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Pages 753-755  Peter Seth Worsham & Harriet Evans

1.  Peter Seth Worsham b abt 1809 VA md 1st) Harriet Evans abt 1838 SC. He md 2nd) Ann Bagnal Plowden SC. Descendants lived in Sumter Co., SC; Charleston Co., SC; Clarendon Co., SC., Harden Co., TN.

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1.3. James Peter Worsham. Company I of the 25th Regiment of SC Volunteers was made up of the Clarendon Guard, organized Nov 1861, and mustered into the Confederate Army, 1 Jan 1862, as Captain E. N. Plowden's Company C, 21st Regiment, SC. E. N. Plowden was elected Captain 1 Jan 1862; resigned 1 May 1862 and was succeeded by Captain Butler. Peter Seth Worsham, father of Peter Worsham, later md. Ann Bagnal Plowden, who may be related to E. N. Plowden. Also known as the Eutaw Regiment, the 25th was organized during the winter of 1861-1862 from the 11th Battalion from Charleston and the Clarendon Guard from the middle region of SC. Under the command of General Johnson Hagood, Sep 1863, the 25th Regiment was deployed to defend Charleston. They were stationed at Camp Pemberton on James Island and were detailed to Fort Johnson, Fort Lamar at Successionville, Fort Sumter, Wagner Battery and Gregg Battery on Morris Island. The regiment had 4 killed and 14 wounded at Secessionville, and 16 killed, 124 wounded and 3 missing on Morris island from 10 Jul 10 to 6 Sep 1863. Peter Worsham, age 18, was killed in the battle on Morris Island 5 Sep 1863. At this time the regiment contained 36 officers and 491 men. Members of the 25th Regiment were captured on 7 Sep 1863 at the fall of Battery Wagner (Fort Wagner).

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1.7.4 George Talbert Worsham md. Jessie V. Phillips 1906. Jessie b. Sep 2, 1887 Summerville, Dorchester, SC & d. Apr 17, 1971. (FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19) Mary E. Worsham. She is bur. Midway Presbyterian Church Cem, Clarendon, SC. (Cemeteries of Old Sumter, vol 2, 1991, FHL, p. 161) George Frederick Worsham b. 30 Jul 1909 Clarendon, SC & d. May 1971. (Soc. Sec death index) (1 8/12-1910; 11 –1920) He md. Sara Deer. (Fran Worsham, 2001) Maree Flagg Worsham b. abt. 1913 Clarendon, SC. (6-1920) (Fran Worsham, 2001) Eugene Talbert Worsham b. 20 Sep 1914 Clarendon, SC & d. Sep 1977 Charleston, Charleston, SC. (Soc. Sec death index) (5 –1920) He md. Sarah Frances Castiene. (Fran Worsham, 2001) John James Worsham b. 20 Sep 1914 Turbeville, Florence, SC. (5–1920) He md. Frances Phillips. (Fran Worsham, 2001) Annie Lee Worsham "Anne" b. abt 1919 of Clarendon, SC. (1 –1910) She md. 1st) Marvin Gibble Richardson & 2nd) John Peter Paszek. As a child she changed her name to Anne and maintained her first married name as an artist. (Anne Worsham Richardson, 2001) Thomas Phillips Worsham b. 17 Apr 1922 of Clarendon, SC & d. Aug 1963. (Soc. Sec death index) He md. Frances Wheeler "Fran". (Fran Worsham, 2001) Jessie Lu Worsham b. 27 Jun 1925Clarendon, SC, d. 1 Oct 1989 of Summerville, Dorchester, SC & bur. Midway Presb. Church Cem., Clarendon, SC. (Soc. Sec. Death index) She md. William F. Hanna. Edith McBride Worsham

1.7.5. James John Worsham b. Feb 1885 Clarendon, SC md. Annie Bell Mixon b. abt. 1898 Hampton, SC.

1.7.6. Hugh Yancy Worsham d. 3 Apr 1938 & bur. Olanta Presbyterian Church Cem. He md. Corrie Mae Webber b. 15 Apr 1892 & d. 21 Dec 1964 Florence, Florence, SC.

1.7.7. Elizabeth Jane Worsham

1.7.9. Leila E. Worsham b. 26 Jul 1893 & d. Nov 1982 of Darlington, Darlington, SC. (Soc. Sec. Death index)

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1. Robert Washam b. abt 1795 VA. This Robert may be Robert Worsham on page 583. Robert md. 1st)  Rebecca Morehouse & 2nd) Sarah A. Hale 22 Apr 1869 Monroe Co., KY.   Sarah Hardin is believed to be the wife of Robert Worsham b. abt 1810 and the son of Patram Worsham.  Sarah Hale age 17 KY is in the 1850 Monroe Co, KY cens, near Robert Washam living with her mother Mary Hale age 43 KY, and siblings Joseph age 20 KY, William age 13 KY, Nancy age 11 KY, John age 7 KY, Henry age 2 KY.  Roberts descendants lived Jackson Co., TN; Monroe Co., KY; Lawrence Co., MO; Miller Co., MO.

1A.1 Dennis Washam. Dennis Washam 1830-1912 & Nancy Lee Webb Washam 1830-1912 are bur. Sycamore Cem, Lawrence Co, MO.

1A. Clarence Washam b. 1904, d. 1907 is bur. Sycamore Cem, Lawrence Co, MO.

1A. Everett Washam b. 1909, d. 1911 is bur. Sycamore Cem, Lawrence Co, MO.

1A. Ray Keith Washam b 1 Jul 1923 Miller, MO. He lived in the state of California for 30 years and returned to Miller to retire in 1986. Children: Pamela Sue Washam Ploesch and Linda Lea Washam Hartman. Keith bur. Sycamore Cem., northeast of Miller.

1A.1.4. Mary Ellen Washam instead of Mary Elizabeth Washam. Mary E. Washam Hood is bur. Sycamore Cem, Lawrence Co, MO.

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1A.1.6. Nancy P. Washam and George are bur. Sycamore Cem, Lawrence Co, MO.

1A.1.8. Albert W. Washam & Cora are bur. Sycamore Cem, Lawrence Co, MO.

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1A.2.1. James Winfred Washam md. Adliza Gertrude White. Adliza Gertrude White Washam May 23, 1876, Mar 25, 1952 Miller, Lawrence Co MO, wife to James Winfred Washam, mother to Freda, Fama, and Hanzel, child of William Carter White and Martha Ann Neece White. (Sycamore Cem, Lawrence Co, MO)

1A.2.1.1. Freda W. Washam b. 26 Apr 1905, d. 23 Dec 1996 Lockwood, Dade, MO, md. Otis Sherman Wilson b. 30 Jul 1902 Barry Co, MO & d. 15 Jun 1965 Miller, Lawrence, MO. Both are bur. Sycamore Cem, Lawrence Co, MO.

1A.2.1.3. Wallace Hansel Washam children: James Michael Washam & Cheryl Lynn Washam. (Willie Washam, 1998)

1A.2.3. John Robert Washam md. Clara Belle Scoggins b. 13 Apr 1881 Mason Valley, Benton Co, AR & she d. 1947. Both are bur. Sycamore Cem, Lawrence Co, MO.

1A.2.5. Francis Marion Washam md Dora A. Masters who was b. 1890 & d. 1957. Both are bur. Sycamore Cem, Lawrence Co, MO.

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1A.2.6. Sarah Elizabeth Washam md Elmer Floyd Masters. He d. 13 Oct 1967 and Sarah d. 28 Sep 1968. Both are bur. Sycamore Cem, Lawrence Co, MO.

1A.2.7.1. Irvin H. Washam md. Lois Lucille Vandergrift who was b. 18 Jun 1916 & d. 7 Dec 1988 Orange Co, CA.

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1A.4.4. John Thomas Washam

1A.4.4.1. Bertha Washam md. Mr. Fish. (John Bruce, 2000)

1A.4.4.3. Millard Haskel Washam d. 30 Jul 1970. He md Elsie Mary Ellen Viola Whalen b. 4 Jul 1908 & d. Apr 1985 Indianapolis, Marion, IN. Children: Imogene May Washam, Millard Haskel Washam, Jack L. Washam & Janet L. Washam. (John Bruce, 2000)

1A.4.4.4. William T. Washam md. Evelyn. (Indianapolis City Directory 1932, Polk & Co)

1A.4.4.5. Flora B. Washam d. abt 1872 & md. Mr. Bunch. (John Bruce, 2000

1A.4.4.7. Ora Reggie Washam.

1B.1. Sarah M. Washam may be the dau of Robert Washam & Rebecca Morehouse or a n unknown second wife.

1B.2. Sarah J. Washam may be the dau of Robert Washam & Rebecca Morehouse or a n unknown second wife.

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1. Alexander Graham Washam.  Bethel Presb. Church Cemetery, Cornelius, Mecklenburg, NC records: "In memory of Alexander Warsham who was born October 15th, 1789 and died 14 February 14th 1849 in the 60th year of his age."  His wife Sarah Catherine Irwin b 26 Jul 1792; d 13 Jul 1871 & bur Bethel Presb. Cem, Mecklenburg Co., NC. (Marsha H. Washam, China Grove, NC, 1999)

Pages 764-770

1.  Thomas Washam b abt 1765 & lived in Mecklenburg Co., NC. Probable sons are Alexander Graham Washam who md Sarah Catherine Irwin 30 Mar 1824 Rowan Co., NC; Benjamin Washam who md Rebecca Johnston 11 Jun 1809 Mecklenburg Co., NC; Essex Washam; Thomas Washam who md Sarah Rodgers 7 Feb 1822 Mecklenburg Co., NC. Descendants lived in Mecklenburg Co., NC; Iredell Co., NC & Rowan Co., NC.

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Page 765

1. Thomas Washam b 26 Sep 1799. Marsha Washam found that his first wife, Sarah, probably died 13 Sep 1824 and is bur Bethel Presb. Church, Cornelius, Mecklenburg, NC "In memory of Sarah C. Washam 26 Jul 1792-13 Sep 1874 (maybe 1824)." She is probably the Sarah Washam, Sep 16, 1843 died" in the Bethel Presbyterian Church, Cornelius, NC Session Record Book #2, p 6. Thomas & his second wife, Lovey, are in the Bethel Presbyterian Church, Cornelius, NC Session Record Book #2, p 6, White Communicants (1843-1853): Jun 2, 1850 Thomas Washam & Lovey Washam. Her death is given as "died 1870."

1A.1. Abigail Susan Washam b. 11 Feb 1824 of Mecklenburg, NC may be the Thomas Washam household female child, age 5-10 years, in the 1830 census. She md. Joseph M. Potts 14 Jan 1844 Mecklenburg Co, NC. Abagail d. 20 May 1907 Mecklenburg, NC & bur Bethel Presb. Church Cem, Cornelius, Mecklenburg, NC. Joseph b. abt. 1820 & d. 7 Apr 1869 Mecklenburg, NC & bur Bethel Presb. Church Cem.

1B.1.  Edward S. WashamRenumber paragraphs with B indicating children of Lovey.

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1B.2A.3. Worth William Washam also is found as William Worth Washam. He md. Lazetta M. Miller "Zetta." He d. 2 Jun 1958 Cornelius, Mecklenburg, NC & she d. 10 Mar 1982, both bur. Mt. Zion Presb. Church Cem, Cornelius, NC.

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