Kim Hering

Career Objective

Full Time Employment With A Dynamic, Innovative, Reputable Organization



Fluent & Accent Free, Written And Spoken English & German, Upgradeable French

First Rate Sales And Closing Skills

Goods and Services to Bus., Gov't & Individuals, Telemarketing Outbound Campaigns, Columbia House, AT & T, AEGON Insurance, DTE Energy

Seasoned Public Speaker, Motivator, Presenter And Author

Canada, Germany, USA

Superior Knowledge Of  Legislation And Governmental Procedures

Federal, Provincial & Municipal

Superior Executive Leadership

Management, Interviewing And Supervisory Skills; Products, Sales Staff, Estimators, Field Crew - up to 30 employees + sub-contractors

Excellent Customer Service Experience

Inbound, Outbound, 1st & 2nd Level - Goods And Services to Bus., Gov't & Individuals

Exemplary Interpersonal, Communication, Consultation, Relationship-Building Skills

Perfect Ease Dealing With Any Level Of Staff, Management, Governmental Officials, Elected / Appointed Representatives

Strong Judgment

Decision Making Abilities & Working To Tight Deadlines

Cultural Awareness

Discretion And Sensitivity To Needs Of Others

Contract Administration & Hands-On Work

Manufacturing and Contracting Environments, Public, Private And Military Sectors

Conceptual / Analytical / Strategic Thinker

Determined, Results Oriented Execution

Research & Development Veteran

New Products & Improvements To Existing Products; Organic & Inorganic Fire Protection

Experience Managing Specialised Facilities

Space Analysis, Planning, Design, Leasing, Construction, Renovation, Maintenance - Fire Protection Expert -Sound Knowledge Of Building And Fire Codes And Enforcement Issues; Facility Management, Union And Non-Union, Authoring + Complying With Third Party Certification Regimes

Seasoned Trainer

Sales, Estimators, Field Crew, WSIB / Hazmat, Fire Protection

Experience Providing Information-Management Policies

Procedures / Protocols, Retrieving / Disseminating Information

Computer Literacy

Ms Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Databases, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Etc., Corel Office; Vector And Raster Graphics, Html, Webmaster

Developing And Controlling Budgets

Manufacturing and Contracting Environments, Public, Private And Military Sectors

Contract Administration & Hands-On Work

Running Construction Jobs, Sub-Contractors and Research Projects

Done Business in Canada, US & Europe

Seasoned Traveler, Extensive Contacts in Europe, NAFTA, some Far East

First Aid / CPR

St. John's Ambulance First Aid and CPR Course, Level C


Internationally Published Articles, MSDS, Procedures, Specifications, Reports, Impact Assessments



Outbound Campaigns for Columbia House, AT & T, AEGON Insurance, DTE Energy in the United States and Canada

Vectorisation/Drawing+Map Conversions

Northern Ontario & US

Office Equipment, Small and Wide Format Imaging, SOFTWARE

Northern Ontario

Manufacturing of Goods

Washington, Oklahoma and Alabama States, manufacture of fire protection products

Construction Services

Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Marine

Fire Protection & Insulation

Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Marine


Commercial Establishments in GTA

Office Equipment

Commercial Establishments in Northern Ontario

Kitchen Exhaust

Cleaning/Upgrading Comm. Kitchens in Sudbury & North Bay, ON

In-Home Sales

Freezer Plans in Abbotsford, BC


General Public  (US)

Telemarketing movie club memberships as well as telephone service: local, long distance, cellular, satellite TV, high-speed internet, insurance, utility services

Military (US/Canada)

fire protection, mapping, drawing conversion

Intelligence Community

mapping, drawing conversion

Sole Proprietorships

fire protection, commercial kitchen exhaust services, drawing conversion, signs, office equipment

In-Home Sales (Lower Mainland, BC)

freezer plans

Fortune 500 National Accounts (Canada, US, Germany, Sweden)

fire protection, signs, office equipment, mapping, drawing conversion

Restaurants (Northern Ontario)

signs, office equipment, commercial kitchen exhaust services, fire protection

First Nations Bands (Northern Ontario)

office equipment

Municipalities (California, Ontario, Germany)

office equipment, signs, fire protection, mapping, drawing conversion

Provincial Governments (Ontario, BC)

office equipment, fire protection, commercial kitchen exhaust services, signs, mapping, drawing conversion

Utilities (US, Canada, Germany)

fire protection, signs, office equipment, mapping, drawing conversion

US State Governments

fire protection, mapping, drawing conversion

Canadian Federal Government

office equipment, signs, fire protection, mapping, drawing conversion, commercial kitchen exhaust services

US Government

fire protection, mapping, drawing conversion

Franchises, National And Individual Accounts

fire protection, signs, commercial kitchen exhaust services, office equipment






Reason for Leaving


Telespectrum, St. Catharines, ON

2005 - present

Telemarketing movie club memberships as well as telephone service: local, long distance, cellular, satellite TV, high-speed internet, insurance services, utility services, Member of Health & Safety Committee

N/A - top performer

Vectorisation and Webhosting Sales

Independent Sales Agent

2002 - 2005

Sales of conversions of paper drawings and maps into CAD and shape files.

Diminishing marketplace

Office Equipment Sales

local dealer


Sales of small format and wide format equipment, copiers, printers, scanners, faxes etc.

Pursued offer from VectorSoft.

Fire Protection Consultant



passive fire protection consulting to German and US manufacturers, various building science consulting projects, import/export refractory and fire protection materials

There is only a sporadic market for this on Northern Ontario.

Manager Research and Development

DuraSystems Barriers Inc., Vaughan, ON, Canada


product development, nuclear business development, standards writing, quality control program set-up, first to test to USNRC GL 86-10 Suppl. 1 in Canada at ULC, sales support

Company wound down and owner retired.

Manager Passive Fire Protection Dept.


Willich Fire Protection and (Asbestos) Removal, DortmundGermany


-Took over department engaged in industrial fireproofing and firestopping
-Managed sales and installation functions through 3 office staff, various installers and subcontractors;
-Reported to div. manager through regular month end meetings discussing sales and contracting performance and sales forecasts.
-Trained all passive fire protection staff.

Wife refused to live in Germany any longer. Willich had also completely over-extended itself by opening too many branches at once in East Germany shortly after the fall of the wall, as many German enterprises did at the time. I left a sinking ship. No-one I worked for is there anymore.

Manager Firestopping & Fireproofing

Fuller Austin Insulation Inc., Burnaby, BC, Canada


Sales Area: Washington State (USA), British Columbia, Alberta & Saskatchewan, Canada
-Created department for passive fire protection sales and  contracting fireproofing
-Trained inside, sales and installation personnel.
-Specification selling to architects and large industrial projects.
-First year results: exceeded budget by 10%.
-Became largest user of Nelson CMP firestop mortar in North America.

Lay-off due to downturn in local economy. Most of my sales successes were in the prairie Provinces and my local office got no credit for those.

Sales Co-ordinator

Wormald Fire Systems Canada Inc., Mississauga, ON and Burnaby, BCCanada


-Firestop and fireproof cladding sales and contracting in industrial and commercial construction
-Created Section 07270 firestop spec. for firestop work, along with product specific and generic details, resulting in one source firestop projects combining mechanical, electrical and architectural firestopping in one workscope;
-Created specification inserts for other scopes of work to eliminate specification overlaps;
-Trained sales and installation personnel

Wormald was bought out by a competitor (sprinkler company) who disbanded the entire passive fire protection department, across the country. Sprinklers and PFP are philosophically and diametrically opposed.

Technical Consultant

Nelson Firestop Products, Tulsa, OK, USA

1985-  1986

-Fire testing: internally and with ULI, ULC and Factory Mutual
-Participated in ongoing research and development of firestops
-Issued material safety data sheets and installation instructions on silicone, mortar, wrap and pillow type firestops
-Trained sales and installation personnel
-Established manufacturing procedures and quality control parameters and supervised initial manufacture of above mentioned firestops
-Demonstrated products to key nuclear and commercial accounts.

My father and I sold certain technology to Nelson. Our time there was to set up the product line in terms of testing/certification as well as to train and assist this manufacturer in the sales of the product line. This task accomplished, we left. Nelson still successfully sells this product line, which has helped them to maintain a leadership position in the marketplace.


Father's Fire Protection Business, Abbotsford, BC, Sumas, WA, Sonoma, CA, USA
(The old boy is no longer active in this.)


Firetesting with ULC and Liaison with ULI, ANI and Factory Mutual
-Developed and ran test program on mortar, silicone, wrap and pillow type firestops
-Developed production procedures
-Created material safety data sheets
-Translated literature and documentation
-Trained installers for nuclear certification

Sold product line off to Nelson Firestops.


Passive Fire Protection Expert Certificate

Gütegemeinschaft Brandschutz im Ausbau - German Fire Protection Association

Windows & Excel Certificate

EDV Service, Bottrop, Federal Republic of Germany

Construction Document Reading and Estimating Course

Toronto Construction Association

Counsellor Selling Certificate

Wilson Learning, Toronto, ON

Professional Writing Certificate

Padgett/Thompson, Toronto, ON

Fire Protection Technician Certificate

PS Brandschutz GmbH, Bissendorf, Germany

High School Diploma

Abbotsford Senior Secondary School, Abbotsford, BC

Letter from Dave Lochbaum

Union of Concerned Scientists, Washington, DC

Letter from Daryll Skraba

Sudbury Secondary School - Chemistry Teacher - Adult Learning Centre

Letter from Eileen Bredeson

E-mail Eileen      Call Eileen: 403-547-4693, past President Construction Specifications Canada

Letter from Edward N. MacKinnon

Locke MacKinnon Domingo Gibson and Associates, Vancouver, BC

E-mail from AT & T
Typical Achim Hering Performance Report

1. E-mail about customer who called in to customer service and refused to deal with anyone other than Achim (Kim) Hering.
2. Telespectrum Internal Monthly Performance Report About Achim Hering

Level C First Aid and CPR Certificate

St. John Ambulance

Letter from Anthony Ceraldi

E-mail Anthony Ceraldi    Call Anthony: 604-988-5860 International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Asbestos Workers, Vancouver, BC


Canadian Standards Association

voting member on committee for CSA-N293 standard on fire protection for Candu nuclear power generating stations

Construction Specifications Canada

-Toronto and Vancouver chapter as well as (Toronto, Ontario) foreign memberships
-Chairman: CSC TEK-AID, Section 07840 Firestopping Committee
-Sub-contractor representative to Toronto chapter
-Author of 4 nationally published articles on fire protection through Construction Canada magazine

Construction Specifications Institute (Alexandria, VA, USA)

-Puget Sound, Buffalo chapter and foreign memberships
-Author of two nationally published articles through Construction Specifier Magazine

Underwriters´ Laboratories of Canada

TG21 Task group member, advocating changes to ULC-S115 standard for firestops


8.1 Power Generation
mechanical, electrical and structural fire protection and/or refractories

-Washington Public Power Supply Company, Hanford II, Nuclear Generating Station, Richland, WA, USA
-Pacific Gas and Electric, Various Locations, CA, USA
-Georgia Power, Hatch and Vogtl Nuclear Generating Stations, USA
-US Dept. of the Interior, Grand Coulee Dam, Grand Coulee, WA
-BC Hydro, Buntzen Lake and Revelstoke Dam Generating Stations - Fire Protection and Turbine Lagging
-Rostock Fossil Generating Station, Rostock, East Germany
-Calgary Power, Keep Hills Fossil Generating Station, AB

8.2 General Industrial Occupancies
mechanical, electrical and structural fire protection

-Alaska Pipelines, Pumping Stations, Alaska, USA
-General Motors, Oshawa, ON
-Husky Bi-Provincial Upgrader, Refinery, Lloydminster SK
-Texaco Refinery, Nanticoke, ON
-Krupp Stahl, Steel Mill, Bochum, Germany
-Bahlsen, Commercial Bakery, Berlin, Germany
-Mr. Christie, Commercial Bakery, Etobicoke, ON
-Humpty-Dumpty Foods, Potato Chip Plant, Brampton, ON
-Biotech Pharmaceutical, Burnaby, BC
-Condea, Refinery, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
-Rendsburg Tunnel, Rendsburg, Germany
-Lasco Steel, Whitby, ON
-Lockheed Missile Factory, Sunnyvale, CA

8.3 Pulp and Paper Plants
mechanical, electrical and structural firestops:

-St. Mary's Pulp and Paper, Sault-Ste. Marie, ON
-Gold River Pulp and Paper, Vancouver Island, BC
-Howe Sound Pulp and Paper, Vancouver Island, BC
-Alberta Newsprint Company, Whitecourt, AB
-Fletcher Challenge, Vancouver Island and Mainland, BC
-Weyerhaeuser, Longview, WA
-Millar Western Pulp Ltd., Meadow Lake, SK
-James River Corporation (now Georgia Pacific), Wauna, OR and Camas, WA
-Crown Zellerbach (now Georgia Pacific), Port Angeles, WA
-Abitibi Consolidated, Iroquois Falls, ON

8.4 Commercial and Institutional Occupancies
mechanical, electrical and structural fire protection

-IBM Canada Headquarters, Markham, ON
-Pickering Civic Centre, Pickering, ON
-GE Canada Headquarters, Mississauga, ON
-Skydome, Toronto, ON
-Pearson Airport, Terminal 2, Escape Tunnel, Mississauga, ON
-San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, CA, USA
-Willich Isolierung, Headquarters, Dortmund, Germany
-University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
-CBC Headquarters, Toronto, ON
-Standard Life, High-rise Office Building, Toronto, ON
-Scotia Plaza, High-rise Office Building, Toronto, ON
-Honeywell Communications, Crossroads Bldg., San Mateo, CA, USA
-Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver, BC

8.5 Residential Occupancies
mechanical, electrical and structural fire protection

-Mission Manor, Woodframe Condominiums, Mission, BC
-The Californian, Condominiums, Mississauga, ON
-Bronte Harbour, Condominiums, Oakville, ON
-Radisson Hotel, Markham, ON
-Victoria Manor, Home for the Aged, Lindsay, ON

8.6 Marine
mechanical and electrical firestops

-BC Ferries, two new Superferries, built on Vancouver Island

8.7 Commercial Kitchens
kitchen exhaust cleaning and upgrading

-Science North, Sudbury, ON, Canada
-College Boreal, Sudbury ON, Canada
-Red Lobster Restaurants, Sudbury, ON, Canada
-Buddie's Restaurant, Sudbury, ON, Canada
-Loose Moose Lodge, North Bay, ON, Canada
-Gonga's Grill (4 restaurants), Sudbury, ON, Canada
-Peking Palace, Capreol, ON, Canada
-Capreol Freshmart (now Kirkland's Freshmart), Capreol, ON, Canada
-The Sports Stadium Bar and Grill (afterwards" Rumours", now vacant), Capreol, ON, Canada
-Rome's (now Steve's) Independent Grocers, Sudbury, ON, Canada
-Poulton's Independent Grocers, Sudbury, ON, Canada
-Battistelli's Independent Grocers, Sudbury, ON, Canada


- firestops (mortars, caulking, intumescents, devices)
- structural fireproofing (cementitious, intumescent and endothermic spray applied products, as well as cladding: fibrous, calcium silicate, cementitious)
- cable tray fireproofing (boxed systems for circuit integrity, testing to  USNRC GL 86-10 Supplement 1 as well as ULI and ULC methods, cable coating for flame spread reduction)
-standards writing process (firestopping, ageing, environmental exposures)

9.1 with the following testing and/or certification organisations or regulators

-Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Northbrook, IL, USA
-American Nuclear Insurers (ANI), Hartford, CT, USA
-Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada, Toronto (Scarborough), ON
-TU Braunschweig, iBMB, Braunschweig, Germany
-German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt), Berlin, Germany
-Factory Mutual Research Corporation, Norwood, MA, USA
-Warnock Hersey Professional Services, Coquitlam, BC

9.2 Private Sector, Fire Protection Material and Equipment Manufacturers (This list is abridged, due to Nondisclosure Agreements.)

-Herberts GmbH (now Dupont/Permatex), Cologne, Germany
-DuraSystems Barriers, Inc., ON, Canada
-W.R. Grace & Co. Conn., MA, USA
-Nelson Firestop Products, OK, USA
-3M, MN, USA

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