Aug 1865 Prestonburg, KY. Descendants lived in Floyd Co., KY; Tazewell Co., VA.  He is s/o William Worsham & Elizabeth Ragsdale of page 114 who is Proof of relationship comes from Bill Maxfield who has an original letter from Thomas' wife in Prestonburg, Floyd Co., KY written to Maria Louisa Worsham Fortune, his sister. (See on page 122) The letter was written shortly after his death from disease at the end of the Civil War. The following is a letter to the Worsham’s living in Dent County, MO:

"Prestonsburg No 18 1865

Floyd Cty Ky

Dear Father and Mother

I take this sad opportunity of writing a few lines to let you know my family is all well exsept myself my health is very poor I must tell you our sad misfortune of loosing your dear son and my most affectionate husband. he died the 27 day of August last. he had been sick for three years had not been able to cut wood enough to make one fire. his disease was consumption. he was ready and willing to go. all he hated was leaving me and his dear little children. we had five children one boy. there names Angie, Gus, Nell, and Lew Thomas, Caroline my baby. We cald her Carry from when she was young because mr worsham was in the armany. he served one year in the reble servis. he stayed in virginia the most of the time. he caught so much colds he never was well any more. tell Joseph i would be so glad if he would come and stay with us. i am so lonesome. we have been living in prestonsburgh ever since Jo was here. i expect to move to country tomorrow. it was mr worsham request for me to do so. he thoght it would be the best for us. i would be glad if we were in missouri with you all. we have not herd one word from any of you during the war. i would be so glad to here from you. all my sister in law to write to me. tell Jo to write to me if he cant come. i must bring my letter to a close. you must excuse my bad writing and spelling for i feel so distress. cant think of any thing of importance to write you

but remain your afection daugter in law

E. J. Worsham

write soon"

Letter to the Worshams living in Missouri

"Prestonsburg July 8 1866

Floyd Cty Ky

Dear father and Mother

we are all well this sabbath morning. hoping these few lines may find you enjoying the same like blessing. i am very lonesome this morning be cause it makes me think of my dear husband so much. it was on a sabbath morning that he departed this Life. it grieved me so much when i herd that Jo was kild for i loved him as a brother. i feel some times like we never will see each other. i would be so glad if you would come and see us. it looks to me as though we never can get to see any of our worsham connection any more. We get letters from Johns family every few weeks. the children often say thay wish thay could see granfather and granmother worsham. we have a very good crop of corn a fine garden of all kinds of vegetabls. we have laid by abot half of our corn since we moved to the country. we have got a very nice start. of hogs two five cows and calves a very good horse. we have not bought us a farm yet but we will as soon as we come across one that suit us. mr worsham never intended to settle on sandy but now i do not know whether it would be the best or not for me. mr worsham told me what he wanted me to buy. how to do just as you would if one of your children was going to leave home on a long journey for one week before he died. he was all the time telling me how to do and how to manage to get along. our oldest child is about grown. she is thinking of teaching school this fall. my youngest is going on five years old. i must bring my letter to close. tell all the girls to write to me for it dos me much good to hear from you all. you must excuse my bad writing and spelling. so no more at present.

dear father write to me and do not fail.

alas alas how lonely E. J. Worsham"

Thomas R. Worsham was apparently a lawyer. In Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 8-B, 1887 Floyd County: "ROBERT S. FRIEND is a native of Prestonburg, Ky., was born March 1, 1840, and is a son of John and Rachel (Brown) Friend was born in 1791, came to Madison County, Ky., in 1820, and in 1821 removed to Prestonburg, where he kept the Washington and Jackson Hotel, which was burned in 1848. He was one of the magistrates under the old Constitution, became sheriff of the county, and was jailer for twenty years. He was a soldier of the war of 1812, and received a land warrant for 160 acres as bounty. His death occurred in 1876, but his wife, who was born in 1800, died in 1862. Robert S. Friend was educated at Prestonburg and at Mount Sterling Academy. In 1861 he volunteered in the Tenth Kentucky Cavalry, Confederate army, served about four years, and on his return to Prestonburg was licensed to practice law in 1866, having read under Thomas R. Worsham. In 1870 he was elected county attorney, and held the office until 1874, when he was elected police judge. He is now Commissioner of the United States Circuit Court and chairman of the board of school directors. In 1865 he married Miss Rhoda Parsons, of Virginia, who died June 1, 1874, leaving three children. His second marriage was September 1, 1878, to Miss Araminta Auxier, of Johnson County, daughter of Nathaniel Auxier (deceased), and to this union has been born one child. Mr. Friend is a Democrat and a Prohibitionist, and as United States Commissioner has an immense amount of work to perform, his jurisdiction extending to the territory of the "moonshiners" in the adjacent hills."

The following, by permission, is from Friends of the Samuel May House by DMF Software, Fred T. May and/or Friends of the Samuel May House, Inc, 2000.  Picture is Elizabeth Jane Hatcher Worsham Elliott who md. Thomas Wilson Elliott after the death of Thomas. (

"Captain Thomas R. Worsham Honored by Dr. Robert Perry." "On Saturday, December 9th, 2000, members of the Colonel Jack May Camp #1897 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans gathered at the May Cemetery overlooking the Samuel May House to honor Captain Thomas R. Worsham, Captain of Company E, 5th Kentucky Volunteers, C.S.A. Worsham is buried in the old section of the cemetery, next to Prestonsburg merchant James M. Lackey and U. S. Congressman John Preston Martin. A brief ceremony was held at Worsham's gravesite, where a new government tombstone has been erected.

Captain Worsham served with the 5th Kentucky from October 24th, 1861 to November 14th, 1862, when he resigned from the service. His company, Company E, was the first company of Confederate soldiers raised in Floyd County, and he was one of the men who signed the letter sent from the Confederate camp at Prestonsburg to President Jefferson Davis on October 2nd, 1861, announcing the formation of the regiment and requesting that it be supplied with arms, ammunition, and other equipment.

Worsham's military records file, which is kept on microfilm at the Johnson County Public Library in Paintsville, shows that he was one of Colonel May's most trusted officers. Jack May was commander of the regiment during the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 1862. On November 11th, 1861, for example, following the Battle of Ivy Mountain, Worsham's company was given the job of driving 377 hogs from Pikeville to Abingdon, Virginia. "I was detailed with my company," reported Worsham, "to guard and drive said hogs so as to escape capture from the enemy."

Another document in his file shows that during General Humphrey Marshall's Fall 1862 invasion of Eastern Kentucky, Worsham's company was given the mission of establishing a recruiting post at a steam mill in Pike County. While they were camped at that location, Worsham purchased 1621 pounds of beef from local farmers, which he subsequently issued to the recruits who had gathered at the mill. "The issues were made," said Worsham in his report, "according to the regular allowance of rations per day." Worsham's file contains many interesting records, not the least of which are Special Requisitions, which list clothing and other supplies which his company received during its service in Eastern Kentucky and Southwestern Virginia. On March 27th, 1862, for example, at Camp Moccasin, Virginia, Worsham's men were issued 70 pairs of socks, 24 pairs of shoes, 29 dress coats, 34 shirts, 16 pairs of drawers, 33 pairs of pants, and 38 caps by W. W. Cox, Assistant Quartermaster of the regiment. Free of grammar errors and written in a fine, flowing hand, Worsham's reports provide ample evidence that he was a well-educated man.

For some unknown reason-perhaps poor health-Worsham resigned from the service following the Confederate defeat at Perryville. Very little is known about his personal life, but the 1850 Floyd County Census shows Thomas R. Worsham, age 24, schoolteacher, born in Virginia, living in the household of John W. Powell, who owned a farm near Mare Creek. Listed along with Worsham is his wife Elizabeth Jane Worsham, age 17, born in Kentucky. The dates on his original tombstone show that he was 37 years old-still relatively young-when he died on August 27th, 1865.

My friend Delmas Saunders has discovered that Worsham owned a farm on Abbott Creek. In his unpublished History of Abbott Creek Saunders lists the family farms that bordered the creek during the 19th Century, beginning with the Herefords, Greenwades, Spurlocks, Osbornes, Millers, and Shorts. "Farther up the creek was the Tom Worsham Farm. Thomas R. Worsham, a native of Virginia and a Floyd County school teacher, married Elizabeth Jane Hatcher, a native of Pike County. They lived in a large, two-story log house, at that time the creek's most pretentious building. During the War Between the States Worsham served as Captain of the Floyd County company of Jack May's 5th Kentucky Infantry."

"Unfortunately, Worsham died young. His widow married Will T. Elliott, who modernized the farm . . . the Elliott Farm was a Floyd County landmark . . . Thomas R. and Elizabeth Jane Worsham's great-grandson Billy Richmond Pruitt and his wife Thelma have repaired and restored the old house. Today the furnishings are in place just as they were when his parents expired. Yes, the old logs and the poplar weatherboarding are still in place, underneath the vinyl siding installed to protect them for years to come."

Elizabeth Worsham Elliott died on July 20th, 1927. Her obituary, which Billy Pruitt was kind enough to give me, reads as follows: "Elizabeth Jane Hatcher Worsham Elliott, eldest daughter of John Greer Hatcher and Thursa Stratton Hatcher, was born January 25th, 1833 on the old Powell farm near Mare Creek of this county. Mrs. Elliott was a member of one of the most prominent and highly respected families in the Big Sandy Valley, where she was familiarly known as "Aunt Jane." She was one of the most lovable, charitable women who have every lived in this county, and has probably fed more people at her table without charge than any woman of her generation. No stranger ever went away hungry from her door. She was first married when but sixteen years old to Thomas R. Worsham, a brilliant man from the State of North Carolina. He served in the Confederate Army and only lived a short time after the close of the Civil War. To this union were born five children, Angie, Gustavus, Mell, Lou and Tommie, only two of her children surviving her, Gustavus Worsham of Helen, West Virginia, and Mrs. Lou Johnson of Cliff, Kentucky."

"Mrs. Elliott also leaves fifteen grandchildren and several great grandchildren. On February 10th, 1871, she was married to Mr. T. W. Elliott, who is left to mourn her loss. She was a faithful, devoted wife and mother, and her home was in deed and truth a virtual orphans' home, for she raised her own five children by her first husband, then two of her second husband's daughters, two of her own daughter's sons, Harry Hatcher of Ashland, Ky., and Walter Hatcher of Pikeville, [and] also the orphaned children of her daughter, Mrs. Lou Johnson . . The deceased was a sister of the late Mrs. Joseph M. Davidson of Prestonsburg [and] Mrs. Roland T. Burns of Louisa."

1.2.1. John Thomas Worsham b 6 Feb 1890 d 5 Apr 1958 Richmond City, VA. His obituary was in the Clinch Valley News, Tazewell Co., VA dated 11 Apr 1958: J. Thomas Worsham, 65, died Saturday in a Richmond hospital. He was a former Tazewell druggist. He is survived by his wife, the former Miss Lula Jones of Tazewell; two daughters, Mrs. W. W. Hankins, Jr. of Culpeper, VA and Mrs. Edward L. Dunford of Richmond, one sister, Mrs. Mary Biddeson of Porchester, New York. Graveside services and burial were conducted Tuesday afternoon at Maplewood Cemetery in Tazewell. Lula b 5 Aug 1893 and d Feb 1972 Richmond City, Virginia (Social Security Death Index)

Page 774

1.2.3. Mary Jane Worsham b 29 Aug 1896 md Claudius L. Biddison & d 7 Mar 1988 Port Chester, Westchester, NY. (Social Security Death Index)

Pages 775-780

William Worsham

1.  William Worsham b abt 1799 GA. He was md wife unknown. Descendants lived in Talladega Co., AL; Coosa Co., AL; Pontotoc Co., MS.

Page 777 General Andrew J. Washam md. 1st) Martha J. Holland. In the 1910 Sylacauga, Talledega Co, AL cens, Andrew J. is living with his brother, Henry C. Washam. Andrew J is age 33 MS & a widow. However, in the 1920 Selma, Dallas Co, AL census is Mattie Worsham age 43 MS, widow living with her oldest son Benjamin Worsham, age 24 MS.

Shannon Thomas, 2001, says she was known as Mattie Mae Washam "Whooshie" and her children were Bedford Miller Washam, Herman Washam, Beatrice and Leatrice Washam (twin girls), Benjamin Washam, Adell Washam and Furman Washam. Mattie (Whooshie) owned a day care in Selma Ala. in the 1930's. She gave all her kids away and Bedford Miller Washam went to an orphanage in Peoria, MS (Amite Co), until he was of age to go to the military. He spent 10 years there and enlisted in Montgomery AL. Whooshie made a pillow out of ticking and feathers, & Shannon still has it.

According to "Descendants of Claiborne B. May" by Imogene May Boswell, Reba Kirksey Cooper & Donna May Lonon, 1990 his mother, Mary Victoria took his daughter Adele and the twins Herman and Ferman to live with her & Bradford was living with her when he died. Imogene also wrote that "General is said to have killed a man named E. Phillips over his wife, Mattie."

He md 2nd) Mollie Bell Guy abt 1912. Mollie b. 9 Sep 1884 & d. Jefferson Co., AL 20 Mar 1978. He d 18 Mar 1913 Stewartsville, Coosa, AL. Shannon Thomas’ records also has General Andrew Washam md to Leala Mumzell Wyatt Johnson.

Andrew & Mollie children: Benjamin F. Worsham b. Jun 1894 Webster Co, MS & md. Flora. Infant Washam b. abt. 1896 Webster Co, MS Lillie Adele Washam b. Feb 1899 Webster Co, MS Deffond Washam b. abt 1901 Webster Co, MS Bedford Miller Washam b. 2 Feb 1902 Webster Co, MS, d. 22 Oct 1948 Dallas, AL. He md. Cora Mae Cherry b. 3 Oct 1910 & d. Apr 1970 Ferman Washam abt 1908 Webster Co, MS & d. Aug 1923 Jefferson Co., AL. Herman W. Washam b. abt 1908 Webster Co, MS & d. Sep 1933 Dallas Co., AL.

Andrew & Mollie children: Beatrice Washam "Little Jenny" b. abt 1913 of Coosa, AL md Fred Pugh. Leatrice Washam b. abt 1913 of Coosa, AL. (Shannon Thomas, 2001)

1.1.2. Sarah A. Washam. She d. Nov. 1933 (Sandy Kline, 2000)

1.1.3. Richard Jacus Washam should be Richard Jacob Washam (Sandy Kline, 2000) He d after 1914 according to his granddaughter Anna Belle. After he died, his wife, Fannie lived with her son Elby until they moved to Akron, Ohio. She then moved to Albertville, AL to live with her son, Lev. She died sometime after that. More information children: Ebb S. Washam should be Elby Smith Washam. He md. Mary Katherine Lucinda Crowe 18 Apr 1892 Fayette, Fayette, AL. Katie b 30 Oct 1874 Fayette, AL. Elby died 8 Jul 1924 Akron, Summit, OH. He had moved his family to Akron after his store in Sylacauga failed in about 1920. His oldest son, Fenton Olice (later known as frank or F. O.) Had moved there to get a job in a rubber company. His wife, Katie remarried in 1952 to a Mr. Nicodemus & d in Akron 3 Jun 1964. (Sandy Kline, 2000) More information on Elby's children (Sandy Kline, 2000): Mamie Pearl Washam b 6 Mar 1893 Fayette, AL. Elby moved his family back to his home in Hanover, Coosa Co., when she was 6 months old and his other 5 kids were all born in Hanover. Mamie md John Larkin White 20 Feb 1910 and they returned to Nashville, TN where John had gone to college and became a bookkeeper. John was b May 1884 Hanover, Coosa, AL. He d Feb 1954 Akron, OH. Mamie was a florist from about 1950 to 1973. Her florist shop "The Flower Pot" was in her own home and she supported herself. She died 27 Jul 1973 Akron, OH (congestive heart failure at age 80) Children: Ruby Francis White b. 1 Jan 1911 Nashville, TN d. 26 Sep 1962 (pul. Embolus) Tallmadge, OH. She md Leslie B. Cord Akron, OH. They had 6 children. Aubreay Hamilton White b. Oct. 1912 Nashville, TN, d. 29 Mar 1967 Akron, OH (cancer) md Naomi Nora Snyder Akron, OH. They had two sons. Son White (living) has 3 children Daughter White (living) has 3 children Anne Elizabeth White b Apr 1923 Nashville, TN d. 13 Jul 1997 Cuyahoga Falls, OH (pul. Embolus) md Akron, OH. (Living, 4 children. Daughter White (living) 3 children. Fenton Olice Washam b. 6 Sep 1894, d. 10 Apr 1984 Colorado Springs, CO. m. Mary Lee Ratchford 18 Sep 1915 Sylacauga, AL. She d. Jan 1962 Colorado Springs & bur Evergreen Cem 20 Jan 1962. They had 3 girls - Wayne b. 8 Oct 1915 Talledega Co., AL., d. bef. 1984; Robbie b. 6 Nov 1920 Akron, d. Nov 1983; Katherine Rose “Katie” b 12 Dec 1922 Akron, d. 16 Mar 1991 Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO & md. Robert S. Holtz. Era Francis Washam b. 18 Feb 1898, d. 1 Sep 1962 Akron, OH. (breast cancer) She m. Leon Hezekiah Martin 23 Dec 1916 Sylacauga, Talledega Co., AL. One dtr. - Living. Joseph Richard Washam b. 24 Oct 1902, d. 19 Feb 1940 Akron, OH. (lung cancer). He md. Viola Anna Hamrock 26 May 1923 Akron. Viola b. 7 Jun 1902; d. 17 Jan 1997, FL; md. 2nd) George T. Poole, b. abt. 1901; d. 16 Jan 1963, Akron, Summit Co, OH; md. 3rd) Howard Hentzell, aft. 1963.(Kathy Funk, 2000) No children. Robert Anderson Washam b. 23 Apr 1906, d. 20 Jan 1955 Cuyahoga Falls, OH. (heart attack). Anna Bell Washam md a Mr. Matson. Anna is still living. Two sons.


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